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Brady Mini pic1807-10x10-GHS08 VE=96 St.

11313472 Mini pic1807-10x10-GHS08 VE=96 St. Mini pic1807-10x10-GHS08 VE=96 St.

Brady™ BMP™51/BMP™53 Kartuschen für Beschriftungsgerät: Freezerbondz II Polyester

Ideal identification solutions for biotechnology, agricultural, environmental and forensic research industry X240 LABEL M-82-492

Brady™ BMP51 Label Printer Kit

BMP51 PRINTER KIT EUund AC-Adapter/Akkuladegerät EU

Brady™ LABXPERT™ Druckeretiketten

Spezielle Laboretiketten zur Verwendung mit diesen Etikettendruckern XSL-129-461 Etiketten, 38,1x57,15x31,75mm(VE=175Stck.)

Brady™ BMP™21 LAB Etikettendrucker

Designed specifically for use in autoclaves, liquid nitrogen, freezers, hot baths and are unaffected by lab chemicals BMP21-LAB PRINTER BLISTER PACK

Brady™ Polyester-Etiketten für Thermotransferdrucker

Polyester Thermal-Transfer Printable Labels are made of permanent polyester (B-423), which is ideal for electronic PCB and component identification, bar code labels, rating plates and solar panel identification. ETIKETT GESCHUETZT 46X35 MMMM

Brady™ GlobalMark™ Farbbänder, einfarbig

Exceptionally tough, smear-proof ribbons; printed text lasts years outdoors and in industrial environments BOX OF LABELLING RIBBON GLOBALMARK 1 COLOUR 105MM

Brady™ LABXPERT™ Etiketten aus Nylongewebe

LABXPERT™ Nylon Cloth Labels are nylon cloth (B-499) wrap-around labels that are highly pliable to conform to tightly curved surfaces such as wire and cable. X-131-499 Etiketten, 25,4x12,7mm (VE=225Stck.)MM


For linear and matrix bar-code reading applications. Barcode Scanner CR1400 USB Interface und Kabel

Brady™ Selbstlaminierende Polyester-Etiketten

Verwenden Sie diese Etiketten bei Anwendungen im Labor und Gesundheitswesen. Brady™ Selbstlaminierende Etiketten aus Polyester sind bedruckbar, selbstlaminierend und verfügen über eine ausgezeichnete Widerstandsfähigkeit gegen Abnutzung und Verwischen. Die Etiketten haften an konischen und großen Röhrchen und Fläschchen und ermöglichen eine einfache Probenidentifikation. BOX OF M21-375-461 LABEL BLCK ON CLEAR 9.53MM X 6,

Brady™ Label Maker Cartridge: Nylon Cloth

Label Maker Cartridge: Nylon Cloth (B-499) wrap-around labels are highly pliable to conform to tightly curved surfaces such as wire and cable. Etikett M-117-499 für Printer BMP51/53

Brady™ x1 BBP12 Label printer application Kit, BBP12-LAB

Provides everything necessary for all laboratory identification needs. Brady™ BBP12 Label Printer Laboratory Kit is ideal for customers who require low volume printing on different types of materials. BBP12 Label printer application Kit, BBP12-LAB Kit-UK

Brady™ Polyester Labels for Thermal Transfer Printers

For barcoding and identification purposes ROLL OF 2500 FREEZERBONDZ THERMAL TRANSFER PRINTER

Brady™ BMP™ 21 ID Pal™ Etikettenkartuschen: Transparente Polyester-Klebefolie

Dieser Filmstreifen kann für eine Vielzahl von Etikettierungsanwendungen eingesetzt werden. BMP™ Etikettenkassetten für BMP21-PLUS, BMP21-LAB, BMP21, LABPAL sind ideal für Zentrifugen, Eppendorf und PCR-Röhrchen, konische und große Röhrchen, Kryoröhrchen und -fläschchen. 6,4M ETIKETTEN PE F.ROEHRCHEN L=19L=19

Brady™ x1 BBP12 Label printer application Kit, BBP12-DATA

Provides everything necessary for data and telecommunications wire and cable identification needs. Brady™ BBP12 Label Printer Datacom Kit is ideal for customers who require low volume printing on different types of materials. BBP12 Label printer application Kit, BBP12-DATA Kit-UK

Brady™ Self-laminating Label Cartridge for BMP™21 Series Printers

For use with BMP21/BMP21-LAB and BMP21-PLUS label printers BOX OF LABELS M21-1250-427 FOR THE BMP 21 AND LABPAL 4,26 M

Brady™ BMP™ 21 ID Pal™ Etikettenkartuschen: Nylon Cloth for Terminal Blocks

High adhesion for rough surfaces BOX OF M21-500-499-TB LABELS 4,8M 12,70 MM

Brady™ Chemikalien-Bindemittel, Tücher, Größe: 300/300 mm (VE=200 St.)

Chemikalien-Bindemittel, Tücher, Größe: 300/300mm (VE=200 St.)

Brady™ Druckeretiketten aus Polyester

Self-laminating polyester (B-361) Labels for Desktop Laser Printers are supplied with a white printable or write-on zone and a translucent overlaminating area to protect graphics after printing is complete. ELAT-34-747W-1 Etiketten 64 x 34 mm, Polyester,weiss, matt, VE=1000 Stück

Brady™ Nylon-Druckeretikett

BOX OF X250 LABEL M71-78-499

Brady™ BBP12 Label Printer

Offers high print speed with the ability to handle a wide variety of identification labels. Brady™ BBP12 Label Printer is an entry level printer for laboratory sample identification. BBP12 Label printer - 300 dpi - EU - with Unwinder and LabelMark6 Pro software

Brady™ BMP51/BMP53/BMP41 Label Maker Cartridge: B-422 Polyester

For use in commercial and industrial applications BOX OF M-89-422 CARTRIDGE ROLL OF 180 LABELS

Brady Mini pic1808-10x10-GHS05 VE=96 St.

11333472 Mini pic1808-10x10-GHS05 VE=96 St. Mini pic1808-10x10-GHS05 VE=96 St.

Brady MINI PIC1801-10X10-GHS09

12034128 MINI PIC1801-10X10-GHS09 MINI PIC1801-10X10-GHS09

Brady™ Vinyl Thermal Transfer Printable Labels


Brady™ Etiketten aus Nylongewebe für Thermotransferdrucker

High adhesion for use in autoclave, freezer or liquid nitrogen ROLL OF X1500 THT-125-499-1.5-SC LABELSS

Brady™ BMP21-Plus Etikettendrucker

Zum Erstellen eindeutiger Etiketten, die gegen extreme Temperaturen beständig sind und sogar auf gekrümmten oder stark texturierten Oberflächen haften. Der tragbare Brady™ BMP™ 21-PLUS Etikettendrucker ist ein Multifunktionsetikettiergerät für Teams in den Bereichen Sprach-/Datenkommunikation, Elektrik und allgemeine Industrie. PRINTER BMP21-PLUS W/M21-750-499 LABELS

Brady™ Selbstlaminierende Etiketten

Ideal for labeling, data-communication wires and cables PTL-19-427 Etiketten, 25,4 x 25,4mm, Vynil weiß,transparent./matt, VE=250 /Rolle



Brady FreezerBondz Lab Labels - BloodCenter of Wisconsin Testimonial

The BloodCenter of Wisconsin explains why they chose Brady FreezerBondz labels to ensure that their specimens are properly identified for tracking.

About Brady

Brady Laboratory Identification Solutions

Brady's line of laboratory identification products is designed to serve the markets' biotechnology, agricultural, environmental and forensic researchers.
Simple, effective and affordable, Brady labelling and tracking solutions help to manage laboratory information and reduce human errors.
Brady is the ideal choice when resistance to extreme temperatures, harsh chemicals, long term storage and product traceability are critical.

Key Features:
  • Pre-sized labels customized to fit vials, tubes and slides
  • Auto-serialisation - produce 40 labels in under two minutes
  • One-touch date and time stamping
  • Built-in linear and 2D bar coding
  • Over 140 lab-specific Greek, research and safety symbols
  • 300dpi print performance for clearly legible labels
  • Stand alone or with PC connectivity
  • Cartridge-based system with die-cut labels
  • Label storage facility