Kimble Chase™ Lyophilization Glaesers

Gefriertrocknungsglaeser 2 ml, 35 x 12 mm,mitAlu-Kappe, Kalk-Soda-Glas,Ve = 100 St.

Kimble Chase™ Lyophilization Glaesers

Gefriertrockungsglaeser 36x12mm, 2 ml ZGEFG139001VE=100 St.

Labconco™ Fast-Freeze™ Kolben, vollständige Baugruppe

Easy to handle and fast to load Zubehör für Gefriertrockner FreeZone: 600 ml

Labconco™ Lyph-Lock™ Freeze-Dry Flask Assembly with standard taper 19/38 Joints

A complete Lyph-Lock Flask includes a glass top and bottom and a rubber ring 25 ML COMPLETE LYPH-LOCK FLASK, 19/38 STJ

Freeze-Drying Ampule Accessories

Ventiladapter für Ampullen (VE=10 St.)4-10MM

Labconco™ Fast-Freeze™ Flasks, Flask Bottom Only

High-strength borosilicate glass bottom to withstand extreme temperatures and high vacuum Zubehör für Gefriertrockner FreeZone: 40 ml

Labconco™ Lyph-Lock™ Freeze-Dry Flask Assembly

Complete three-piece flask consists of high-strength borosilicate glass molded top and bottom with silicone rubber seal 50 ML COMPLETE LYPH-LOCK FLASK, 24/40 STJ

Labconco™ Fast-Freeze™ Flasks, Rubber Tops Only

For use with Fast-Freeze Flasks 40 & 80 ML FAST-FREEZE FLASK TOP