Fisherbrand™ Timer mit Jumbo-Anzeige

Engineered for ease of operation, accuracy and reliability in timing. Fisherbrand™ Jumbo Display Timers feature three 4mm sockets and test leads, allow external triggering of the start/stop and split/lap/reset functions of the timer. TIMER DIG BORDSMODELL ABS 1xAA 1,5V-BATT 0-10h

Fisherbrand™ Countdown-Timer mit dualer/Jumbo-Anzeige

Read display from any angle with large digits and two tilt options. Fisherbrand™ Dual/Jumbo Display Countdown Timer allows simultaneous programming of two different activities from 24 hours to 1 second.


Fisherbrand™ Countdown-Timer

Use this countdown clock for a variety of timing applications. Fisherbrand™ Countdown Timers are supplied with a Traceable Certificate to ensure accuracy. TIMER MIT UHR UND ALARM


Use this timer for a variety of applications. Fisherbrand™ Quick-Timer™ is easy to read and use. TIMER QUICK SUPPLIED WITH LANYARD ANDkey-chain 56mm x 25mm

Fisherbrand™ Countdown-Timer mit 3 Kanälen

Runs three separate timers simultaneously. Fisherbrand™ 3-Channel Countdown Timer counts down from a maximum of 99 hours, 59 minutes, 59 seconds on each clock. Provides both audible and visual alarm. 3-KANAL KURZZEITMESSER

Fisherbrand™ Quarztimer

Fisherbrand® Kurzzeitmesser mit Uhr



Fisherbrand™ Timer

Use this this timer for a variety of time keeping applications. TIMER

Fisherbrand™ Mechanischer Timer

Use this timer for a variety of timing applications. KURZZEITMESSER MECHANISCH 60 MINMIN

Bibby Scientific™ Stuart™ Gelierungstimer

Measure the transition from liquid to solid during polymerization with these gelatin timers. Techne™ Gelation Timers are is the ideal for accurate measurement and quality control for the gelation of resin or adhesive based samples in the laboratory. AUSHAERTUNGSMESSGERAET FGT5

Carl Roth™ Timer Shake Awake

Kurzzeitmesser 'Shake Awake',mit Alarmton,Lichtsignal, vibration, inkl. 2 Batterien

Carl Roth™ Timer 3 Lines

Kurzzeitmesser, 3-zeilige LCD-Anzeige, mitKnopfzelle 1,5V

Brannan™ Strapazierfähiger Timer mit LCD-Display

Counts up and counts down. Brannan™ LCD Display Heavy Duty Timer is switchable from 99 minutes 59 seconds to 19 hours 59 minutes. Includes stand, clip and magnetic fixing. Timer count down/count up, switchable to 19 hours

Amarell™ Zeitschaltuhr

Includes an alarm and stopwatch functionality. The electronic timer-clock will countdown from or up to 24 hours. Kurzzeitmesser mit Alarm und Stoppuhr, Timer 24h,68x53x20mm

Hecht Karl™ Quartz-Digital-Kurzzeitmesser, Tischmodell, CE, silber

Quartz-Digital-Kurzzeitmesser, Tischmodell, CE,silber

Brannan™ Slimline Timer mit LCD-Display

Counts up or down from 99 minutes, 59 seconds. Brannan™ LCD Display Slimline Time sounds alarm when countdown reaches zero. Includes magnetic back and battery. COUNT DOWN TIMER

Brannan™ Zeitschaltuhr

Counts up and counts down. Brannan™ Dual Timer and Clock includes 12 or 24 hour clock display, stand, clip and magnetic fixing. Supplied with 1 AAA battery. Timer Brannan digital count up and down withmemory function ABS plastic battery operated 1x

Brannan™ LCD-Display, digitaler Timer mit Countdown-Funktion

Countdown von bis zu 99 Minuten und 59 Sekunden. Brannan™ Countdown Timer mit großer LCD-Anzeige, Ständer, Klemme und Magnet als Befestigungsmöglichkeiten. Timer jumbo display count down with back clip,

Karl Hecht™ Digitale Intervall-Zeitschaltuhren

Excellent for various timing purposes in the laboratory. Karl Hecht™ Assistent™ Digital Interval Timers are programmable up to 99 minutes and 59 seconds. Quartz-Digital-Uhr, 2 unabhängige Timer-Zeiten

Brannan™ Dreifach-Timer /Uhr mit LCD-Display

Counts down from and up to 20 hours with alarm. Brannan™ LCD Display Triple Timer and Clock can run all three timers simultaneously. includes 12/24 hour clock with back clip, stand, and magnet. Timer LCD triple timer

Dostmann Electronic™ Digitale Zeitschaltuhr III, Dreifach-Timer, AAA-Batterie, weiß

This 3-channel-short period timer with a short display and an operating temperature between 0 to is indispensable for laboratories. Timer III Triple Time, 3-Kanal mit Stoppuhr, inkl. Batterie 1,5V AAA

Amarell™ Dual Timer mit Alarm, Timer 24h, 60x50x20mm

Includes an alarm and multiple timers. The dual-timer will countdown from or up to 24 hours. Dual Timer mit Alarm, Timer 24h, 60x50x20mm

Amarell™ Kurzzeitmesser mit Alarm, Timer bis 99min, 59 sec.

Includes an alarm. The basic timer will countdown from 99 hours and 59 minutes. Kurzzeitmesser mit Alarm, Timer bis 99min, 59 sec.

Dostmann Electronic™ Digitale Zeitschaltuhr II, AAA-Batterie, weiß

Robust, reliable electronic timer and stopwatch with large display and 10-key setting that counts up or down from 10 hours to 1 second. Kurzzeitmesser Timer Pro, großes Display, direkteZahleneing. bis 10 Std., Batterie

Brannan™ Digitaler Vierfach-Timer/Uhr mit LCD-Display

Features four timers in one compact unit with 24 hour countdown and count up function. Brannan™ Four-way Timer and Clock includes a large easy to read LCD display and a 12/24 hour clock. Supplied with stand, magnetic clip and batteries. Timer Brannan digital four way, count up and down

Amarell™ Vierfach Kurzzeitmesser mit Alarm, Timer 99h 59min, 78x90x35mm

Includes an alarm and multiple timers. The multi-timer will countdown from or up to 99 hours and 59 minutes. Vierfach Kurzzeitmesser mit Alarm, Timer 99h59min, 78x90x35mm