Anion Exchange Packed IC Columns

GE Healthcare HiTrap™ Capto™ Adhere Impres Multimodal Chromatography Column

Ready-to-use column for screening and small-scale protein purifications using ion exchange chromatography (IEX) X5 Prepacked column HiTrap Capto adhere ImpRes 1mL

GE Healthcare HiScreen™ Capto™ Adhere Impres Multimodal Chromatography Column

Ready-to-use column for method optimization and parameter screening Prepacked column, HiScreen Capto adhere ImpRes4,7ml

Hamilton™ Stainless Steel HC-75 (H+)

HPLC Säule HC-75, IDxL=4,1x250H

Macherey Nagel™ Nucleogel™ HPLC Column

Spezial-HPLC-Trennsäule VA 50/4.6 NUCLEOGEL SAX1000-8, L=50mm,ID:4.6mm

Hamilton™ Stainless Steel Anion Exhchange Columns

HPLC Säule PRP-X110, IDxL=4,1x250

Hamilton™ PEEK RCX-30


Grace™ Alltech™ Allsep™ Anion IC Columns

Separate inorganic and organic anions with both suppressed and nonsupressed detection Allsep Anion IC Column-MF 150x4.6mm 7um

Grace™ Alltech™ Allsep™ IC Guard Columns

GA-1 Anion All-Guard MF Cartridges 3pk(VE=3 PCS)

Grace™ Pigment Process Liquor Anion/S Columns

Economical anion columns for non-suppressed analyses Anion/s IC Column 250x4.6mm 10um

Thermo Scientific™ ProPac™ SAX-10 Columns

Nonporous, strong anion-exchange column (quaternary amine functional group) PROPAC SAX-10HT ANALYTICAL COLUMN (4X 50MM)

Thermo Scientific™ DNASwift™ SAX-1S Säulen für Oligonukleotide

Verwenden Sie als starke Anionenaustauschsäule die Thermo Scientific™ DNASwift™ SAX-1S Säule für Oligonukleotide, die eine außergewöhnlich hohe Auflösung für die Reinigung von Oligonukleotiden bietet. DNASwift SAX-1S 5X150MM

Grace™ Alltech™ Wescan™ Anion Exclusion Columns

Packed with durable, highly sulfonated, polystyrene-divinylbenzene (PS-DVB) resin for separating organic acids and weakly ionized anions by anion exclusion. Anion Exclusion IC Column 300x7.8mm 10um