Vorbehandlungs- und Aufbereitungssysteme

EMD Millipore Belüftungsfilter für Lagerungs- und Verteilungssysteme (Kaufdatum nach dem 30.12.2003)

Protect high-resistivity water product from ingress of possible airborne contaminants from the environment into S.D.S tank during storage SDS Tank Elix Filter

EMD Millipore Milli-DI™ Water Purification System

Battery-powered system produces 3 to 5L/day of Type II purified water directly from tap water Milli-DI

EMD Millipore TOC Upgrade Kit

For water purification systems A11 TOC MONITOR UPGRADE KIT

EMD Millipore™ Form Module Sistema Elix

For use with Elix ELIX 10 LPH EDI MODULE

EMD Millipore LC-Pak™ Vor-Ort-Polierer

The Millipore LC-Pak™ Point-of_use Polisher is designed to provide scientists with the certitude that the ultrapure water that they are using in critical organic molecules analysis at trace and ultra-trace levels will be adequate. LCPAK0001 LC-Pak

EMD Millipore™ Electrode Deionized Modules

For use with Elix ELIX 5 LPH EDI MODULE

EMD Millipore Pure Water Storage Reservoir and Purification Packs

For Elix™ Essential water purification systems UNDER BENCH PE 30L RESERVOIR

EMD Millipore Direct-Q™ 3 Tap to Pure and Ultrapure Water Purification System

Provide Type I and Type III water from potable tap water with the Millipore Direct-Q™ 3 Tap to Pure and Ultrapure Water Purification System. Direct-Q 3 UV

Bel-Art™ SP Scienceware™ Cleanware™ Aqua-Clear™ Wasseraufbereiter

Protects water baths and other water systems against the growth of algae, bacteria, molds and biofilms. Bel Art™ SP Scienceware™ Cleanware™ Aqua-Clear™ Water Conditioner extends the useablity of water baths.  100 ML Water conditioner Aqua-Clear for waterbaths supplied in 100mL polyethylene bottle withca

Veolia Water Systems™ Aquadem™ Regeneration Bottle

Rich, robust, regeneration bottle for pre-treatment and polishing systems. BON DE REGENERATION BOUTEILLE E500

Veolia Water Systems™ ENTSALZUNGSANLAGE 60-400L/H MAN.

With a conductivity 15 to 30 μS and a production 60 to 400 l / h, this analog display conductivity meter is ideal for monitoring the quality of the water produced. ENTSALZUNGSANLAGE 60-400L/H MAN.

Labconco™ WaterPro™ PS Wasserreinigungsstation

Filters, prefilters and cartridges for Labconco WaterPro PS and RO Water Purification Systems. Polishing Kit, WaterPro PS/HPLC



Veolia Water Systems™ Aquadem™ Deionization Cylinders Common Accessories

Rich, robust head for deionizaton cylinder with pre-treatment and polishing system. HEAD FOR DEIONISATION CYLINDER

Veolia Water Systems™ REINSTWASSERANLAGE PURELAB-R 7L/H Reinigung des Wassers durch Umkehrosmose,

Rich, robust, reliable purification system features osmosis with demineralization. REINSTWASSERANLAGE PURELAB-R 7L/H


Rich and robust demineralization of tap water via a resin filling. IONENAUSTAUSCHER 120L/H KOMPLETT