New Thermo Scientific E1-ClipTip™

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Introducing My Pipette™ Creator


A new web-based pipetting app for Thermo Scientific™ E1-ClipTip™ Electronic pipettes powered by Thermo Fisher Cloud

  • Program pipettes on your computer.
  • Transfer programs to multiple pipettes instead of programming each pipette individually.
  • Share programs with your colleagues in another lab, location or country.
  • Download pre-programmed protocols for your favorite Thermo Fisher reagent kits.
  • Enjoy wireless connection* with the NEW E1-ClipTip Bluetooth pipettes.
    *Connection also possible via micro-USB

The new E1-ClipTip Bluetooth pipettes now include :

  • A connectivity feature that allows the pipette to communicate to a PC via a Bluetooth or USB cable connection.
  • Additionally, to ensure consistent operation among multiple users, the new E1-ClipTip pipettes offers five different user profiles allowing each user to store personal programs and setting

E1-ClipTip Bluetooth pipette

  • ClipTip Interlocking Tip Interface ensures complete and secure seal on every channel with lowest tip attachment and ejection forces.
  • Equalizer Adjustable Tip Spacing allows transferring of multiple samples between different labware formats with one pipette, one movement and one press of the trigger
  • Electronic tip ejection & Index finger pipetting action enables comfortable and safe pipetting experience
  • Customized & Flexible user interface offers optimal and consistent operation for every application regardless of the user
  • A connectivity feature that allows the pipette to communicate to a PC via a Bluetooth or USB cable connection.
Get Connected
  • Connecting your E1-ClipTip™ Pipettes to the My Pipette™ Creator app
  • Create Thermo Fisher Account
  • Create your personal Thermo Fisher Cloud account at
  • Connect your E1-ClipTip pipette to My Pipette Creator app
  • Download and install the My Pipette Connect Utility from Thermo Fisher Cloud
  • Connect your E1-ClipTip pipette to your PC. Ensure Bluetooth or USB connection is on.
  • Open My Pipette Creator App in Thermo Fisher Cloud and link your E1-ClipTip to it.
  • Need more guidance visit
Single Channel Pipettes
Multi channel Pipettes
Adjustable Tip Spacing Multi channel Pipettes

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