Nichtmetall-Lagerungsdosen für Flüssigkeiten

Justrite™ Nichtmetallische Sicherheitsbehälter Typ I, ovale Form

Constructed of high-density polyethylene for resistance against denting, puncturing, and chipping. The nonmetallic oval Type I safety can stores liquids that may corrode stainless-steel cans. Safety can oval, self closing cap, for non flammab

ASECOS™ Sammel/Transportbehälter PE leitfähig 10L

Sammel/Transportbehälter PE leitfähig 10L

Justrite™ Sicherheitsbehälter Typ I, Inhalt 4l, PE mit Edelstahl-Auslaufhahn

Reliable dispensing for even the most corrosive liquids Sicherheitsbehälter Typ I, Inhalt 4l, PE mitEdelstahl-Auslaufhahn

Justrite™ Nonmetallic Self-Close Corrosive Safety Containers

Designed to resist acids and caustics PE-KANISTER 10L VERSCHL. EDELSTAHLEDELSTAHL

Justrite™ Nichtmetallische Dispensierbehälter CansxAS

Permit easy, one-hand dispensing of hazardous liquids directly onto work surface. The nonmetallic dispensing can is made from polyethylene with a brass dispenser valve. Dispensing can for one hand dispensing onto surfac

Justrite™ In-Flow Sicherheitsbehälter

For use in storing reagents in approved containers when drawing solvents into HPLC machines Safety disposal can with in flow, 8 litre

Justrite™ Nonmetallic Round Type I Safety Cans

Can be used to store liquids that will corrode stainless-steel or coated-steel safety cans Sicherheitsbehälter Typ I, Inhalt 9l, PE undEdelstahl, rund

VITLAB™ Chemikalien Entsorgungseinheit, PE/PP, mit Einfülltrichter, 10000ml, H=560mm

Chemikalien Entsorgungseinheit, PE/PP, mitEinfülltrichter, 10000ml, H=560mm