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IgG (H+L) Cross-Adsorbed Goat anti-Rabbit, Alexa Fluor® 488, Invitrogen™

Goat Polyclonal Secondary Antibody

Marke:  Invitrogen A11008

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Further purification with Protein A or G removes all immunoglobulin classes except IgG such that the affinity-purified antibodies react with IgG heavy chains and all classes of immunoglobulin light chains from rabbit. To minimize cross-reactivity, these goat anti-rabbit whole antibodies have been cross-adsorbed against human IgG, human serum, mouse IgG, mouse serum, and bovine serum. Cross-adsorption or pre-adsorption is a purification step to increase specificity of the antibody resulting in higher sensitivity and less background staining. The secondary antibody solution is passed through a column matrix containing immobilized serum proteins from potentially cross-reactive species. Only the nonspecific-binding secondary antibodies are captured in the column, and the highly specific secondaries flow through. The benefits of this extra step are apparent in multiplexing/multicolor-staining experiments where there is potential cross-reactivity with other primary antibodies or in immunohistochemistry experiments where there are may be the presence of endogenous immunoglobulins. For a highly cross-adsorbed secondary antibody equivalent (or equivalent secondary antibody preparation), please see product catalog number: A11034. Using conjugate solutions: Centrifuge the protein conjugate solution briefly in a microcentrifuge before use; add only the supernatant to the experiment. This step will eliminate any protein aggregates that may have formed during storage, thereby reducing nonspecific background staining. Because staining protocols vary with application, the appropriate dilution of antibody should be determinedempirically. For the fluorophore-labeled antibodies a final concentration of 1-10 μg/mL should be satisfactory for most immunohistochemistry and flow cytometry applications. We offer an extensive line of Invitrogen™ secondary antibody conjugates with well-characterized specificity and labeled with a wide selection of premium fluorescent dyes, including Invitrogen™ Alexa Fluor™ fluorescent dyes. Fluorescent secondary antibody conjugates are useful in the detection, sorting, or purification of its specified target and ideal for fluorescence microscopy and confocal laser scanning microscopy, flow cytometry, and fluorescent western detection. The breadth of fluorescent markers we offer allows our reagents to be tailored to almost any fluorescent detection system. Secondary antibodies may be provided in three formats: whole IgG, divalent F(ab′)2 fragments, and monovalent Fab fragments. Because of the high degree of conservation in the structure of many immunoglobulin domains, most class-specific secondary antibodies must be affinity-purified and cross-adsorbed to achieve minimal cross-reaction with other immunoglobulins.


Rabbit IgG (H+L) Cross-Adsorbed
Alexa Fluor™ 488
Gamma Immunoglobins Heavy and Light chains
Secondary Antibody
Flow Cytometry, Immunocytochemistry, Immunofluorescence
2 mg/mL
PBS with 5mM sodium azide; pH 7.5
4° C, store in dark
Sicherheitsdatenblatt (SDS)