UVP™ BioSpectrum™ 510 Imaging System

Use this system for extremely fast and sensitive detection of proteins by Western blot. UVP™ BioSpectrum™ Imaging System is a fully automated system for multiple applications including imaging chemiluminescent blots, fluorescent gels and colony plates. BioSpectrum 510(4.1 mp), MANUAL lift darkroom

UVP BioDoc-It™2 Imaging Systems

UVP’s next generation BioDoc-It2 systems enable fast, streamlined gel documentation. The integrated design enables users to illuminate, view and capture stained nucleic acid gel images with touch of screen. The space saving gel imaging system is stand-alone, no external computer is required. BioDoc-It2 315 with LMS-20 Transilluminator

UVP Mini Chromato-Vue™ Schränke mit Sichtfenstern

Provides a compact darkroom environment for viewing materials. UVP™ Mini Chromato-Vue™ Viewing Cabinets include a contrast control filter that absorbs UV energy to protect the eyes. UV viewing cabinet requires 4W EL lamp UVP

UVP™ ChemiDoc-ItTS2™ 810 Imaging System

Combine a powerful computer, integrated touch screen and software interface into an easy-to-use plug and play unit. UVP™ ChemiDoc-ItTS2™ Imaging Systems offer quick and simple image capture with a touch of the screen. Gel imaging system ChemiDoc-It2 810