Fisherbrand™ Countdown-Timer

Use this countdown clock for a variety of timing applications. Fisherbrand™ Countdown Timers are supplied with a Traceable Certificate to ensure accuracy. TIMER MIT UHR UND ALARM

Fisherbrand™ Mechanischer Timer

Use this timer for a variety of timing applications. Fisherbrand™ Mechanical Timers are supplied with a Traceable Certificate to ensure accuracy. KURZZEITMESSER MECHANISCH 60 MINMIN

Fisherbrand™ Timer mit Jumbo-Anzeige

Engineered for ease of operation, accuracy and reliability in timing. Fisherbrand™ Jumbo Display Timers feature three 4mm sockets and test leads, allow external triggering of the start/stop and split/lap/reset functions of the timer. TIMER DIG BORDSMODELL ABS 1xAA 1,5V-BATT 0-10h

Fisherbrand™ Timer

Use this this timer for a variety of time keeping applications. TIMER

Fisherbrand™ Countdown-Timer mit dualer/Jumbo-Anzeige

Read display from any angle with large digits and two tilt options. Fisherbrand™ Dual/Jumbo Display Countdown Timer allows simultaneous programming of two different activities from 24 hours to 1 second.


Fisherbrand™ Countdown-Timer mit 3 Kanälen

Runs three separate timers simultaneously. Fisherbrand™ 3-Channel Countdown Timer counts down from a maximum of 99 hours, 59 minutes, 59 seconds on each clock. Provides both audible and visual alarm. 3-KANAL KURZZEITMESSER






Use this timer for a variety of applications. Fisherbrand™ Quick-Timer™ is easy to read and use. TIMER QUICK SUPPLIED WITH LANYARD ANDkey-chain 56mm x 25mm

Fisherbrand™ Quarztimer

Fisherbrand® Kurzzeitmesser mit Uhr

Fisherbrand™ TIME TRACKER

Designed like a traffic signal so the meaning of each light is intuitive. Fisherbrand™ Stoplight Time Tracker makes it easy to monitor a process from a distance. TIME TRACKER

Bibby Scientific™ Stuart™ Gelierungstimer

Measure the transition from liquid to solid during polymerization with these gelatin timers. Techne™ Gelation Timers are is the ideal for accurate measurement and quality control for the gelation of resin or adhesive based samples in the laboratory. AUSHÄRTUNGSMESSGERÄT FGT6

Carl Roth™ Timer 3 Lines

Kurzzeitmesser, 3-zeilige LCD-Anzeige, mitKnopfzelle 1,5V

Carl Roth™ Timer Shake Awake

Kurzzeitmesser 'Shake Awake',mit Alarmton,Lichtsignal, vibration, inkl. 2 Batterien

Brannan™ Strapazierfähiger Timer mit LCD-Display

Counts up and counts down. Brannan™ LCD Display Heavy Duty Timer is switchable from 99 minutes 59 seconds to 19 hours 59 minutes. Includes stand, clip and magnetic fixing. Timer count down/count up, switchable to 19 hours

Karl Hecht™ Digitale Intervall-Zeitschaltuhren

Excellent for various timing purposes in the laboratory. Karl Hecht™ Assistent™ Digital Interval Timers are programmable up to 99 minutes and 59 seconds. Quartz-Digital-Uhr, 2 unabhängige Timer-Zeiten

Dostmann Electronic™ Digitale Zeitschaltuhr III, Dreifach-Timer, AAA-Batterie, weiß

This 3-channel-short period timer with a short display and an operating temperature between 0 to is indispensable for laboratories. Timer III Triple Time, 3-Kanal mit Stoppuhr, inkl. Batterie 1,5V AAA

Hecht Karl™ Quartz-Digital-Kurzzeitmesser, Tischmodell, CE, silber

Quartz-Digital-Kurzzeitmesser, Tischmodell, CE,silber

Brannan™ LCD-Display, digitaler Timer mit Countdown-Funktion

Countdown von bis zu 99 Minuten und 59 Sekunden. Brannan™ Countdown Timer mit großer LCD-Anzeige, Ständer, Klemme und Magnet als Befestigungsmöglichkeiten. Timer jumbo display count down with back clip,

Amarell™ Vierfach Kurzzeitmesser mit Alarm, Timer 99h 59min, 78x90x35mm

Includes an alarm and multiple timers. The multi-timer will countdown from or up to 99 hours and 59 minutes. Vierfach Kurzzeitmesser mit Alarm, Timer 99h59min, 78x90x35mm

Brannan™ Digitaler Vierfach-Timer/Uhr mit LCD-Display

Features four timers in one compact unit with 24 hour countdown and count up function. Brannan™ Four-way Timer and Clock includes a large easy to read LCD display and a 12/24 hour clock. Supplied with stand, magnetic clip and batteries. Timer Brannan digital four way, count up and down

Brannan™ Zeitschaltuhr

Counts up and counts down. Brannan™ Dual Timer and Clock includes 12 or 24 hour clock display, stand, clip and magnetic fixing. Supplied with 1 AAA battery. Timer Brannan digital count up and down withmemory function ABS plastic battery operated 1x

Amarell™ Zeitschaltuhr

Includes an alarm and stopwatch functionality. The electronic timer-clock will countdown from or up to 24 hours. Kurzzeitmesser mit Alarm und Stoppuhr, Timer 24h,68x53x20mm

Amarell™ Dual Timer mit Alarm, Timer 24h, 60x50x20mm

Includes an alarm and multiple timers. The dual-timer will countdown from or up to 24 hours. Dual Timer mit Alarm, Timer 24h, 60x50x20mm

Elektronische Zeitschaltuhr

Use this timer for timing from 1 Second up to 24 hours. Elektronischer Kurzzeitwecker, mit Uhr,einstellbar von 1Sec. bis 24h

Brannan™ Dreifach-Timer /Uhr mit LCD-Display

Counts down from and up to 20 hours with alarm. Brannan™ LCD Display Triple Timer and Clock can run all three timers simultaneously. includes 12/24 hour clock with back clip, stand, and magnet. Timer LCD triple timer

Dostmann Electronic™ Digitale Zeitschaltuhr II, AAA-Batterie, weiß

Robust, reliable electronic timer and stopwatch with large display and 10-key setting that counts up or down from 10 hours to 1 second. Kurzzeitmesser Timer Pro, großes Display, direkteZahleneing. bis 10 Std., Batterie