Isolatorwerkzeuge für kontrollierte Umgebungen

Texwipe™ AlphaMop™ Isolator Cleaning Tool

Excellent for cleaning isolators, laminar flow hoods, biosafety cabinets, and glove boxes CLEANING TOOL ISOLATOR

Micronova™ Isolator Tool Adapters and Covers

Help to simplify cleaning in compliance with USP 797 ISOLATOR TOOL COVER NVPOLY 23CM23CM

Micronova™ Isolator Tool ™ Covers

Slips over QDIT and QPIT series mop adapters. Micronova™ Isolator Tool™ Covers are washable, autoclavable, and resuable. Slip cover controlled environment microfibre

Micronova™ Vial Tool

Mop adapter Plastic VialTool, Quick Disconnect,

Micronova™ Mop adapter controlled environment, outside tank,

Cleans tanks and cylinders with ease Mop adapter controlled environment, outside tank,