Zubehör für Stopfen

Brand™ Konische Dichtung aus EPDM-Gummi

X10 Gummidichtung kon. EPMD f.Filternutschen undFiltrierflaschen Gr. 22

United Scientific Supplies Stirring Rods with Rubber Policeman

Rührstäbe aus Glas werden mit bereits montierten Gummischabern geliefert. GLASRUEHRSTAB

Carl Roth™ Cotton Wool

PE40.1 Baumwollwatte unperforiert 700 g (7 x100 g)

Fisherbrand™ Recycled Cellulose Cleaning Paper

Used for laboratories and industry. X2 YARN COTON CR 2P 1500F 26X3026X30

Fisherbrand™ Wischtücher aus standardmäßiger Zellulose

Used in industry and laboratories. X6 YARN COTON ER 2P 450F 22X35

Fisherbrand™ Wischtücher aus reiner Zellulose

Used in industries and laboratories. X6 YARN COTON BP 2P 450F 22X35

Saint-Gobain™ Chemware™ Biegsame Rührstäbe aus PTFE

Contain fully enclosed steel insert for stiffness, yet can be bent to various shapes for use as powered stirrers CHEMWARE STIRRING ROD,PTFE LENGTH 250MM

Brand™ Gummidichtung kon. EPMD f.Filternutschen u.Filtr. flasch. Gr. 22-84 mm (VE=8 St)

Gummidichtung kon. EPMD f.Filternutschen u.Filtr.flasch. Gr. 22-84 mm (VE=8 St)

Brand™ Baumwolle

Prolongs delivery time and aids in measurement accuracy. BRAND&trade Cotton Cord is made of 100% cotton wool. Watteschnur für Pipetten, 100% Baumwolleentfettet, ca.1,3 g/m (VE=1kg)

Bel-Art™ SP Scienceware™ Handy Stopper/Tubing Size

Easily determines correct size of cork or stopper needed for any flask, bottle STOPPER/TUBING SIZER

Bel-Art™ SP Scienceware™ Stir and Add™ Küvettenmixer

Made of clear acrylic with a straight handle, this tool is used when reactions are performed directly into cuvettes, to mix added reagents X3 CUVETTE MIXER SCIENCEWARE FOR 10MM LIGHT PATHcells acrylic (Pack of 3)

Azpack™ Baumwollfaser, weiß, saugfähig

Test absorbancy by placing a teaspoon of water in the hollow of a cotton. Azpack™ Cotton Wool, Absorbant is BP quality. 500 GR COTTON WOOL,WHITE ABSORBENT BP QUALITY 3YEAR SHELFLIFE