Kits und Reagenzien für die Immunhistochemie

Thermo Scientific™ Pierce™ LDH Zytotoxizitäts-Assay-Kit

Quantitatively measure lactose dehydrogenase released into the media from damaged cells as a biomarker for cellular cytotoxicity and cytolysis using a colorimetric assay. 1000RXN LDH Cytotoxicity assay kit

Thermo Scientific™ Nukleäre Pierce™ DAPI Gegenfärbung

Highly pure diamidino-2-phenylindole (DAPI) dye for fluorescent staining of DNA content and nuclei in fixed-cell imaging techniques. DAPI (4', 6-diamidino-2'-phenylindole,dihydrochloride), 10 mg

Thermo Scientific™ Pierce™ beta-Galactosidase präzipitierende Substrate

Detect beta-galactosidase expression from vectors, plasmids, or DNA fragments with this chromogenic substrate. IPTG, 1 gm

Thermo Scientific™ Pierce™ Peroxidase IHC Detection Kit

Bundles the Pierce Metal Enhanced DAB Substrate Kit with all components to stain, counterstain and preserve results from frozen or paraffin tissue sections. ImmunoHisto Peroxidase Detection Kit

Thermo Scientific™ Pierce™ ABC Staining Kits

Detect biotinylated secondary antibodies by IHC using the highly sensitive avidin-biotin complex (ABC) technique. ImmunoPure Ultra-Sensitive ABC HRP Mouse IgGStaining Kit

Thermo Scientific™ Pierce™ Peroxidase Suppressor

Stable, easy-to-use endogenous peroxidase inhibitor to reduce background signal from cells and tissues in HRP-based IHC staining. ImmunoPure Peroxidase Suppressor, 100 mL

Thermo Scientific™ Pierce™ mit Metall verstärktes DAB-Substrat-Kit

Special formulation of diaminobenzidine peroxidase substrate that uses cobalt and nickel chloride to yield intense color for IHC staining. METAL ENHANCED DAB SUBSTRATE250ML

Thermo Scientific™ Pierce™ Methanol-freie Formaldehyd-Ampullen

Vials of high-quality, methanol-free formaldehyde, a general IHC fixative and reversible amine-crosslinking agent for protein and nucleic acid samples. X10 16% FORMALDEHYDE (W/V), METHANOL-FREE 10ML

Thermo Scientific™ Pierce™ Hoechst 3342 fluoreszierendes Färbemittel

High-quality Hoechst dye solution for fluorescent staining of DNA and nuclei in fixed- or live-cell imaging techniques. Hoechst® 33342 Stain, 5 ml (20 mM)MM)

Thermo Scientific™ Pierce™ Protein Transfection Reagent

Form complexes with proteins, peptides, antibodies and other biologically active molecules for direct intracellular delivery using this cationic lipid mixture. Pro-Ject Protein Transfection Reagent KitKIT

Thermo Scientific™ Pierce™ Immunostain Enhancer

Increase signal intensity 3- to 12-fold and antibody dilution 5- to 20-fold beyond normal using both chromogenic or fluorescent IHC substrates. IMMUNOSTAIN ENHANCER, 2ML

Phalloidin DyLight 680, Invitrogen™

Phalloidin Control, DyLight 680 conjugate, 21839, from Invitrogen™., 21839, from Invitrogen™. Species Reactivity: Many; Applications: ICC, IF, IHC. X300 UNITS DYLIGHT 680 PHALLOIDIN CONJUGATE

Phalloidin DyLight 350, Invitrogen™

Phalloidin Control, DyLight 350 conjugate, 21830, from Invitrogen™., 21830, from Invitrogen™. Species Reactivity: Many; Applications: ICC, IF, IHC. X300 UNITS DYLIGHT 350 PHALLOIDIN CONJUGATE

Millipore™ Visualizer Western Blot Detection Kit


Millipore™ TMB/E Single Reagent

ES001 TMB/E Substrate 100ml

Millipore™ Visualizer Western Blot Detection Kit


EMD Millipore PureProteome™ Human Albumin/Immunoglobulin Depletion Kit

PureProteome™ magnetic beads are a powerful system to isolate antibodies faster, easier and with better reproducibly then ever before. Human Albumin/Immunoglobulin Depletion Kit

GE Healthcare Amerlex-M Donkey Anti-Rabbit Reagent

Amerlex-M donkey anti-rabbit reagent for use in immunoassays where the primary antibody is of rabbit origin, combining the advantages of second antibody solid phase separation with liquid phase kinetics using magnetic beads AMERLEX-M DONKEY ANTI-RABBITSEPAR

GE Healthcare Biotrak™ MMP-9 Activity Assay

Quantitative measurement of endogenous active MMP-9 or total active MMP-9 (following activation using APMA) MMP-9 ACTIVITY ASSAY

GE Healthcare BioTrak™ MMP-2 Activity Assay

Provides a simple, specific and precise quantitative determination of active or pro MMP-2 in tissue culture supernatants, serum, plasma, urine, synovial fluid and tissue homogenates MATRIX METALLOPROTEINASE-2 (MM

GE Healthcare Immunoprecipitation Starter Pack

Two different media, nProtein A Sepharose™ Fast Flow and Protein G Sepharose Fast Flow, permit affinity capture of antibodies from a wide range of mammalian species allowing effective and rapid removal of immune complexes via immunoprecipitation IMMUNOPRECIP STARTER PACK

GE Healthcare Biotrak™ Human MMP-1 Assay

Suitable for use with cell culture supernatant, serum and plasma samples MMP-1, HUMAN, BIOTRAK ELISA

GE Healthcare Prostaglandin E2 Biotrak™ Assay

Enzyme immunoassay system suitable for plasma, urine, or cell culture supernatant samples Prostaglandin E2, direct Biotrak assay, 96 wells

GE Healthcare Biotrak™ Human TIMP-1 ELISA

Suitable for use with cell culture supernatant, serum and plasma samples TIMP-1, HUMAN, BIOTRAK ELISA SYSTEMSYST

GE Healthcare BioTrak™ Human TNFα Easy ELISA

Suitable for use with cell culture supernatant, serum, plasma and amniotic fluid samples TNF-ALPHA HUMAN EASY ELISA

GE Healthcare GST Detection Module

For identification of GST fusion proteins using either a biochemical or immunological assay; the GST Detection Module also includes a goat/anti GST polyclonal antibody suitable for use in Western blots GST DETECTION MODULE

GE Healthcare Biotrak™ Thromboxane B2 assay

A rapid and sensitive non-isotopic immunoassay method for the determination of thromboxane B2 in plasma and serum samples THROMBOXANE B2, BIOTRAK EIA

GE Healthcare Biotin-Capture-Kit

Used for reversible capture of biotinylated molecules in biomolecular interaction studies GE Healthcare Biotin Capture Kit include reagents and sensor chip. 28-9202-34 Biotin CAPture Kit, Series S