Septen für Flaschen

PYREX™ Media Bottle Septa

For use with open-top PBT caps 1395 45TS PTFE Faced Silicone Septa

Kimble™ Straight-Sided Serum Stoppers

For research and pharmaceutical packaging applications Butyl-Stopfen, PTFE-beschichtet, für Alu-Bördelkappen 20A, VE=100 Stück

Kimble™ Linear HDPE Stoppers

Closed bottom end fits the standard taper neck Stopper, PE, Size 16

Wheaton™ Septa For Unlined Aluminum Seals

For unlined aluminum seals Septen D=20mm, (VE=100Stck.)20MM

Septum for AcroSeal™, PTFE/black elastomer/PTFE, size: 43 x 3 mm, ACROS Organics™

Septum X10 Septum für AcroSeal, Teflon/schwarzes Elastomer/Teflon, Größe: 43 x 3 mm

Wheaton™ Septa For Unlined Aluminum Seals