Resources About Scilabware

SciLabware is one of the world's leading manufacturers of laboratory glassware and reusable plastics, supplying the scientific community with world renowned brands.

Our extensive product range features over 4,000 general purpose and specialised glassware and reusable plastic laboratory products carrying some of the best known names in science - Azlon®, MBL®, Pyrex®, Quickfit®, and Rotaflo®.

From glass beakers and condensers to plastic measuring cylinders and washbottles, SciLabware consumables are used in all types of laboratory. We work to the most rigorous British and International standards. Product excellence is achieved by the enforcement of strict quality standards and meticulous quality control. The result is a quality conscious culture committed to total customer satisfaction.

  • Pyrex®
    There are very few products made so well that the brand becomes a generic name for everything similar. Pyrex® is one of the few. More than 800 products are manufactured with the famous Pyrex® borosilicate glass including beakers, bottles, flasks, dishes and test tubes, all to the same exacting quality standards.
  • Quickfit®
    Quickfit® pioneered interchangeable joints and is today recognised throughout the world as the premier brand name in its field. Quickfit® ground-glass joints are precision manufactured with an accurate taper and smooth finish for leak-free performance and assured interchangeability with a range comprising over 1,200 products allowing for the widest choice of assemblies.
  • MBL®
    MBL® volumetric glassware offers exceptional value for money and is ideal for general volumetric applications. The MBL® range comprises over 500 products - one of the widest selections of volumetrics available.
  • Azlon®
    Azlon® is one of the most widely known and respected brands in durable plastic labware. The Azlon® high quality range of reusable plastics comprises more than 1200 products including bottles, washbottles, measuring cylinders, jugs and aspirators, manufactured in a choice of polymers to suit a broad range of laboratory applications.