Antibiotika, Puffer und Ergänzungsstoffe

HEPES sodium salt, 99%, ACROS Organics™

Chemische Bezeichnung oder Material: HEPES sodium salt Anmerkung zur Bezeichnung: 99% CAS.: 75277-39-3 Assay: ≥98.5% (on anhydrous substance) Prozentgehaltsbereich: 99% Summenformel: C8H17N2NaO4S Molare Masse: 260.27 MDL-Nummer: MFCD00036463 Synonym: 2-[4-(2-Hydroxyethyl)-1-piperazine]ethanesulfonic acid sodium salt 500GR HEPES Natriumsalz, 99%

Molecular Probes™ OXYBURST™ Green H2HFF BSA - Special Packaging

Sensitive fluorogenic reagent for detecting extracellular release of oxidative products in a spectrofluorometer/fluorescence microscope OxyBURST Green H2HFF BSA special packaging, 5 x 1mg

Doxycycline hydrochloride Alfa Aesar™

Chemische Bezeichnung oder Material: Doxycycline hydrochloride CAS.: 10592-13-9 Summenformel: C22H24N2O8·HCl Molare Masse: 480.9 MDL-Nummer: MFCD03427564 5GR Doxycycline hydrochloride

Gibco™ Sterile Distilled Water

High-quality water for use as a solvent in the preparation of cell culture media and laboratory reagents X10 DISTILLED WATER (10X500ml)

Chlortetracycline hydrochloride, can be used as secondary standard, ACROS Organics™

Chemische Bezeichnung oder Material: Chlortetracycline hydrochloride Assay: ≥80 wt% (as is, calculated) (HPLC) Summenformel: C22H23ClN2O8·HCl Molare Masse: 515.33 Synonym: CTC 500MG Chlortetracyclin Hydrochlorid, 'kann als sek. Standard verwendet werden'

Molecular Probes™ Zymosan A S. cerevisiae BioParticles™ Texas Red™ conjugate

Study phagocytosis by fluorescence microscopy, quantitative spectrofluorometry, and flow cytometry ZYMOSAN A (S. CEREVISIAE)The Texas Red® zymosan A BioParticles® conjugate

Molecular Probes™ Low Density Lipoprotein from Human Plasma, Acetylated (AcLDL)

Acetylated (Ac) apoprotein used to study cell types that express receptors specific for this acetylated version, i.e., endothelial and microglial cells Low-density lipoprotein from human plasma,acetylated (AcLDL) 2.5 mg/ml , 200 µl

Molecular Probes™ Epidermal Growth Factor, Biotinylated, complexed to Alexa Fluor™ 647 Streptavidin (Alexa Fluor; 647 EGF complex)

Complexes of the dye-streptavidin molecule and biotinylated EGF EPIDERMAL GROWTH FACTOR,The EGFAlexa Fluor 647 streptavidin complex is a

Oxytetracycline hydrochloride, can be used as secondary standard, ACROS Organics™

500MG Oxytetracyclin Hydrochlorid, 'kann als sek.Standard verwendet werden'

Alfa Aesar™ Carbenicillin disodium salt, Alfa Aesar™

Chemische Bezeichnung oder Material: Carbenicillin disodium salt CAS.: 4800-94-6 Summenformel: C17H16N2Na2O6S Molare Masse: 422.36 MDL-Nummer: MFCD00077683 Beilstein: 5722128 Merck Index: 14,1792 5GR Carbenicillin disodium salt 5g

Molecular Probes™ Epidermal Growth Factor, Biotinylated, complexed to Alexa Fluor™ 488 Streptavidin (Alexa Fluor; 488 EGF complex)

The biotinylated conjugates utilize biotin-XX, which contains a long spacer arm designed to enhance the probe affinity for the EGF receptor 100ug EPIDERMAL GROWTH FACTOR,The EGFAlexa Fluor 488 streptavidin complex is a

Molecular Probes™ Texas Red™ Transferrin From Human Serum, Texas Red Conjugate

Labeled LDL complexes useful in studying the delivery of up to two Fe3+ atoms via receptor-mediated endocytosis TRANSFERRIN FROM HUMAN SEOur bright, fluorescent Texas Red conjugate of

Alfa Aesar™ Neomycin sulfate hydrate

Chemische Bezeichnung oder Material: Neomycin sulfate hydrate CAS.: 1405-10-3 Summenformel: C23H46N6O13·3H2SO4·xH2O Molare Masse: 908.87 (Anhydrous) MDL-Nummer: MFCD00150827 Merck Index: 14,6454 100GR Neomycin sulfate hydrate 100g

Corning™ Insulin-like Growth Factor (IGF-I), Human Recombinant (Culture Grade)

Has mitogenic activity for several cell types, including malignant cells 10UG Insulin-like Growth Factor (IGF-I), Human Rec

MES sodium salt, 99%, ACROS Organics™

Chemische Bezeichnung oder Material: MES sodium salt CAS.: 71119-23-8 Assay: ≥98.5% (after ion exchange) Prozentgehaltsbereich: 99% Summenformel: C6H12NNaO4S Molare Masse: 217.22 MDL-Nummer: MFCD00065473 25GR MES Natriumsalz, 99%

Molecular Probes™ Epidermal Growth Factor, Fluorescein Conjugate (Fluorescein EGF)

Constructed with the dye directly attached to EGF EPIDERMAL GROWTH FACTOR,The fluorescent epidermal growth factor,

Bicine, 99+%, for analysis, ACROS Organics™

Chemische Bezeichnung oder Material: Bicine Anmerkung zur Bezeichnung: 99+% CAS.: 150-25-4 CAS Min. %.: 99.0 CAS Max. %.: 100.0 Reinheitsgrad: For analysis Assay: ≥99.0% (Total base) Prozentgehaltsbereich: 99+% Summenformel: C6H13NO4 Strukturformel: (HOCH2CH2)2NCH2CO2H Molare Masse: 163.17 MDL-Nummer: MFCD00004295 Synonym: Diethylolglycine 100GR Bicin, 99+%, zur Analyse

Neomycinsulfat (weißes Pulver), Fisher BioReagents

Chemische Bezeichnung oder Material: Neomycin Sulfate CAS.: 1405-10-3 Physikalische Form: Solid Prozentgehaltsbereich: > 98.5 % Summenformel: C23H46N6O13 · 3 H2SO4 Molare Masse: 614.65 Synonym: Neobiotic 5GR Neomycin Sulfate (White Powder), >98.5 %

Alfa Aesar™ Amikacin

Chemische Bezeichnung oder Material: Amikacin CAS.: 37517-28-5 Summenformel: C22H43N5O13 Molare Masse: 585.61 MDL-Nummer: MFCD00883675 Beilstein: 1445422 Merck Index: 14,405 Synonym: N1-[(S)-(-)-4-Amino-2-hydroxybutyryl]kanamycin A 5GR Amikacin

Gibco™ Trypsin-EDTA (0.05%), Phenol red

Made from trypsin powder, an irradiated mixture of proteases derived from porcine pancreas TRYPSIN .05% EDTA

Corning™ 2.5S Nerve Growth Factor (NGF), Mouse Natural

Designed specifically for use in basic cell biology research 100UG 2.5S Nerve Growth Factor (NGF), Mouse Natura

Alfa Aesar™ Cefazolin sodium salt

Chemische Bezeichnung oder Material: Cefazolin sodium salt CAS.: 27164-46-1 Summenformel: C14H13N8NaO4S3 Molare Masse: 476.48 MDL-Nummer: MFCD00056883 Beilstein: 3585038 Merck Index: 14,1917 Synonym: Cefamedin 1GR Cefazolin sodium salt

Gibco™ Blasticidin S HCl, powder

Bacterial selective antibiotic in concentration range of 50G–100μg/mL 50MG BLASTICIDIN

HEPES Buffer, 1M Solution, pH 7.3 (Molecular Biology), Fisher BioReagents

Chemische Bezeichnung oder Material: HEPES Buffer Anmerkung zur Bezeichnung: 1M Solution, pH 7.3 CAS.: 7365-45-9 CAS_: 7732-18-5 Reinheitsgrad: Molecular Biology Grade Anmerkungen zum Reinheitsgrad: DNase-, RNase- and Protease-Free Physikalische Form: Liquid Summenformel: C8H18N2O4S Molare Masse: 238.197 Synonym: N-(2-Hydroxyethyl)piperazine-N«-2-ethanesulfonic Acid 500ML HEPES Buffer, 1M Solution, pH 7.3, for Molecular Biology

Alfa Aesar™ Ciprofloxacin, 98%

Chemische Bezeichnung oder Material: Ciprofloxacin CAS.: 85721-33-1 Summenformel: C17H18FN3O3 Molare Masse: 331.3 MDL-Nummer: MFCD00185755 Beilstein: 3568352 Merck Index: 14,2314 25GR Ciprofloxacin, 98%

G418 sulfate, for biochemistry, ACROS Organics™

Chemische Bezeichnung oder Material: G418 sulfate CAS.: 108321-42-2 Reinheitsgrad: For biochemistry Summenformel: C20H40N4O10·2H2SO4 Molare Masse: 692.7 MDL-Nummer: MFCD00058314 5GR G418 Sulfat, für die Biochemie

Penicillin G Sodium Salt, Fisher BioReagents

5GR Penicillin-G sodium salt (Dry, Fine White Powder)

Sulfanilamide 98%, ACROS Organics™

Chemische Bezeichnung oder Material: Sulfanilamide Anmerkung zur Bezeichnung: 98% CAS.: 63-74-1 Assay: ≥97.5% Prozentgehaltsbereich: 98% Summenformel: C6H8N2O2S Strukturformel: 4-(H2N)C6H4SO2NH2 Molare Masse: 172.2 MDL-Nummer: MFCD00007939 Synonym: 4-Aminobenzenesulfonamide 500GR Sulfanilamid, 98%

Gibco™ Hygromycin B (50mg/mL)

Water-soluble antibiotic purified from bacterium Streptomyces hydroscopicus Hygromycin B, liquid, 20 ml

Gibco™ ACK Lysing Buffer

Used for the lysis of red blood cells in samples containing white blood cells, such as EDTA-treated whole blood, buffy coats, and bone marrow ACK LYSING BUFFERACK Lysing Buffer is suitable for use in the