Thermo Scientific™ Heraguard™ ECO Clean Bench Accessories

Integrate Thermo Scientific™ Heraguard™ ECO Clean Bench Accessories with the ECO clean bench to increase the flexibility and enhance operations. UV-resistant Night Cover for HERAguard ECO 1.2UV-resistant

Thermo Scientific™ Verstellbares Untergestell für Heraguard™ ECO Reinluftwerkbank

Choose from fixed, manual and electrically adjustable floor stands for the Thermo Scientific™ Heraguard™ ECO clean bench. Höheneinstellbares Untergestell in 50mm -

Erlab™ Captair Smart Ductless Filtering Fume Hood

Simple to use. Erlab Captair Smart Ductless Filtering Fume Hood unique Flex filtration can manage most lab applications. CAPTAIR SMART 321


SP Scienceware™ Bare Hand Entry (Iris) Port allows bare hnd entry and operation. BOX,GLOVE,BARE HAND ENTRY (IRIS PORT)

Bel-Art™ SP Scienceware™ Portable Glove Box System

The operator and the external environment are protected with the SP Scienceware™ Portable Glove Box System, a lightweight, self-contained portable isolation cabinet. SCIENCEWARE PORTABLE GLOVE BOX SYSTEMPE, WHITE,

Bel-Art™ SP Scienceware™ Handschuhpackung-Klemmringe

Adjustable rings hold gloves in place FIXIERUNGSSYSTEM FUER 1 HANDSCHUHHANDSCHUH

Labconco™ Telescoping Base Stands

For 4 ft. telescoping base stand Shelf kit for 610mm telescoping base stand

Plas Labs™ Model 818 Basic Glove Box

The Plas Lab Model 818 Basic Glove Box is a basic model that fits general laboratory isolation applications, but is easily modified for more specialized uses. Basis Glove Box, für einen Anwender

Labconco™ Support Shelves: Telescoping Base Stand

Shelf kit for 1,219mm telescoping base stand

Labconco™ Caster Kits

Replaces fixed feet included with electric and manual hydraulic lift base stands to add mobility Caster kit to convert unit into a mobile cartLabconco for hydraulic lift base stands

Labconco™ Telescoping Base Stands

Support loads up to 1000 lb. (450kg); ADA compliant Base stand 1,829mm x 737mm Labconco

Labconco™ Telescoping Base Stands with Casters

With 5 in. dia. (12.7cm) toe-locking casters Base stand 1,829mm x 1,016mm Labconco

Labconco™ Telescoping Base Stands with Casters

Provide mobility for short distances and gain access to the area behind the stand for service or maintenance Base stand 1,524mm x 1,016mm Labconco

Labconco™ Bracket kit Labconco seismic support

Offers an extra measure of stability Bracket kit Labconco seismic supportstainless steel

Labconco™ XPert™ Filtered Balance Systems with Guardian™ Airflow Monitor

Labconco XPert™ Filtered Balance Systems come with Guardian™ Airflow Monitor for added convenience. Filterabzug Xpert, 1200 mm, integrierter Lüfter,Guardian LED Monitor, 230 V