Kimble™ Farbvergleichsröhrchen mit niedriger Form

Shadowless bottom construction allows for viewing with undistorted light X6 NESSLER-ROHR GLAS 50-10

Lovibond™ 354200 Nessler-Röhren DB 420, 250 ml ( VE = 1 Paar )

Set of two clear glass Nessler tubes 354200 Nessler-Röhren DB 420, 250 ml ( VE = 1Paar )

DWK Life Sciences Exax Nessler Farbvergleichsröhrchen mit hoher Form

Shadowless bottoms transmit undistorted light Nessler-Röhrchen nach APHA, Markierung bei 50,VE=12 Stück

Kimble™ Farbvergleichsröhrchen

Fill Kimble™ Low Form Nessler Color Comparison Tubes and let their shadowless bottom transmit undistorted light. No dark spots form when the tubes are filled with liquid and viewed from the top. X6 NESSLER-ROHR 50ML 25X175MM

Kimble™ Farbvergleichsröhrchen nach APHA-Standard

High-quality glass test tubes that meet Federal and American Public Health Association (APHA) standards X6 TUBE, NESSLER, APHA, UNMATCH, 50ML

Exax Nessler Farbvergleichsröhrchen mit hoher Form und Standardschliffstopfen

With standard taper Cap Stoppers TUBE,NESSLER,APHA,CAP,MATCHX12,100ML VE=12