Hausmeisterbedarf, Eimer und Wringmaschinen

Micronova™ Slim T™ Double-Bucket Cart and Wringer

Suitable for use with SlimLine™ and T-Mop™ Series and a variety of other mop heads MINI BUCKET CART, DOUBLE, SLIM T ' SYSTEM COMPLETE

Micronova™ Yellow Plastic Buckets and Wringers

Wringer controlled environment, downward press

Micronova™ Circular Stainless-Steel Bucket and Wringer

Corrosion-resistant Bucket round with 51mm casters, controlled environ

Micronova™ SlimLine™ and T-Mop™ Wringers

Mop wringer, Slim ' T ' system controlled environm

Freudenberg™ DuoPress Wringer

Flat press to use with CE Bucket Trolley DUO PRESS

Freudenberg™ 25L Longish Bucket With Color Coding Clips

For use on Controlled Environment Bucket Trolley or Pre-Prepared Trolley X10 LONG BUCKET WITH COLOUR CODING CLIPS 25L