Fisherbrand™ Spritzflaschen mit verstellbarer Düse

Handle hot/cold, aqueous/solvent-based solutions VAPORISATEUR PP 1000ML nung z. Kontaminationsschutz, anpassb. Sprühkopf

Brand™ Zerstäuber, PE-HD, weiß, 400 ml (VE=5 PCS) ML

Zerstäuber, PE-HD, weiß, 400 ml (VE=5 PCS)ML

Brand™ X5 PE-Zerstäuber, 1000 ml, weiß ML

X5 PE-Zerstäuber, 1000 ml, weißML

Bel-Art™ SP Scienceware™ Spray Pump Bottles

Low-density polyethylene plunger style bottle delivers a fine mist spray X12 Bottle spray pump fine mist polyethylene250mL includes clear cap

Bel-Art™ X2 Trigger sprayer 140mm height

Trigger sprayers with adapters fit any Scienceware bottle with an easy-to-fill, 53mm-wide closure and offer convenient, adjustable spray dispensing of a wide range of chemicals, including bleach, ethanol, machine oil and water. X2 Trigger sprayer 140mm height

Carl Roth™ Waschflaschen aus PP (Polypropylen)

Sicherheitsspritzflasche 1000ml, Aceton, PP, mitGefahrensymbol, R-/S-Sätze

Carl Roth™ Polypropylene Pump Spray Flask

Pump-Sprühgeräte, PP,mit Pistolenpumphebelundverstellbarem Sprühstrahl, 400ml, weiß

Buerkle™ Druckfreie LDPE-Sprühflaschen mit langlebiger Handpumpe

Manufactured from polypropylene, polyethylene and stainless steel. Buerkle™ Pressureless LDPE Spray Bottles spray 1.2ml ±0.1 volume per stroke. Suitable for agricultural pesticides and detergents. Sprühflasche mit Handpumpe, 250 ml, Hub: 1,2 ml

Buerkle™ Drucksprühgeräte

Pressurize your cleaning and disinfection with Buerkle™ Pressure Sprayres. Its low rate is approximately 0.4-1.2 mL per minute. The standard pressure sprayer can be completed with a 250 mm long spray lancet or foam nozzle, which produces foam with foaming liquids. Drucksprüher, 1500 ml, regulierb. Sprühstrahl

VITLAB™ Weithals-Spritzflasche, PE-LD, 1000ml, GL65 GL 63, wash-bottle cap, PP, 1000 ml

X12 Weithals-Spritzflasche, PE-LD, 1000ml, GL65 GL 63, wash-bottle cap, PP, 1000 ml

VITLAB™ VITsafe™ Sicherheits-Spritzflaschen, weithalsig

Work safely with potentially dangerous chemicals. VITLAB™ VITsafe™ Wide Mouth LDPE Safety Wash Bottles feature a permanent safety imprint, color-coded VENT-CAP, easy-fill opening and precise spray control to eliminate drips and leaks and to ensure safe handling. Available for a variety of chemicals. VITsafe-Spritzflasche,PE-LD,Weithals,GL45, mitAufdruck Tetrahydrofuran (THF), 500ml

VITLAB™ Weithals-Spritzflaschen aus PP, transparent

Wash equipment and materials with a precise spray jet and optimized backflow. VITLAB™ Wash Bottles, Transparent Polypropylene feature a screw cap with an incorporated spray tube on a narrow- or wide-mouth bottle. Spray bottles are individually wrapped, autoclavable and recyclable. Spritzflasche ohne Aufdruck, PP, 500ml, WeithalsGL45

VITLAB™ VITsafe™ Sicherheits-Spritzflaschen, enghalsig

Spritzflasche, PE-LD, 500ml, mit Vent-Cap, mitAufdruck Hexan

Buerkle™ Turn 'n' Spray™ Sprühflaschen mit Überkopf-Ventil

Spray in any direction with Turn'n' Spray's special technology. Buerkle™ Turn'n'Spray™ Spray Bottles with Overhead Valve spray uninterrupted at any angle and reaches hard-to-access areas. Sprühflasche TurnnSpray, 500 ml, Hub: 1,2 ml

B Braun™ Meliseptol Sprühflasche mit Sprühkopf 250ml

Deliver the application of alcoholic disinfectant using the B Braun™ 250mL Plastic Spray Bottle with Spray Head. The bottle is constructed from sturdy plastic. Meliseptol Sprühflasche mit Sprühkopf 250ml

Vitlab™ Sprühflaschen aus Polypropylen

Use these bottles for spraying detergents or disinfectants, especially into difficultly accessible areas, as well as applications in thin layer chromatography. VITLAB™ Polypropylene Spray Bottles feature a sprayer insert with stable, smoothly operated pump trigger and adjustable spray nozzle. X5 Zerstäuber, PP, 500ml, weiß, mit regulier-barer Düse

VITLAB™ Zerstäuber, PP/PE-LD, transparent, 1000ml, Gewinde GL 32, (VE=5Stck.)

Zerstäuber, PP/PE-LD, transparent, 1000ml,Gewinde GL 32, (VE=5Stck.)

Koehler™ Acrylic Dispenser for Round Aluminum Disks

Spender aus Acryl, für Alu-Rundscheiben, für 100mm

Semadeni™ VitsafeWH-Spritzflasche PP 500ml Aceton

VitsafeWH-Spritzflasche PP 500ml Aceton

Buerkle™ HDPE-Sprühflaschen mit Pumpzerstäuber und Sicherheitskappe

Vaporize liquids at the push of a button in an environmentally compatible way with these HDPE spray bottles. Buerkle™ HDPE Spray Bottles with Pump Vaporizer and Safety Cap feature a protective cover which prevents unintentional pressing of the pump and acts as a dust cover. Sprühflasche m. Pumpzerstäuber, transparent,250ml

Buerkle™ LPDE Safety Wash Bottles with Leakproof Venting Valve

Sicherheits-Spritzflasche ''Isoprop.'', LDPE, 500

Buerkle™ Sprayer weiß/weiß, für 0309-1025 .

Sprayer weiß/weiß, für 0309-1025

Bode Chemie™ 81587 Universalsprühkopf

81587 Universalsprühkopf

B Braun™ Sprühkopf

Manufactured from polypropylene. B Braun™ Spray Head is for for use with 1000mL polyethylene bottles. Contains PVC-free materials to promote recycling. Meliseptol Sprühkopf Rot

Karl Hecht™ Assistent™ Spritzflaschen

For rinsing laboratory glassware with ease and convenience. Karl Hecht™ Assistent™ Washing Bottles are manufactured from polyethylene plastic. Spritzflaschen aus Polyäthylen 100 ml

Kautex™ HDPE-Zerstäuber

Designed with finger grips for stability when spraying. Kautex™ HDPE Spray Bottles can be used with cleaning solutions, water, or other liquids when a fine mist is required. Triggerflasche, HDPE, 500 ml 89.5 X 44 MM, ohneVerschluss

Semadeni™ VitsafeWH-Spritzflasche PELD 500ml DestWasser

VitsafeWH-Spritzflasche PELD 500ml DestWasser

Schotte Kunststoffen™ Flasche 2 l NH m. Henkel naturfarben (VE=36 St.)

Flasche 2 l NH m. Henkel naturfarben (VE=36 St.)