Roll-Flaschen [Kunststoff]

Corning™ Einweg-Rollerflaschen

Manufactured from optically clear virgin polystyrene for excellent visibility and tissue culture-treated for optimal cell attachment. Corning™ Disposable Roller Bottles allow Initial scale-up of adherent cells with intermittent exposure of cells to the air and the media. X40 Rollerflaschen, Pack a 40 ST., Nr. 430195

Thermo Scientific™ Nunc™ Polystyrene Roller Bottles

Reliably grow cells with high reproducibility by using Thermo Scientific™ Nunc™ Polystyrene Roller Bottles. X20 TUFROL FLASCHE RIFFELUNGFür Flaschenroller

Corning™ Roller bottles PS 1700 cm2 w/ Easy Grip Vent graduiert,mit Deckel (VE=20St.)

Rollerflaschen,Durable PS,1750 cm²,Quick Seal,graduiert,mit Deckel (VE=20St.)

Corning™ Kühlrippen-Rollerflaschen

Features a ribbed design that doubles the growth area without increasing bottle size. Corning™ Expanded Surface Roller Bottles one-piece seamless polystyrene construction prevents warping or bowing during use. Rollerflaschen,Durable PS,1700 cm²,Quick Seal,graduiert (VE=20Stck.)

Thermo Scientific™ Nunc™ InVitro™ PETG-Rollflaschen

Erhöhten Sie die Zellexpansion und den Produktertrag und machen Sie gleichzeitig den Kauf zusätzlicher Produktionsausrüstung oder einen höheren Arbeitsaufwand überflüssig. X20 ROLLER BOTTLE 2,100CM2culture area PETG HDPE quick action vented and

Corning™ Roller Bottle, CellBIND® Surface, 850cm², Graduations, PS, Sterile (VE=44Stck.)

Features large knurls designed for ergonomic handling. Roller Bottle, CellBIND® Surface, 850cm²,Graduations, PS, Sterile (VE=44Stck.)

Corning™ Polystyrene Roller Bottles

Treated with patented Corning CellBIND™ surface treatment Roller Bottle, CellBIND® Surface, 1700cm²,Expanded Surface, PS (VE=20Stck.)

Corning™ Roller Bottle with Easy Grip Cap

One piece seamless construction with printed graduations RB,850CM,EASY GRIP,NON TREATED,PS,S,IND,1/40