Runde oder röhrenförmige Zellen

Fisherbrand™ Round Cuvets

For use with commercial colorimeters and spectrophotometers. X36 Cuvette, Borosilicate Glass, Diameter 19mm, Height 105mm

Hellma Cylindrical Cell, 120-OS

Cylindrical, macro-type cell constructed of special optical glass with PTFE stoppers. CILINDRICAL CUVETTES OPTICAL GLASS 100MM, 28ML

Thermo Scientific™ Reagenzglas-Küvetten für Spektrophotometer

Thermo Scientific™ Reagenzglas-Küvetten sind anwenderfreundliche und kostengünstige Spektrophotometer-Zellen für Routineanalysen. CELL TUBE GLASS 320-1100NM 20MM PAPA

Hellma Cell for Scattered Light Measurements, Type 40-QS

Highly pure Suprasil™ quartz glass scattered light cell with a PTFE stopper. Küvette 540.110-QS f. Streulichtmessung,Quarzglas SUPRASIL, A.-Dm. 10 mm, PTFE-St.

Fisherbrand™ Zylindrische Küvetten

Passend für Standard-Zellhalter Cylindrical cell far UV quartz 10mm light path 2800µL

Hellma Cylindrical Cell, 120-QX

Cylindrical, macro-type cell constructed of highly pure Suprasil™300 quartz glass with PTFE stoppers. Cuvette 120-QX, PL 50 mm