Universal Storage Tubes [Kunststoff]

Corning™ Bar Coded Storage Tubes:2D Bar Coded

For enhanced sample storage, identification and retrieval Corning® 384 2D Bar Coded Storage Tubes,Round, Without Plug Caps, Racked

Corning™ Bar Coded Storage Tubes: 1D/2D Bar Coded

For enhanced sample storage, identification and retrieval Corning® Empty Racks With Lids for 96Screw Capped (VE=5Stck.)

Thermo Scientific™ Matrix™ 1.0mL ScrewTop Tubes, bulk

Molded from medical grade resins and featuring a permanent, high contrast 2D barcode to meet a range of manual and automated long term storage needs. Matrix 1.0 ml 2D barcoded Tubes, V bottom,w/ caps, steril, (VE=10x48Stck.)





Simport™ Scientific Sample Tubes with External Threads - Ungraduated

Smooth and uniform inner surface with reduced risk of contamination X1000 TUBE PP 12,5X75MM

Carl Roth™ Polypropylene Test Tubes

X500 Probenröhrchen PP 40ml 85mm x 30mm Drm. o. SVtransparent autoklavierbar

Kartell™ Polypropylen-Teströhrchen

Supplied with fitted screw cap designed to avoid contamination resulting from drops of liquid on the inner surface. Kartell™ Polypropylene Test Tubes meet test tube needs and are suitable for centrifugation. ROEHRCHEN PP 15 ML STERIL

Greiner Bio One™ X1000 PS-Röhrchen,TC,steril,4 ml, einzeln verpackt 4 x 75 mm

X1000 PS-Röhrchen,TC,steril,4 ml, einzeln verpackt4 x 75 mm

X1000 Stuhlgläschen 25 ml+Etikett steril .

X1000 Stuhlgläschen 25 ml+Etikett steril

Greiner Bio One™ Polystyrene Tubes

PS-Röhrchen, glasklar, 35 ml,31,0 x 56 mm mitLamellenstopfen (VE=800Stck.)

Buerkle™ General Purpose Polypropylene Sample Box

Probendose, aseptisch, PP, 90 ml, Klappverschluss

Greiner Bio One™ PP-Röhrchen, steril,1,3 ml, mit Verschluß 8,5 x 44 mm (VE=1000Stck.)

Manufactured from polypropylene for is excellent thermal, chemical and mechanical stability. Greiner Bio One™ Polypropylene Tubes is ideally suited for the storage of chemical and biological samples. PP-Röhrchen, steril,1,3 ml, mit Verschluß 8,5 x44 mm (VE=1000Stck.)

Greiner Bio One™ Röhrchen

PS-Röhrchen,glasklar, 28 ml, 26,0 x 64 mm mitLamellenstopfen (VE=1200Stck.)

Thermo Scientific™ Abgene™ Blank and Alphanumeric Storage Tubes

ABgene 0.65mL Blank Tubes,10 racks of 96 tubes/case

Thermo Scientific™ Abgene™ 2D Barcoded 5mL Screw Cap Tubes

X240 Abgene 2D, 5ml Schraubdeckel-Röhrchen mit Deckel

Thermo Scientific™ ABgene™ 2DCypher™ 0.65mL Cluster Tube Racks

Available packaged in low profile rack X960 Cluster rack 2DCYPHER mark 2, 0.65mL tubes

Thermo Scientific™ ABgene™ 2DCypher™ 1.2mL Cluster Tubes and Racks, MK5

MK5 rack features a tapered well entrance to aid tube placement 2DCYPHER MK2 1,2ML TUBE V

Greiner Bio One™ Polyethylen-Teströhrchen

PE-Röhrchen, natur, 12ml, 16,0/100mm (VE=1000Stck.

Kartell™ PP-Zentrifugenröhrchen, 15ml, steril, mit PE-Schraubverschluss, weiss (VE1000St)

PP-Zentrifugenröhrchen, 15ml, steril, mitPE-Schraubverschluss, weiss (VE1000St)