Fisherbrand™ Fisherbrand™ Versenkte Silikon-Septum-Stopfen

Nontoxic and autoclavable recessed septum stoppers are externally serrated to create an effective internal seal X10 Silicone stopper 15mm plug dia

Fisherbrand™ Fisherbrand™ Umdreh-Septum-Stopfen

For narrow-aperture containers X10 Fisherbrand turnover stopper 6.5mm plug red

Kimble™ Kim-Kap™ Einweg-Verschlüsse

Available in natural (clear) or choice of four colors CAP,KIM-KAP,PP,YEL,20MM VE=500

Corning™ Verschlusskappen aus Polyethylen für Costar Cluster-Röhrchensystem

Designed to fit 1.2mL cluster tubes and cluster tube strips. Corning™ Polyethylene Caps for Cluster Tube System are used with 98-well cluster tube systems. X120 Caps for Cluster Tube System, 8-caps strips,

ACROS Organics™ Natural Rubber Septums


Kimble™ Kontes™ Hohle weiße Manschettenstopfen aus Gummi

Hollow stopper fits into the neck of the glassware apparatus. Series 774261 may be used at up to 125°C for up to 8 hours. KONTES HOLLOW WHITE RUBBER SLEEVE STOPPER 14

ACROS Organics™ Septum for AcroSeal™, butyl rubber/teflon, Acros Organics™

size: 43 x 3mm X10 Septum für AcroSeal, Butyl-Kautschuk/Teflon, Grösse: 43 x 3 mm

Fisherbrand™ Gummistopfen mit zwei Löchern

Assorted sizes 00 to 15 X57 STOPPER CAOUCHOUC 16MM 2 HOLESHOLES

Fisherbrand™ Turnover Septum Stoppers

X10 Fisherbrand turnover stopper 8mm plug dia

Wheaton™ Ultra Pure Gerade Stopfenstopper

Provides for extremely high chemical purity and low gas permeability. Wheaton™ Ultra Pure Straight Plug Stoppers are manufactured from an ultra pure bromobutyl formulation. X1000 STOPFEN PREMIUM BROMOBU 20MM

Verschlusskappen für Rundboden-Röhrchen 12x75mm (VE=2000Stck.)

For Falcon Round-Bottom Tubes Verschlusskappen für Rundboden-Röhrchen 12x75mm(VE=2000Stck.)

Wheaton™ Eindrückstopfen für Fläschchen und Serumflaschen

For maximum sealing of vials with blow-back glass finish X1000 30MM STPR,SNAP-ON (16X30)GRY BTYL,SILZD pck

Wheaton™ Stopfen für Serumflaschen und -fläschchen

Provide airtight covers X1000 KAPPE BUTYL/PTFE 13 MM

Wheaton™ Gerade Stopfen für Fläschchen und Serumflaschen

For maximum sealing of vials with straight wall glass finish X1000 30MM Stopper , St Plug (15X30), Gray Butyl

Wheaton™ Ultra Pure Komplett beschichtete Stopfen

Featuring PTFE-like coatings to prevent reactions due to sample contact with rubber. Wheaton™ Ultra Pure Complete Coat Stoppers are manufactured in a silicone-free environment. X1000 STOPFEN PREM BROMO/TEF 20MM

Wheaton™ Gefriergetrockneter Stopfen


Wheaton™ Flanschstopfen aus Gummi

For research and parenteral drug applications Lyophilization Stoppers, two leg Pack a 1000 St., Nr.224100-193