Fisherbrand™ Zellheber

Mit den Einwegzellhebern lassen sich Zellschichten schnell abgeben. X100 CELL LIFTER 180MM HANDLE X 20MMblade (pack of 100) (Ref:9125)

Corning™ Zellheber

Designed with a wide beveled edge for cell culture dishes. Corning™ Cell Lifters are an ideal tool for harvesting stem cells and colonies while maintaining high viability. X100 Zellheber,Grifflaenge: 18 cm,Klinge: 1.9cm

Bel-Art™ ZELLSCHABER, VE=10 Stück

Economical and reusable tools to scrape cell lysates or remove and harvest tissue cultures from all types of dishes ZELLSCHABER, VE=10 Stück