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Thermo Scientific™ Molecular BioProducts™ RNase™ AWAY zur Oberflächendekontamination

Thermo Scientific™ Molecular BioProducts RNase Away beseitigt RNase und DNA von Laboroberflächen. RNASE AWAY BOTTLE 4L

Thermo Scientific™ Molecular BioProducts™ DNA AWAY* zur Oberflächendekontamination

Thermo Scientific Molecular BioProducts DNA AWAY beseitigt DNA und DNase von Glaswaren und Kunststoffoberflächen, ohne dabei anschließend DNA-Proben zu verunreinigen. DNA Away Oberflächen-Dekontaminator(VE=250 ml)

Synergy Healthcare™ Azowipe™ Hard Surface Disinfecting Wipes

Kills most pathogenic micro-organisms including E.Coli, Staphylococcus, MRSA, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, HIV, and many others. Synergy Healthcare™ Azowipe™ Hard Surface Disinfecting Wipes are widely used in both health care areas as well as in food manufacturing and educational settings. X12 Azowipe Hard Surface Bactericidal Wipes

Spectrum™ Medizinischer Algenhemmer

Keeps water baths, incubators, temperature controlled instruments, humidifiers, etc. clean and clear SPECTRUM MEDICAL ALGAE INHIBITOR, 57.5ML