Elektrophorese, Western Blotting und ELISA

Mouse TARC (CCL17) ELISA Kit, Thermo Scientific™ Pierce™

Assay mouse TARC (CCL17) levels in cell culture supernatants, plasma, serum samples TARC ELISA kit, mouse (96 assays)

Human DKK-4 ELISA Kit, Thermo Scientific™ Pierce™

Assay human DKK-4 levels in cell culture supernatants, plasma, serum samples. DKK-4 ELISA Kit, Human (96 assays)

Thermo Scientific™ Pierce™ HRP-konjugiertes Streptavidin

Streptavidin from Streptomyces avidinii conjugated to highly purified horseradish peroxidase (HRP) HRP-Conjugated Streptavidin, 0.25 mL

Mouse RAGE (STK30) ELISA Kit, Thermo Scientific™ Pierce™

Assay mouse RAGE (STK30) levels in cell culture supernatants, plasma, serum samples RAGE ELISA kit, mouse (96 assays)

Invitrogen™ Novex EASIA IL-8 Human ELISA Kit

Designed to quantify protein levels of human IL-8 in serum, plasma, supernatant, and other biological fluid IL-8 Human Direct ELISA Kit, 96 Tests

Invitrogen™ Novex™ Blotting Filter Papers

Make blotting of E-PAGE™ Gels easier and more efficient BLOTTING PAPER 2.5MM 7.5X8.4CMThe Novex® Semi-Dry Blotter quickly and

Invitrogen™ Novex™ Tris-Glycine Native Sample Buffer (2X)

Ideal for native running conditions with NuPAGE Tris-Acetate gels 20ML TRISGLY NATIVE SAM BUF 20ML (LC2673) LITL18 Promotion

Mouse VCAM-1 ELISA Kit, Thermo Scientific™ Pierce™

Assay mouse VCAM-1 levels in cell culture supernatants, plasma, serum samples VCAM-1 ELISA kit, mouse (96 assays)

Invitrogen™ Novex™ Human Ultrasensitive Buffer Reagent Kit

Designed to be used with Human Ultrasensitive Magnetic Bead kits Human Ultrasensitive Buffer Reagent Kit

Thermo Scientific™ Pierce™ ECL Western Blotting-Substrat

Value-priced, entry-level peroxidase substrate for enhanced chemiluminescence (ECL) that directly replaces costlier products without the need to re-optimize conditions. Pierce ECL Western Blotting Substrate 50 mL

Agarose low EEO, for electrophoresis, (Mr ≤0.07), ACROS Organics™

Chemische Bezeichnung oder Material: Agarose low EEO CAS.: 9012-36-6 Reinheitsgrad: For electrophoresis MDL-Nummer: MFCD00081294 10GR Agarose low EEO, für die Elektrophorese, (Mr<= 0.07)

Invitrogen™ Novex™ NuPAGE™ 3-8% Tris-Acetate Protein Gels, 1.5mm, 10 well

Provide excellent separation of large molecular weight proteins X10 Tris-acetate gel Invitrogen(tm) NuPAGE(r)

Thermo Scientific™ HIF-1 alpha ELISA Kit, Human

Contains sufficient reagents and buffers to assay HIF-1 alpha (hypoxia-inducible factor 1-alpha) levels in serum, plasma (EDTA, heparin, sodium citrate), and culture lysate Human HIF-1 alpha ELISA Kit,5x96 well plate kit

Molecular Probes™ SYPRO™ Tangerine Protein Gel Stain (5000X Concentrate in DMSO)

Less hazardous, less waste and stained proteins can be viewed with a standard UV or blue-light transilluminator or with a laser scanner SYPRO Tangerine Protein Gel Stain, 500 µl

Thermo Scientific™ Owl™ HEP Serie Semi-Dry-Elektroblotting-Systeme

Thermo Scientific Owl HEP Serie Semi-Dry-Elektroblotting-Systeme liefern schnellere Blots mit hoher Effizienz. ELECTROBLOTTER HEP-3 PANTHER(TM)semidry for gels up to 350mm x400mm

Molecular Probes™ CDP-Star™ Substrate (12.5 mM Concentrate)

CDP-Star™ Substrate (12.5 mM Concentrate) CDP-Star Substr. (12.5 mM Concentrate), 20 ml

Invitrogen™ Novex™ 4-12% Tris-Glycine Midi Protein Gels, 12+2 well, with Adapters

Polyacrylamide gels based on traditional Laemmli protein electrophoresis Novex 4-12% Tris-Glycine Midi Gels 12+2 Well withadapters, 1 box/10 gels

Human IL-33 ELISA Kit, Thermo Scientific™ Pierce™

Assay human IL-33 levels in cell culture supernatants, plasma, serum samples. IL-33 ELISA Kit, Human (96 assays)

Invitrogen™ Novex™ Gel Loading Tips

For easy and accurate loading of samples Gel Loading Tips (Standard Round), pack of 200

Invitrogen™ iBlot USB Cable

Enables uploading of new pre-set programs from the web site onto the iBlot Gel Transfer Device IBLOT USB CABLE

Thermo Scientific™ Pierce™ Lane Marker Probenpuffer

Ready-to-use 5X SDS-PAGE sample loading buffers available in reducing and nonreducing formulations, both with a pink dye buffer-front marker. LANE MARKER REDUC SAMPLEBU(5X)5ML

Thermo Scientific™ SuperSignal™ West Dura Chemilumineszenz-Substrat

Luminol-based enhanced chemiluminescence (ECL) HRP substrate with very stable light output for femtogram-level detection with CCD-based imagers. SuperSignal West DURA Extended Duration Substrate, 100 mL

Invitrogen™ Novex™ 10-20% Tricine Protein Gels, 1.0mm, 10 well

Useful for resolving low molecular weight proteins and peptides X10 Tricine gel Invitrogen(tm) Novex(r) 10 wellNovex® Tricine Gels are useful for resolving low

Invitrogen™ Novex™ Bolt™ Transfer Buffer (20X)

Optimized for the transfer of proteins from Bolt Bis-Tris Plus gels to membranes for western blotting 125ML BOLT TRANSFER BUFFER (20X)

Acrylamide / N,N'-Methylenebisacrylamide 37.5:1, for biochemistry, 40% mix solution, ACROS Organics™

Chemische Bezeichnung oder Material: Acrylamide / N, N'-Methylenebisacrylamide 37.5:1 CAS.: 79-06-1 CAS_: 7732-18-5 CAS Min. %_: 59.0 CAS Max. %_: 61.0 CAS: 110-26-9 CAS/: 79-06-1 Reinheitsgrad: For biochemistry MDL-Nummer: MFCD00080848 500ML Acrylsäureamid / N,N'-Methylenbisacrylamid 37.5:1, für die Biochemie, 40%ige Lösung in Wasser

Invitrogen™ Novex TNF- Mouse ELISA Kit

Designed to detect and quantify the level of mouse TNF-α in serum, plasma, and supernatant using 96-well plates and a microplate reader TNF-alpha Mouse ELISA Kit, 2 plate

Mouse GAS6 ELISA Kit, Thermo Scientific™ Pierce™

Assay mouse GAS6 levels in cell culture supernatants, plasma, serum samples. GAS6 ELISA kit, mouse (96 assays)

NeutrAvidin Protein, Invitrogen™

NeutrAvidin Protein, 31050, from Invitrogen™, 31050, from Invitrogen™ Species Reactivity: ; Applications: ELISA, Immunohistochemistry, In Situ Hybridization (ISH), Western Blot. NeutrAvidin Biotin-Binding Protein, 100mgPROTEIN

Bolt™ 12% Bis-Tris Plus Gels, 10-Well

Precast polyacrylamide gels designed for optimal separation of small- to medium-sized proteins under denaturing conditions X10 Bolt 12 percent Bis-Tris Plus Gels, 10-well

Invitrogen™ Novex™ NuPAGE™ MOPS SDS Buffer Kit (for Bis-Tris Gels)

All buffers are made with high-purity reagents and are strictly quality controlled NuPAGE MOPS SDS Buffer Kit (for Bis-Tris Gels)