Eimer für kontrollierte Umgebungen

Micronova™ C-9 Stainless Steel Bucket Carts

Maneuverable, yet stable cleanroom system with seamless bucket design Cart, SS Triple Frame, 3 SS Rectangle Buckets

Micronova™ X50 Bucket liner to use with 40L bucket, irradiate

Acts as barrier between strong disinfectant solutions and plastic buckets X50 Bucket liner to use with 40L bucket, irradiate

Micronova™ SlimLine™ Eimer aus Polypropylen

For use with SlimLine™ Cleanroom Cart System Bucket rectangle, controlled environment, plastic,

Contec™ Universelle Ersatzbecher

Manufactured from a unique polypropylene copolymer plastic that is both durable and lightweight. Contec™ Universal Replacement Buckets are color-coded for easy identification of waste vs. fresh solution. 20L Polypropylene Bucket Blue, for use with 2757 replacement part

Micronova™ Reinraum-Eimer aus Polyethylen

For use with SlimLine™ Cleanroom Cart System Bucket rectangle with 76mm casters, plastic,

Wagensysteme mit zwei Eimern

Features a stainless steel rolling cart with removable handle for easier autoclaving and more convenient storage. Contec™ Trolley and Double Bucket System offers multiple wringer choices to accommodate all Contec™ mop systems. E-STAHL WAGEN 2X25L EIMERCASTERS

Micronova™ X24 Bucket liner, Slimline 2000 controlled environ IRR26L

For use with 6 gal. buckets X24 Bucket liner, Slimline 2000 controlled environIRR26L

Contec™ SS CART W/2X20L Eimer W/Wringsyst. W/WRINGER

Offers maximum flexibility for mopping in a multiple settings and with a variety of cleaning protocols. The Contec™ Stainless Steel Multi-Bucket System can be used with two or three 5 gal. buckets. It is lightweight, easily maneuvered, and fully autoclavable. It is specifically designed for compatibility with all VertiKlean and Edgeless mops. SS CART W/2X20L Eimer W/Wringsyst.W/WRINGER

Auswringer und Rahmen für Eimer

Use with Contec™ bucket systems and mops. Contec™ Bucket Wringers and Frames are available in three styles to match the selected Contec™ mop system. Wringsyst. DOWNPRESS STAINLESS STEEL2X25L