Elektronische Einkanalpipetten

Thermo Scientific™ Finnpipette™ Novus GLP-Kits

Diese kompletten Kits mit den ergonomischen und bedienerfreundlichen Pipetten enthalten alles, was Sie zum Pipettieren benötigen. FINNPIPETTE NOVUS GLP KIT-3 (3 PIPETTES -3 Pipetten mit 1-10micro, 10-100, 100 -1000 µl

Eppendorf™ Xplorer™ Pipetten, elektronisch

Eliminate potential error risks associated with manual pipetting with these pipettes. Eppendorf™ Xplorer™ Electronic Pipettes provide precisely adjustable parameters, reproducible and accurate results. Experience fatigue-free pipetting and maintain full control over pipetting procedures. Elektron. Pipette Xplorer 50-1000µl,Multifunktionswippe blau, m. Ladeadapter

Thermo Scientific™ Finnpipette™ Novus Einkanalpipetten

Mit zehn verschiedenen Pipettierfunktionen und neun Ansaug-/Abgabegeschwindigkeiten dieser Einkanalpipetten können Sie die meisten Pipettieraufgaben in Ihrem Labor durchführen. FINNPIPETTE NOVUS 1000-10000µL

Eppendorf™ Xplorer™ plus elektronische Pipetten

With intuitive operating system and design for simplicity, precision and reproducibility Eppendorf Xplorer plus 0,5-10µL,grauer Kippschalter

Eppendorf™ Multipette™ M4 Dispenser mit Halter

Use this pipette for viscous or foaming solutions and liquids with high vapor pressure through positive displacement principle. Eppendorf™ Multipette™ M4 Dispenser with Holder is the perfect instrument for completing long pipetting series. Multipette M4, inkl. Halterung für Wand oder

Thermo Scientific™ E1-ClipTip™ elektronische Einkanalpipetten

Elektronischer Spitzenabwurf, Bedienung mit dem Zeigefinger und die ClipTip Technologie sind ideal für wiederholtes Pipettieren mit Mikrozentrifugen- oder Teströhrchen. E1-ClipTip electronic pipette 0.5-12.5ul

Brand™ Digital Transfer Pipet

Transferpette S 10-100µl AUSTAUSCHGERÄT

Brand™ Transferpette Electronic Pipette

Transferpette electronic 100-1000 ul mit Netzteil

BrandTech™ Transferpette Single Channel Electronic Pipettes

Transferpette electronic 2-20 ul ohne Netzteil

Brand™ TRANSFERPETTOR-Caps, KB, 20 μl, schwarz, Glaskap. m.Color-Code (VE=100St.)

TRANSFERPETTOR-Caps, KB, 20 µl, schwarz, Glaskap.m.Color-Code (VE=100St.)

5-50ul Single Channel Pipettor VE=1 St.

5-50ul Single Channel Pipettor VE=1 St.

20-200ul Single Channel Pipettor VE=1 St.

20-200ul Single Channel Pipettor VE=1 St.

Sartorius™ Biohit™ eLINE™ elektronische Einkanalpipetten

Pipet twice as fast as with a mechanical pipet. Sartorius™ Biohit™ eLINE&trade Single-Channel Electronic Pipet features multiple modes to streamline lab work and enable fast dispensing. Delivers years of real performance and total convenience. Available in a range of volumes, from 0.1µ to 5000µL. eLINE Pipette, elektr., 50-1000µl mit Ladegerät

Sartorius™ Biohit™ PICUS™ elektronische Einkanalpipetten

Achieve better, more reliable results with new generation technology and error control system. Sartorius™ Biohit™ PICUS™ Single-Channel Electronic Pipets help prevent repetitive strain injury (RSI) due to lightweight, ergonomic design and electronic tip ejection, and saves time with fast one-hand adjustment with a unique built-in microplate tracker and easy programmability. Picus Electronic Pipette, 10-300µl, incl. universal AC-adaptor

Sartorius™ Biohit™ Picus™ NxT Electronic Pipettes, Single Channel

Designed to ease user's workload and to protect from repetitive strain injury (RSI) Picus NxT electronic pipette, 5-120µl

Gilson™ PIPETMAN M Single Channel Pipets

Fully motorized, lightweight pipet that virtually eliminates pipetting forces and minimizes RSI (Repetitive Strain Injuries) among users. Electronic pipetman P20M 2-20µl with A/C adapter,universal plug

Gilson™ Repetman Gilson elektron. Seriendosierer, Digitalsnzeige, 1μl bis 50 ml, Akku

Repetman Gilson elektron. Seriendosierer,Digitalsnzeige, 1µl bis 50 ml, Akku

Socorex™ Single Channel Macrovolume

Volumeneinheit 10 ml für Acura electro Pipetten(Einkanal)

Socorex™ S926 Electro Micropipettes


Socorex™ Single Channel Microvolume

VOLUMENEINHEIT 10µL925 Volumeneinheiten0,5-10 ul

Thermo Scientific™ Matrix™ Single-Channel Electronic Pipettes

This product is no longer being manufactured, although we will continue to provide spare parts until December 2020. MICROPIPETTE IMPACT2 SH 15-1250µL

Gilson™ PIPETMAN Concept™ Pipets

Motorized, electronic pipet that virtually eliminates variability of results among users and require little force to aspirate and dispense samples. PIPETMAN CONCEPT C100(5-100UL)

Gilson™ PIPETMAN P10M - 0,5 μL to 10 μL

PIPETMAN P10M - 0,5 µL to 10 µL

Gilson™ PIPETMAN P20M 2uL TO 20uL


Gilson™ PIPETMAN M Einkanalpipetten

PIPETMAN P1000M 100uL TO 1000uL