Nanobore HPLC Columns

Thermo Scientific™ EASY-Column™ Kapillarsäulen

Optimieren Sie LC und LC/MS im Nanobereich mit Thermo Scientific™ EASY-Column™ Kapillarsäulen. EASY-Column 10cm,ID 75µm, 3µm C18, VE=3 St.

Thermo Scientific™ EASY-Column™ Capillary HPLC Column Connector Kits

Use these connectors, tees and sleeves with Thermo Scientific™ EASY-Column™ Capillary HPLC Columns. MIXING/VENTING TEE

Thermo Scientific™ PepMap™ 300 C4 LC Columns

Separate hydrophobic peptides and proteins, providing higher recoveries with Thermo Scientific™ PepMap™ 300 C4 LC Columns. PEPMAP300 C4 5UM 0.3X5MM 5PK