Zubehör für Flaschenaufsatz-Verdünner und Dispenser

Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ Rapid-Flow™ sterile Einweg-BottleTop-Filter mit SFCA-Membran

Reduzieren Sie die Anzahl extrahierbarer Substanzen in Ihren BottleTop-Filtern, indem Sie von handelsüblichen CA-Membranen zu sterilen Einweg-BottleTop-Filtern mit SFCA-Membran wechseln. X12 MF75 Bottle-Top-Filter, 0,2µ SFCA, 500 ml, GL33

Corning™ Sterile Einweg-Filtersysteme

Features printed funnels that identify membrane type and product number for easy product product identification. Corning™ Disposable Vacuum Filter/Storage Systems provide a complete solution for your filtering needs. The system consists of a polystyrene filter funnel joined by an adapter ring to a removable polystyrene storage bottle with a separate sterile polyethylene cap. Einmalfiltrationssystem m. Flasche, CA, 1000 ml,0.45 µm, Top: 500 ml, 70 mm VE=12

Corning™ Sterile Einweg-Flaschenaufsatzfilter

Designed for use on glass or polystyrene media bottles with 33 and 45mm neck sizes. Corning™ Disposable Sterile Bottle-Top Filters are ideal for filtration of tissue culture media and components, biological fluids, other solutions. Bottle Top Filter,PES,500 ml,0.22 µm,33 mmGewinde (VE=12Stck.)

Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ Rapid-Flow™ sterile Einweg-BottleTop-Filter mit PES-Membran

Führen Sie Sterilfiltrationen von Zellkulturmedien und Serum mit den Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ Rapid-Flow™ Sterilen Einweg-BottleTop-Filtern mit PES-Membran durch. MF75 Bottle-Top-Filter, 0,45µ PES, 150 ml, GL 45VE=12 Stück

Corning™ Fiberglass Prefilters


Corning™ Sterile Einwegflaschen

Use as replacement receivers for Corning Disposable Sterile Filter Systems or as storage bottles. Corning™ Disposable Sterile Bottles are easy to grip and ideal for storage of media, buffers and other aqueous solutions. X24 Lager-Flasche, PS, 500 ml mit Deckel, steril

Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene FastCap™ Bottle-Top-Filter mit 0,2 μm PES-Membran für große Volumina

Filtern Sie bis zu 5 Liter Flüssigkeit mit diesem Bottle-Top-Filter mit 0.2 μm PES-Membran für große Volumina. Auf den Flaschenhals aufsetzen, Vakuum anlegen und mit der Filtration beginnen. X10 FastCap, Bottle-Top-Filter, 0,2µ PES, 90 mm

Corning™ Mini-Miser Röhrchen mit Filteraufsatz

Filters directly into centrifuge tube minimizing unnecessary transfers. Corning™ Centrifuge Tube Top Filters offer a viewing slot in base that lets you measure volumes as low as 5mL. X12 Filter Top Tupe, CA, mit 50 ml Zentrifugenro.,

BrandTech™ Flexible Dispenserröhrchen für Dispensette™ III Flaschenaufsatzdispenser

Enhances the suitability of Dispensette dispensers for various applications. Dosierkanüle FEP mit integriertem Ausstoß- ventilfür Dispenser 0,5 bis 1, 2 ml

Wheaton™ Filtrationssatz 47 mm mit Stopfenverbindung Nr. 8 und SS-Halterung

Designed to handle up to 1000mL of liquid for analysis of particulate or microbiological contamination Glas-Trichter, 47mm, 1000ml

BrandTech™ Entlüftungsventil SafetyPrime, für Dispen- ser III, 1-100 ml und Bürette Digital III

Accessory for use with Dispensette™ Organic Bottle Top Dispenser Entlüftungsventil SafetyPrime, für Dispen- serIII, 1-100 ml und Bürette Digital III

BrandTech™ Ersatzteile für Dispensette™ Organic Flaschenaufsatz-Dispenser Teleskop-Ansaugrohre

Manufactured from FEP. BrandTech™ Telescoping Filling Tube for Dispensette™III, Titrette™, seripettor™ pro adjusts easily to different size bottles without measuring or cutting. Available in a variety of lengths and fits a wide range of bottles. Teleskop-Ansaugrohr FEP für Dispensette 25, 50und 100 ml, L=250 - 480 mm

EMD Millipore™ Steritop™ sterile Aufsatzfilter für Isolierflaschen

Filter and sterilize faster with a large 7.3cm diameter filter. EMD Millipore™ Steritop™ Sterile Vacuum Bottle-Top Filters are sterile, threaded bottle-top filters with 0.22 micron pore size for vacuum filtration and sterilization of tissue culture media, protein and DNA solutions, and virus suspensions. Bottle-Top-Filter für Vakuum, Steritop, Gew. 45mm,0,22µm, PES-Membran, 250ml (VE=12St.)

Wheaton™ Filtrationssatz 47 mm mit Zubehör

Designed for filtering viscous or proteinaceous solutions to produce ultraclean filtrate. Wheaton™ 47mm Filtration Assembly and Accessories are manufactured from the highest quality materials.

EMD Millipore Millex™-GP50 sterile Filtereinheit

Fast filtration with low protein binding Sterile Spritzenfilter Millex, D=50mm, 0,22µm,PES-Membran, (VE=10Stck.)

BrandTech™ Accessories for seripettor™ Bottle Top Dispensers: Filling Tubes

Ansaugrohr, PP, für Seripettor, 250 mm (VE=2Stck.)

BrandTech™ Ventil-Set für seripettor, je 1 Ansaug-/Ausstoßve ntil, 2 Dichtungen

Ventil-Set für seripettor, je 1 Ansaug-/Ausstoßventil, 2 Dichtungen

BrandTech™ Rückdosierrohr für Brand Titrette

Rückdosierrohr für Brand Titrette

BrandTech™ Polypropylene Thread Adapters for Dispensette™ III Bottle-Top Dispensers

Gewinde-Adapter für Dispensette und Büret- teDigital, A 45/38, PP

EMD Millipore Sterivex sterile druckbetriebene Einheiten

Minimize contamination risk to filtered solution by direct-dispensing design. EMD Millipore Sterivex Sterile Pressure-Driven Devices are ready-to-use units that filter solutions with volumes of 100 to 2000mL. Available in a variety of fittings, pore sizes and membrane types. Sterivex-GP Filtereinheit, 0,22µm, PES-Membran,steril (VE=15Stck.)

Wheaton™ Filtrationssatz 47 mm mit Stopfenverbindung Nr. 8 und Glasfritte

Recommended for general filtration. Wheaton™ Fritted Glass Support for 47mm Filtration Assemblies with No. 8 Stopper Connections is manufactured from Wheaton™ 33 low extractable borosilicate glass. GLASFRITTE FUER 31813 & 10027

EMD Millipore Stericap PLUS, 1 l Auffangkolben

Used for storage of sterilized or clarified fluids. Ersatzbehälter für Stericup, steril, mit Deckel,1000ml (VE=12Stck.)

EMD Millipore™ Millipak™ Einweg-Filtereinsätze

Removes particles and microorganisms from liquids and gases with pump-driven filter. Merck Millipore™ Millipak™ Disposable Filter Units provide sterile filtration of parenterals, diagnostics, buffers, media, and biologicals. Millipak-20 Filter Unit 0.22µm 3/4in TC/TC sterVE=2 St.

BrandTech™ Botletop Dispenser Replacement Discharge Tube

Replaces discharge tube in 5, 10mL Dispensette™ III Bottletop Dispenser, 5, 10mL Dispensette™ Organic Bottletop Dispenser, and 25, 50, 100mL Dispensette™ Organic Bottletop Dispenser. BrandTech™ Bottletop Dispenser Replacement Discharge valve includes a viewing window, hinged screw cap swings out of the way when dispensing, and is available with or without a recirculation valve. Dosierkanüle FEP mit integriertem Ausstoß- ventilfür Dispenser 5 bis 10 ml,

EMD Millipore Nichtsterile Millex-LH Filtereinheiten, IC-zertifiziert

Low-extractable filter specifically designed for ion chromatography Unsterile Spritzenvorsatzfilter für dieIonenchromatographie, D=25mm (VE=50Stck.)

Wheaton™ 25mm Filtration Assembly With No. 5 Stopper Connection With Stainless Steel Support

Designed to handle small volumes of liquids for analysis of particulate or microbiological contamination GLASFILTERTRICHTER 15ML +LOCHSIEB


Non-sterile units specially designed to provide efficient filtration for dissolution and other automated sample preparation applications AC MILLEX 25MM NYLON .2µM

EMD Millipore HPF Millex, unsteril, Nylon, 0,20 μm, 25 mm (VE=50 St.)

Greater throughput for easier filtration HPF Millex, unsteril, Nylon, 0,20 µm, 25 mm(VE=50 St.)

Wheaton™ Filtrationssatz 47 mm mit Normschliff-Anschluss 40/35 und Glasfritte

Recommended for routine filtration of organic solvents, corrosive liquids and the removal of particulates from HPLC solvents. Wheaton™ 47mm Filtration Assembly with Standard Taper Joint Connection and Fritted Glass Support is manufactured from low extractable borosilicate glass. GLASFRITTE FUER 17305