Texwipe™ IdealMat™ Matten zur Kontaminationskontrolle – 30 Schicht

Apply directly to floor KLIBBMATTA 90X117 30 LAGERGRÅ FP=8 ITW ALMA

Texwipe™ TechniCloth™ Vlies-Trockenwischer, ISO-Klasse 6/7

For ISO Class 6 and 7 applications X300 WIPE TECHNICLOTH HYDROENTANGLED NONWOVENpolyester/cellulose pack 300 wipes 9 x 9inch

ITW Chemische CleanStep™ Adhesive Cleanroom Mats

Reduce contamination in high traffic areas. ITW Chemische CleanStep™ Adhesive Cleanroom Mats are constructed with either 30 or 60 layers. Each removable sheet has a consistent adhesive coating designed to trap particles and prevent transfer. KLIBBMATTA 46X117 60 LAGERGRÅ FP=4 ITW ALMA

Texwipe™ AlphaSorb™ 10 Sealed-Border Polyester Wipers

For ISO Class 3 and 4 applications TORKDUK STERILEWIPE AS10 31X31CM POLY,SEALED 20/FP

Fisherbrand™ Tupfer, Baumwolle/Polypropylen

X4000 NON STERILE SWABS POLYPROPYLENEshaft & cotton tip 150mm x 2.5mm (pack of 4K)

Fisherbrand™ Tupfer aus Aluminium/Baumwolle

X1000 NON STERILE SWABS ALUMINIUMshaft & cotton tip 150mm x 0.9mm (pack of 1K)

Texwipe™ AlphaMop™ Isolator Cleaning Tool

Excellent for cleaning isolators, laminar flow hoods, biosafety cabinets, and glove boxes CLEANING TOOL ISOLATOR

Texwipe™ CleanTip™ Alpha™ Tupfer der Polyester-Serie

Knitted and cleanroom laundered polyester head provides a neutral background for obtained sample because of its high cleanliness levels. Texwipe™ Alpha™ Swabs are widely recommended for surface sampling and cleaning validation work. x100 Tupfer Alpha Swab mit Langem Griff

Texwipe™ Alpha™ 10 Sealed-Border Wipers

For ISO Class 3 to 4 applications TORKDUK STERIL ALPHASAT10 31X31CM 70%IPA30% 50/FP

Texwipe™ IdealMat™ Contamination Control Mats - 60 Layer

Apply directly to floor KLIBBMATTA 64X114 60 LAGERBLÅ FP=4 ITW ALMA

Texwipe™ AlphaLite™ Polyester Wipers

ISO Class 5 to 6 applications Polyester wipes (case of 10 bags)Polyester wipes (case of 10 bags)

3M™ Fine Adhesive Mat

Feinstaub-Adhäsivmatte 40 Lagen, Materialhöhe: 4mmFarbe: weiss, 60cm breit, 1,15m lang

Texwipe™ AlphaMop™

Flat mopping system for easy and efficient cleaning of floors, walls and ceilings MOPP ALPHAMOP MED GLASFIBER HANDTAG 38X18CM

Texwipe™ CleanTip™ Swabs: High-Sorbency Series

Certified to be silicone free X1000 Wrapped Cotton Swab 1,000 Swabs/bag, 10

Texwipe™ Absorbond™ Wischtücher aus Polyestergemisch

For ISO Class 6 to 7 (Class 1000 to 10,000) applications X3000 Absorbond 9 x 9' (23 x 23cm) hydroentagled

3M™ Particulate Adhesive Mat

Feinstaub-Adhäsivmatte 40 Lagen, Materialhöhe: 4mmFarbe: weiss, 45cm breit, 90cm lang VE=6

Texwipe™ Sterile TechniSat™ Presaturated Wipers

For ISO Class 6 applications TORKDUK STERIL TECHNISAT 23X28CM 70%IPA 2X25X2/FP

Fisherbrand™ Tupfer, Holz/Baumwolle

X10000 FISHERBRAND NON STERILE SWABS WOOD SHAFT &cotton tip 150mm x 2.5mm, pack of 100 x 100 (pack

Fisherbrand™ Haftmatten, harte Oberfläche

Ideal for maintaining a critical clean environment FUSSMATTE BLAU, 46X91CM, VE=120 Stück

Texwipe™ SterileWipe™ Sterile Dry Wipers

For aseptic cleanrooms TORKDUK STERIL HS II 31X31CM CELL/POLY 5X20/FP

Texwipe™ Polysat™ Presaturated Polypropylene Wipers

For ISO Class 6 to 7 applications TORKDUK STERIL POLYSAT 23X28CM 70%IPA 20/FP

3M™ Polyethylene Fine Adhesive Mat

Feinstaub-Adhäsivmatte 40 Lagen, Materialhöhe: 4mmFarbe: weiss, 45cm breit, 1,15m lang VE=6

Fisherbrand™ Plain Dry Aluminum/Cotton Swab

X500 STERILE IN TUBE SWABS ALUMINIUMshaft & cottontip ethylene oxide sterilised 150mm

3M™ Fine Dust Adhesive Mat

Feinstaub-Adhäsivmatte 40 Lagen, Materialhöhe: 4mmFarbe: blau, 60cm breit, 1,15m

Fisherbrand™ Polystyrene/Dacron Swab

X4000 NON STERILE SWABSSNAPABLE POLYSTyrene shaft & dacron tip 150mm x 2.5mm (pack of

3M™ Tie-On Surgical Masks


Texwipe™ Low TOC Alpha™ Tupfer

Constructed to exacting and consistent tolerances without the use of adhesives for superior performance. Texwipe™ Low TOC Alpha™ Swabs are cleeaned using a proprietary process to ensure suitability for use in Total Organic Carbon (TOC) analysis as part of a cleaning validation protocol. X1000 SWAB ALPHA TX714K LOW TOC<50?g/L TOC, polyester Alpha, 1000/Cs, MA: TBD

Texwipe™ CleanTip™ Swabs: Foam Series

Certified to be silicone-free X100 SWAB 0.83 FOAM

Texwipe™ TechniCloth™ II Blended Wipers

For ISO Class 6 and 7 applications TORKDUK TECHNICLOTH II 23X23CM CELL/POLYULP 300/FP

Texwipe™ All-Purpose Cotton Wipers

For ISO Class 7 applications TORKDUK TEXWIPE 31X31CM BOMULL 150/FP