Spezial-IgG Reinigungsharze und Kits

HiTrap™ MabSelect™ SuRe Prepacked Columns

Nutzen Sie diese Säulen bei der MAb-Aufreinigung in kleinem Maßstab in kontinuierlichen Bioverfahren. Vorgepackte GE Healthcare Life Sciences™ Heparin Sepharose™  SuRe (Superior Resistance) Säulen für die schnelle Aufreinigung monoklonaler Antikörper (MAb) aus großen Probenvolumen. HITRAP MABSELECT SURE, 1X1ML

GE Healthcare MAbTrap™ Kit

For small scale affinity purification of IgG from ascites fluid, serum, and cell culture supernatants in less than 15 min. using a syringe MABTRAP KIT

Thermo Scientific™ Melon Gel™ IgG Purification Resins and Kits

Rapidly purify human, mouse and rabbit IgG from serum and other sources with this simpler alternative to traditional Protein A and Protein G methods. Melon Gel IgG Purification Kit

Thermo Scientific™ Melon Gel™ Monoclonal IgG Purification Kit

Purify mouse monoclonal antibodies from serum, ascites or hybridoma cell culture supernatant with this high-yield, mild monoclonal IgG purification kit. Melon Gel Monoclonal IgG Purification KitKIT

Thermo Scientific™ Pierce™ Antibody Clean-Up Kit

Remove BSA, gelatin and other stabilizer proteins from antibody stock solutions before labeling and conjugation procedures. 10 RXN Pierce Antibody Clean-up Kit, 10 reactions

GE Healthcare GammaBind™ Plus Sepharose™ Medium

Engineered for better binding to rat and mouse IgG subclasses GAMMABIND PLUS SEPHAROSE, 25ML

GE Healthcare HiTrap™ MabSelect™ vorgepackte Säulen

Use these columns in small-scale MAb purification in a continuous bioprocess. GE Healthcare Life Sciences™ HiTrap™ MabSelect™ Prepacked Columns for fast purification of monoclonal antibodies (Mabs) from large sample volumes X5 HITRAP MABSELECT 5ML