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Fisherbrand™ CO₂ Incubator


Microscopic, single-celled bacteria have been around for nearly three quarters of Earth's history, and they’ve evolved to live almost everywhere - from deep-sea ocean vents to backyards and even in our digestive tracts. Most bacteria are harmless, and some bacteria are beneficial, helping with digestion, the preparation of food and medicine, and even cleaning up oil spills.

Fisherbrand Product of the Month

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Fisherbrand™ CO₂ Incubator

Value for everyday cell culturing



  • Efficient high performance heaters surround the chamber for even temperature distribution
  • Gentle fan assisted air flow pattern is designed for uniform distribution of temperature, CO₂, and humidity
  • The 90°C high temperature decontamination cycle simplifies cleaning because no autoclave and toxic chemicals required
  • CO₂ sensors are positioned directly in the chamber for precise control. A choice of CO₂ sensor technology includes:
  1. Thermal Conductivity (TC) for precise monitoring and reliable long life
  2. Infrared (IR) for independent operation for precise, remote monitoring applications 

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