Water with 0.1% Trifluoroacetic Acid (v/v), Optima™ LC/MSGrade, Fisher Chemical

1LT Trifluoroacetic acid, Optima® LC/MS grade,0.1% solution in water

Water, Optima™ LC/MSGrade, Fisher Chemical

Aluminium (Al): 10 ppb max. Barium (Ba): 10 ppb max. Cadmium (Cd): 10 ppb max. Calcium (Ca): 20 ppb max. CAS.: 7732-18-5 Analysezertifikat: Actual Lot Analysis reported on label; Certificate of Actual Lot Analysis available on request Chemische Bezeichnung oder Material: Water Chrom (Cr): 10 ppb max. Cobalt (Co): 10 ppb max. Kupfer (Cu): 10 ppb max. Dichte: 1.000g/cm³ Siedepunkt: 100°C Farbe.: Colorless Molare Masse: 18.02 Schmelzpunkt.: 0°C pH.: 7 Physikalische Form: Liquid Reinheitsgrad: Optima™ LC/MS Gefiltert durch: 0.03 micron filtered. Halogene: Not Detected Gesundheitsgefahr 2: Low hazard for usual industrial or commercial handling. Gesundheitsgefahr 3: Emergency Overview
Handle in accordance with good industrial hygiene and safety practice. Flush eyes with water as a precaution. Move to fresh air. If breathing is difficult, give oxygen. Do not induce vomiting. Obtain medical attention.


Health: 0
Flammability: 0
Instability: 0 Verunreinigungen: ≤10ppb (Ionic, Potassium) Eisen (Fe): 10 ppb max. LCMS im Negativ-Modus wie Aldicarb: 50 ppb max. LCMS im Positiv-Modus wie Reserpin: 50 ppb max. LCMS-Gradienteneignung: ≤2 mAU - PDA (200-400nm) LCMS Negativ-Modus wie Mecoprop: ≤300ppb LCMS Positiv-Modus wie Propazin: ≤50ppb Blei (Pb): 10 ppb max. Magnesium (Mg): 10 ppb max. Mangan (Mn): 10 ppb max. Merck Index: 15, 10237 MDL-Nummer: 11332 Summenformel: H2O Nickel (Ni): 10 ppb max. Verpackung: Glass Bottle Pyhsikalischer Zustand: Liquid Kalium (K): 10 ppb max. Protease: Protease free Anmerkungen zum Reinheitsgrad: Formulated for UHPLC-UV Rückstand nach Verdunstung: ≤1ppm Silber (Ag): 10 ppb max. Natrium (Na): 20 ppb max. Zinn (Sn): 10 ppb max. Dampfdruck: 17.5mmHg at 20°C Zink (Zn): 10 ppb max. 2.5LT Wasser, Optima

Water with 0.1% Formic Acid (v/v), Optima™ LC/MSGrade, Fisher Chemical

2.5LT Wasser mit 0,1% Ameisensäure (v/v), Optima