Zubehör für Stopfen

Carl Roth™ Cotton Wool

PE40.1 Baumwollwatte unperforiert 700 g (7 x100 g)

Brand™ Baumwolle

Prolongs delivery time and aids in measurement accuracy. BRAND&trade Cotton Cord is made of 100% cotton wool. Watteschnur für Pipetten, 100% Baumwolleentfettet, ca.1,3 g/m (VE=1kg)

Brand™ Konische Dichtung aus EPDM-Gummi

X10 Gummidichtung kon. EPMD f.Filternutschen undFiltrierflaschen Gr. 22

Fisherbrand™ Wischtücher aus reiner Zellulose

Used in industries and laboratories. X2 YARN COTON BP 2P 1000F 26X3026X30

United Scientific Supplies Stirring Rods with Rubber Policeman

Rührstäbe aus Glas werden mit bereits montierten Gummischabern geliefert. GLASRUEHRSTAB

Azpack™ Baumwollfaser, weiß, saugfähig

Test absorbancy by placing a teaspoon of water in the hollow of a cotton. Azpack™ Cotton Wool, Absorbant is BP quality. 500 GR COTTON WOOL,WHITE ABSORBENT BP QUALITY 3YEAR SHELFLIFE

Fisherbrand™ Recycled Cellulose Cleaning Paper

Used for laboratories and industry. X2 YARN COTON CR 2P 1500F 26X3026X30

Fisherbrand™ Wischtücher aus standardmäßiger Zellulose

Used in industry and laboratories. X2 YARN COTON BR 2P 1000F 26X3026X30

Saint-Gobain™ Chemware™ Biegsame Rührstäbe aus PTFE

Contain fully enclosed steel insert for stiffness, yet can be bent to various shapes for use as powered stirrers CHEMWARE STIRRING ROD,PTFE LENGTH 250MM

Brand™ Gummidichtung kon. EPMD f.Filternutschen u.Filtr. flasch. Gr. 22-84 mm (VE=8 St)

Gummidichtung kon. EPMD f.Filternutschen u.Filtr.flasch. Gr. 22-84 mm (VE=8 St)

Bel-Art™ SP Scienceware™ Stir and Add™ Küvettenmixer

Made of clear acrylic with a straight handle, this tool is used when reactions are performed directly into cuvettes, to mix added reagents STIR AND ADD, CUVETTE MIXER, ACRYLIC, VE=3

Bel-Art™ SP Scienceware™ Handy Stopper/Tubing Size

Easily determines correct size of cork or stopper needed for any flask, bottle STOPPER/TUBING SIZER