Produkte für Rettungskräfte

3M™ X10 pairs of 3M Defib Pads 11,4x15,2cm

X10 pairs of 3M Defib Pads 11,4x15,2cm

Fisherbrand™ Mehrzweck-Aufbewahrungsbehälter für Proben

Inert to most chemicals including formaldehyde, weak acids and all bases Probenbehälter 2500ml,niedrig,weithalsPE mit LDPE Deckel, weiß, (VE=25Stck.)

Thermo Scientific™ MicroTest™ Tubes

Maintain viability of viruses chlamydiae, mycoplasma and urealasma with top quality transport and storage media that comes in four versatile formulations. X12 MICROTEST M4-RT 3ML

Thermo Scientific™ Nunc™ Universal- und Transportbehälter mit Verschlusskappen

Die Thermo Scientific™ Nunc™ Universal- und Transportbehälter mit Verschlusskappen ermöglichen die sichere Lagerung und den sicherem Transport von Blut-, Urin-, Stuhl- und anderen Proben. X300 Universalbehälter 25ml, Schreibfeld Zum Transport von 25ml Röhrchen PS, mit

Corning™ Einweg-Probenbehälter aus Kunststoff mit Schnappverschluss

Designed for a wide variety of applications and provide a reliable leak-tight seal when closed properly Probenbehälter 13 ml, graduiert, PP, mitSchnappdeckel, unsteril VE=500 Stück

Sterilin™ Polystyrene 30mL Universal Containers

Ensure excellent sample containment using Sterilin Polystyrene 30mL Universal Containers, featuring a traditional flow seal with 1-1/2 turn cap. X400 container PS 30ml aseptic no label flow sealcap

Thermo Scientific™ Oxoid™ PBP2' Latex Agglutination Test Kit

For detection of PBP2' and identification of methicillin resistance in Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) and coagulase-negative Staphylococci. PBP2'-LATEX-TEST (50TESTS)

3M™ Sponge-Sticks


Fisherbrand™ Polypropylen-Probenbehälter mit Graduierung

Ideal for specimen collection, transportation and storage BECHER PP 240ML GRAD STERILSTERIL

Thermo Scientific™ Richard-Allan Scientific™ Bio-Tite™ Probenbehälter

Transportieren, lagern und entnehmen Sie Ihre Pathologieproben auf sichere und kostengünstige Weise mit den Thermo Scientific™ Richard-Allan Scientific™ Bio-Tite™ Probenbehältern.



X400 container PS 30ml aseptic plain label flow seal cap

Fisherbrand™ Graduierte Behälterdeckel aus Polypropylen

For polypropylene graduated containers 14-955-101,14-955-103, 14-955-104 and 14-955-106 X500 LID FOR CONT 135 AND 240ML240ML



Thermo Scientific™ MicroTest™ Kits

Maintain viability of viruses chlamydiae, mycoplasma and urealasma during transport and long-term storage with kits including media and traditional swabs. X100 MICROTEST M4-RT (AVEC ECOUVILLONS FEMME) 3ML

Sterile Falcon™ Probenbehälter

Made of clear polypropylene for strength and visibility. Corning Falcon™ Sterile Sample Containers are ideal for specimen collection. Probenbecher 220 ml, Polypropylen, ohne Deckel(VE=500Stck.)

Gosselin™ Gerade Behälter

Designed for sample collection, storage and transportation to laboratories. Gosselin™ Straight Containers feature a leakproof cap. X380 Straight container 125ML, PP natural H74 Ø52scredw cap blue

Gosselin™ Sterile, gerade Behälter aus Polypropylen

Quality sampling tools for secure sample retrieval and shipment X650 DOSE PP DECKEL ATTACHE 50ML .

Gosselin™ Gosselin™ konischer Behälter aus Polypropylen

Provides safe and secure storage in the laboratory. Gosselin™ Conical Containers with Snap Cap are manufactured from either clear or white polypropylene. X660 DOSEN PP 200ML MIT DECKEL

Brand™ Stuhlproben-Behälter, PS, unsteril, 30ml, mit blauem Deckel (VE=400 Stck.)

Stuhlproben-Behälter, PS, unsteril, 30ml, mitblauem Deckel (VE=400 Stck.)



Gosselin™ sterile, konische Behälter aus Polypropylen

Quality sampling tools for secure sample retrieval and shipment X220 DOSEN PP 200ML +DECKEL STERI STERIL

Gosselin™ Gosselin™ gerader Behälter aus Polypropylen mit aufklappbarem Verschluss

Provides safe and secure storage, with optimized volume for milk sampling. Gosselin™ Straight Containers with Hinged Cap are manufactured from either clear or blue polystyrene. X350 DOSEN PP BLAU 90ML DECKELSCH DECKELSCH.

Gosselin™ x1000 Straight container 40ml PP 70x30mm screw cap

Collect, store, and transport samples. Gosselin™ Straight Containers with Screw Cap are CE marked for clinical use. X1000 Straight container 40ML, PP naH70 Ø30, withred screw cap

Gosselin™ Gosselin™ Gefäß aus Polypropylen, weiß

Provides safe and secure general storage in the laboratory. Gosselin™ Polypropylene Pots are manufactured from white-colored polypropylene plastic.
X100 Pot 775ML, PP white H106 Ø101with white screw cap, seal natural

BD X50 BD CultureSwab .

For collection and transport of aerobes X50 BD CultureSwab

Gosselin™ sterile gerade Behälter aus Polypropylen mit roten Polyethylen-Verschlusskappen

Quality sampling tools for secure sample retrieval and shipment X264 LABORDOSEN PP 180ML 100X50MM 100X50MM

Gosselin™ Behälter aus Polystyrol

Contains closure. Gosselin™ Polystyrene Containers are quality sampling tools for secure sample retrieval and shipment. X162 STRAIGHT CONTAINER 200ML H100 H100

Gosselin™ Behälter aus Polypropylen

X162 Straight container 200ml PP natural,H100 Ø55

Cole Parmer™ Probenbehälter aus PP, durchscheinend

Use these rugged containers for a variety of storage applications. Cole-Parmer™ Graduated Sample Containers tolerate strong acids, alkalies and most organic solvents. DOSE PP 120ML, STERIL

Azlon™ Probenbehälter aus Polystyrol mit Polyethylendeckel

Store samples with maximum visibility.  Azlon™ Polystyrene Specimen Containers with Polyethylene Lids contain snap-on lids that are very easy to use. X10 SPECIMEN JAR(PS)150ML