Laboratory Furniture for Education

Cole Parmer™ Polyurethane Stool

Polyurethane Stool, 22" - 32"

Cole Parmer™ PVC Balance Bank™ Organizer


Cole Parmer™ PVC Organizer


Cole Parmer™ Antivibration Platform

Reduce vibration disturbances caused by nearby equipment. Cole-Parmer™ Antivibration Platforms are ideal for spaces where tables won't fit. MARBLE SLAB 508X330X51MM

Koettermann™ Tall Storage Cabinets

Tall storage cabinet, w900 h1920, d516, 2 doors, 3 shelves, lockable

Sartorius™ Shock Absorber

X4 Shockabsorber

Bel-Art™ SP Scienceware™ Vibrasorb™ Premium Vibration Damping Mounts

Protects electromechanical and optical equipment from exposure to vibration. Bel Art™ SP Scienceware™ Vibrasorb™ Premium Vibration Damping Mounts facilitates optimal equipment use. Vibrasorb Vibration

Asecos™ Cabinet, safety storage, type 90 Q-CLASSIC-90, Q90.195.120 including 6 pull-out drawers stainless steel 1.4301

Type 90 safety storage cabinet, tall cabinet withwing door(s)model Q-LINEWxDxH 893x615x1953

Bel-Art™ SP Scienceware™ Easyplate™ Turntable

Revolves smoothly with ball bearings for easy transport TURNTABLE,EASYPLATE

Bel-Art™ SP Scienceware™ Vibrasorb™ Economy Vibration Damping Mounts

Facilitate optimal use and help protect electromechanical and optical equipment from excessive wear and even structural damage that can be caused by exposure to vibration VIBRATION ABSORPTION PLATFORM

Koettermann™ Lab Swivel Chair

Lab swivel chair with sliders height-adjustable560-820mm, foot support, black

Labconco™ Protector™ Standard Storage Cabinet

The Labconco Protector™ Standard Storage Cabinet may be used for storage of supplies and small laboratory instruments. Storage cabinet 914mm x 559mm dual

Kappes Systeme™ Cabinet

Systemschrank mit Vollblechtüren,BxTxH=1000x500x1950mm, RAL 7035 1

Bochem™ Orange Plastic Stool

Made from plastic. BOCHEM™ Orange Plastic Stool keeps supplies within reach. ROLL-HOCKER, AUS KUNSTSTOFF, GRAU, H=420MM,D=300/450mm

Lotz Lagertechnik™ All Purpose Swivel Stool

All purpose swivel stool, PU, black

Kappes Systeme™ 3000 Standing Aids

Fußauflage, tiefschwarz RAL 9005, aufsteckbar fürStehhilfe ErgoPlus 3000

Speirs Robertson™ Balance Platform

Ensures that vibrations common in most laboratories are effectively removed, greatly increasing instrument performance. Speirs Robertson™ Balance Platform is constructed of stainless steel with damped sorbothane for vibration reduction. VIBRATION ISOLATION PLATFORM 30X45

Lotz Lagertechnik™ Universal Swivel Chair

Swivel chair Universal, PU, black

Lotz Lagertechnik™ The Convenient Stool

Stool - The Convenient, PU, black

Kappes Systeme™ Standing Aids

Stehhilfe ErgoPlus, Skai, schwarz, Gestellverkehrsrot, Sitzhöhe 550-900mm

Labconco™ Adjustable Footrest

Ensure extra worker comfort with a Labconco Footrest for Purifier Logic Systems. Footrest 470mm x 290mm x 200mm (w x d x h)

Bochem™ Steel Stool

Made from steel. BOCHEM™ Steel Stool keeps supplies within reach. Roll-Hocker, aus Stahl, grau, H=425mm,D=290/405mm

Speirs Robertson™ Instrument Platform


Labconco™ Paramount™ Ductless Enclosure Accessory, Solid Epoxy Work Surface

Labconco™ Paramount™ Ductless Enclosure Accessory, chemical resistant solid epoxy work surface used to support variety of Labconco™ enclosures. Epoxy worktop, black surface,trough-shaped, 122 x 73,7x 2,5 cm

Lotz Lagertechnik™ Swivel Stool

Hocker, der Gestählte, PU schwarz, Stahlfußkreuzmit Abdeckung und Rollen

Lotz Lagertechnik™ Leatherette Stool

Hocker -Der Praktische-, Kunstleder

Lotz Lagertechnik™ Standing Aid

Standing aid - firm stand, light grey