Clamps, Stands and Supports

Fisherbrand™ Circular Vinyl Coated Lead Rings

Stabilize vessels and labware without scratching or marking them. Fisherbrand™ Vinyl Coated Lead Ring feature a soft coating around O-shaped lead rings. Available in four sizes to accommodate a variety of flask sizes. COVERED LEAD RING WEIGHT

Usbeck Laborgeraete™ Cork Rings

Support flasks with Usbeck Laborgaraete™ Cork Rings made from compressed cork. The rings cushion laboratory glassware and keep items upright. Korkring, H=30mm,ADxID=170x120mm

Bel-Art™ SP Scienceware™ Acetal Tubing Clamp

Can be operated with one hand, has a positive lock, and springs open when released X12 CLAMP,ACETAL,TUBING

Robin™ PVC Weighting Ring


Nickel Electro™ Mild Steel Retort Rods

Structurally strong and resistant to clamp compression scars, these mild steel retort rods are ideal in laboratory and other environments. Retort rod mild steel 10mm x 500mm

Bochem™ Cast Iron H-frame Complete

Includes complete frame. BOCHEM™ Cast Iron H-frame Complete includes aluminium rods and bossheads. COMPLETE H STAND H=800mm, B=500mm

Fisherbrand™ Rectangular Retort Stand Bases

Excellent for help holding onto bench equipment and glassware. Fisherbrand™ Rectangular Retort Stand Bases are manufactured from blue acrylic finished steel. Retort stand base blue 160 x 100 mm

IKA™ R 2722 H-Stand

Provide optimum stability required for larger, heavier instruments and attachments, such as rheological measurements using overhead stirrers. IKA™ R 2722 H-Stand has an adjustment screw which can be used to compensate for an uneven laboratory table surface. H STAND R2722 FOR T50 (MAX LOAD 10KG) 34MM DIA X1010mm height

Bochem™ Tempered Cast Iron Bossheads

Manufactured from malleable cast iron (DIN 12895). Bochem™ Tempered Cast Iron Bossheads feature thumb and safety screws. BOSSHEADS CAST IRON SWIVELswivel for rods up to 16 mm

R&L Enterprises™ Rectangular Retort Stand Bases

An excellent option for supporting retort stands in the laboratory. R&L Enterprises™ Rectangular Retort Stand Bases are manufactured from white acrylic finished steel.
Retort stand,20 x 12.5cm bases only

Duran™ Plastic Hose Connection

Use the Duran™ Plastic Hose Connection to connect laboratory tubing or vacuum systems. Plastic hose connection, complete with screw cap,bent, GL 14

Fisherbrand™ Bossheads

For securely keeping clamps in place on laboratory scaffolding. R&L Enterprises™ Bossheads come with offset jaws for greater strength.
Bossehead up to 16mm

Bohlender™ BOLA™ PTFE Sleeves with Gripping Ring

Create gastight, liquid-tight and vacuum tight ground joint connections with these PTFE sleeves. Bohlender™ BOLA™ PTFE Sleeves with Gripping Ring feature sealing rings on the outside of the sleeves and a low friction coefficient prevent sticking of the ground joints. PTFE-Griffbund-Hülse-Kurzschliff, 14/20

Bochem™ Steel Rods for Stand Base

Manufactured from zincked steel for long life. Stand rod with thread M10 zinc-plated steel 1500x 12 mm

R&L Enterprises™ Bright Stainless Steel Rods

An excellent option for the construction of retort stands in the laboratory. R&L Enterprises™ Bright Stainless Steel Rods are durable and corrosion resistant. Stem for v type stand 500x12,5mm

Fisherbrand™ Castaloy™ Three-Prong Extension Clamps

Hold irregular shapes at any angle, surely and safely Fisherbrand 17cm length castaloy three-pong extension clamps

Thermo Scientific™ MaxQ™ Shaker Universal Clamps, Mats and Racks

Mix and match Thermo Scientific™ MaxQ™ Shaker Universal Clamps, available in a variety of sizes, to suit individual needs in the laboratory. Compatible with MaxQ shaker platforms. CLAMP MAXQ 2000,3000,5000,7000 2500ML LOW FORMculture flask (ea of 1)

Bochem™ Laboral Squared Bossheads

Keep clamps in place. BOCHEM™ Laboral Squared Bossheads come with hexagon socket screws. Doppelmuffe, mit Innensechskant Schrauben,Spannweite 12x12mm, Winkel 90°, LABORAL

Heidolph™ Universal Stand S2

The Heidolph Universal Stand S2 is a unique accessory for the Hei-Torque overhead stirrer that has a fixed length of 700mm and a tube diameter of 25mm. STAND H-FRAME S2

Fisherbrand™ PTFE Thin Wall Sleeve, B-length for Europe

Inserts between standard ground glass joints to eliminate the use of grease. Fisherbrand™ PTFE Thin Wall Sleeve, B-length for Europe is suitable for low or medium vacuum. X10 Fisherbrand PTFE Thin Wall Sleeve, Medium Length B Type Joint 7/16

DWK Life Sciences Kimble™ Kontes™ Glass Plug Gas Balloon Adapters

With #1 hose connection ADAPTER GAS BALLOON 24/40

Thermo Scientific™ Heraguard™ ECO Clean Bench Floor Stands

Choose from fixed, manual and electrically adjustable floor stands for the Thermo Scientific™ Heraguard™ ECO clean bench. CASTORS FOR MANUAL STANDS

Fisherbrand™ Retort Stand Base

Get optimum results using this acid resistant textured acrylic remote stand. Fisherbrand™ Retort Base Stands, are one of the most widely used instruments in experiments. Fisherbrand Retort Stand Base 6893, two-holes M1 0thread, pressed steel black rectangular 315x200m

Bel-Art™ SP Scienceware™ Vinyl-Coated Lead Rings

Stabilizes expensive glassware. Bel Art™ SP Scienceware™ Vinyl-Coated Lead Rings will not scratch flasks. FLASK STABALIZING CLOSED LEADRING 19X51MM I,D. XO.D. Fits cylinder 5-10ml

Bochem™ HOFFMANN™ Stainless Steel Pinch Cock Tube Clamps

Manufactured from stainless steel. Bochem™ HOFFMANN™ Stainless Steel Pinch Cock Tube Clamps Includes flap. X10 CLAMPS FOR TUBG 17 MM

R&L Enterprises™ Retort Stand Clamps

Enables articles from 2 to 90mm in diameter to be clamped securely. R&L Enterprises™ Retort Stand Clamps feature aluminum alloy jaws with other parts of plated brass.
Clamp 4 jaw

Lenz Laborglasinstrumente™ Reduction Adapters with Ground Joints

Provides for secure and easy connection from a large cone to a small socket in glass tubing. Lenz Laborglasinstrumente™ Reduction Adapters with Ground Joints are manufactured from durable DURAN™ borosilicate glass. REDUCTOR FITTINGBoro 3.3

R&L Enterprises™ Retort Stand Clamps

Enables articles from 2 to 90mm in diameter to be clamped securely. R&L Enterprises™ Retort Stand Clamps feature aluminum alloy jaws with other parts of plated brass. X5 Heavy charge clamp

Fisherbrand™ Laboratory Jacks

Provides for precise height adjustment with the turn of a knob. Fisherbrand™ Laboratory Jacks are manufactured from aluminum alloy with a lifting screw in stainless steel. Labjack,fisherbrand,aluminium