Dimensions: 108 x 199 x 145mm Peltier Thermostat PT 31

Electronic circulating thermostat with Peltier element. Krüss Optronic™ Peltier Thermostat is a versatile and powerful device for controlling the temperature of refractometers and polarimeters. Peltier Thermostat PT 31

Amarell™ Precision Thermometer, Low Temperature

Precision thermometers for the temperature range down to −100°C. STABTHERMOMETER - 50..+ 50/1°C, EICHF., D./ 7-8MM, L./300 MM, F!LLUNG

Amarell™ Partial Immersion Toluene Filled Calibrated Thermometers Acc. to ASTM

Precision thermometers for special applications, each manufactured as per the lastest specifications of the ASTM-Standard E1. THERMOMETER - 80 ..+ 20 /1 °C, EICHF.ASTM/NR. 6 C, OHNE WERKZERTIFIKAT


Controls heating elements, cooling blocks, hotplates, or incubators TRACEABLE TEMPERATURE CONTROLLER

Fisherbrand™ Maximum Registering Thermometer, -20 to +150°C

Designed to indicate highest temperature attained at the time of use. Fisherbrand™ Maximum Registering Thermometer, -20 to +150°C is a conventional mercury thermometer that is ideal for use in monitoring the temperature of autoclaves and warming chambers. 11538 Thermometre a Maximum -20/+150°C

Amarell™ Indoor Thermometer with Verification Certificate

Suitable for government testing and government tested with a verification certificate. Zimmerthermometer, ca.0+50:1°C, Buche, staatlichgeeicht mit Eichschein

Julabo™ Presto A45 Hochdynamisches Temperiersystem .

Presto A45 Hochdynamisches Temperiersystem

Cole-Parmer™ Brass Case Indicator

Provides fast, accurate measurements THERMOHYGROMETER DIAL F/C

Fisherbrand™ Control Thermometer, 35–200°C

Designed for monitoring temperature during applications with temperature-dependent readings. Fisherbrand™ Control Thermometer, 35–200°C can be used with hydrometers that do Kontrollthermometer +35/+200°C

Oakton™ Calibration Certificate for Glass Thermometer, 3PTS

Calibration traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology NIST ZERTIFIKAT, 3 PUNKTE


For use with GE Healthcare MultiTemp IV Thermostatic Circulator HOSE CLAMPS

Julabo™ Presto A45t Hochdynamisches Temperiersystem .

Presto A45t Hochdynamisches Temperiersystem

Amarell™ Mercury Filled Straight Stem Precision Thermometers

Providing precise temperature measurements by exactly defined immersion lengths. Amarell™ Mercury Filled Straight Stem Thermometers are permitted for government verification or calibration. Labor-Stockthermom. -20 -+250 C/1 G C HSkalenwert 1 C, G-Füllung Länge 475mm