Röhrchen mit mikrobiologischen Fertigmedien

EMD Millipore™ Nutrient Media

Developed specifically for culturing microorganisms on membrane filters; select media type to match organism type and analytical test needs 50TEST Yeast and Mold Liquid Media Ampoule, 2ml,

EMD Millipore m-ColiBlue24™ Broth Culture Media

Simultaneously detects total coliforms and E. coli in water and beverages using standard membrane filtration equipment X50 M-COLIBLUE, 2ml, COLIFORM & E COLI DETECTION MEDIUM

Sartorius™ Biosart™ 100 Nährmedien

Microbiological Nutrient Media for Filtration Units X50 Nährmedium Typ: M-FC zur mikrobiolo- gischen Koloniezahlbestimmung,steril(50St)