First Responder Products

Gosselin™ 180mL Polypropylene Straight Container with Screw Cap

Used in clinical and industrial applications. X264 Straight container 180ML, PP blH102 Ø52 label white screwd cap bl, sterile, SAL 10-3

Thermo Scientific™ Sterilin™ Polystyrene 30mL Universal Containers

Ensure excellent sample containment using Sterilin Polystyrene 30mL Universal Containers, featuring a traditional flow seal with 1-1/2 turn cap. X400 container PS 30ml aseptic plain label flow seal cap

BRAND™ Polystyrene Feces Container with Blue Screw Cap

Easy to use with polystyrene screw cap which serves as a sample scoop grip. Includes label. CE-marked according to IVD-Directive 98/79 CE. X400 Faeces container, PS approx. 30ml, non-sterile (blue cap)

Whatman™ 903 Protein Saver Cards

Save time and costs during sample collection, transport, and archiving. Whatman™ 903 Protein Saver Card (EU) fits in the Whatman™ foil barrier resealable bags for storage. X100 903 PROTEIN SAVER CARD EU

Corning™ Sterile Polypropylene Straight Containers with Red Polyethylene Caps

Quality sampling tools for secure sample retrieval and shipment X700 Straight container 60ML, PPnatural H70 Ø33 screw cap red, sterile, SAL 10-3

Bochem™ Stainless Steel Safety Transport Containers

Transport laboratory glassware safely and securely with Bochem™Stainless Steel Safety Transport Containers, which have a hinge, lock and silicone seal. SAFETY TRANSPORT CONTAINER 1 Lml

Cole-Parmer™ Graduated Sample Containers

Use these rugged containers for a variety of storage applications. Cole-Parmer™ Graduated Sample Containers tolerate strong acids, alkalies and most organic solvents. X100 JAR STERILE INDIVIDUEL.120 M

Kartell™ PFA Sample Container with Screw Cap

Kartell™ PFA Sample Container with Screw Cap is ideal for collecting samples as well as transporting and storing them. sample containers PFA 90ml

Corning™ Sterile Polypropylene Straight Containers

Quality sampling tools for secure sample retrieval and shipment X240 Straight container 300ML, PP , graduated, H88 Ø75, , colour hinged cap, sterile, SAL 10-3

Gosselin™ Straight Containers

Designed for sample collection, storage and transportation to laboratories. Gosselin™ Straight Containers feature a leakproof cap. X700 Straight container 60ML, PP naH70 Ø33 screwdcap white

3M™ Sponge-Sticks


Kartell™ Polystyrene Biological Specimen Containers

Manufactured with crystal clear polystyrene for optimal visibility. Kartell™ Polystyrene Biological Specimen Containerrs are available with polyethylene and polypropylene color coded screw caps. X200 urine container PS aseptic 200ml with label

Gosselin™ Straight Containers with Screw Cap

Collect, store, and transport samples. Gosselin™ Straight Containers with Screw Cap are CE marked for clinical use. X1000 Straight container 40ML, PP naH70 Ø30, withred screw cap

Huenersdorf™ HDPE Specimen Containers

Secure your items securely in Heunersdorf™ HDPE Specimen Containers, which are made of food-safe polypropylene (PP) for assorted uses. X25 ROUND BOX PE 2000 ML

Fisherbrand™ Polypropylene Graduated Specimen Containers

Ideal for specimen collection, transportation and storage X500 Container Fisherbrand specimen storage,

Kartell™ Red Hot Grip

Kartell™ Red Hot Grib provides protection when working with hot and cold temperatures. hot grip sylicon rubber

Technical Service Consultants™ Bacterial Preservation System PP Freezer Rack Box

Facilitate the integrity of your bacterial preservation system using the Technical Service Consultants™ Bacterial Preservation System PP Freezer Rack Box. This system enables you to reduce the labor costs of continual sub-culturing and eliminates the need to purchase expensive freeze drying equipment. The culture viability can be checked regularly without sacrificing the entire vial. X100 BACTERIAL PRESERVATION SYSTEM COLOUR MIXED(PACK OF 100 IN A POLYPROPYLENE TRAY)

Kartell™ Sputum Collection Container

Manufactured with polypropylene for chemical resistance and durability. Kartell™ Sputum Collection Containers are ideal for the storage, collection and transportation of specimens. X500 sputum collection container PP 55ml

Sampling Systems™ Stainless Steel Mini Pots with Lids

Constructed of high quality stainless steel for durability. Sampling Systems™ Stainless Steel Mini Pots with Lids have a crevice free interior and are widely used in pharmaceutical and chemical laboratories. Mini-Pot 316L ss screw top containers 250mL

Kartell™ Polypropylene Urine Containers

Manufactured from clear polypropylene for strength and chemical resistance. Kartell™ Polypropylene Urine Containers are available in sterile and non-sterile with color-coded screw caps. X250 urine container PP sterile 150ml red cap

Corning™ Snap-Seal Disposable Plastic Sample Containers

Designed for a wide variety of applications and provide a reliable leak-tight seal when closed properly X400 Snap-Seal Sample Container, PP, 45ml (30x84mm), Nonsterile, bulk

Thermo Scientific™ Sterilin Certified Universal Containers – RNase, DNase, human DNA and Pyrogen Free

The most versatile container, working volume 25mL, ideal for molecular biology research and centrifugation applications. x400 30ml Universal Container RNase, DNase, HumanDNA and Pyrogen Free, Graduations and marker spot

Fisherbrand™ Multipurpose Specimen Storage Containers

Inert to most chemicals including formaldehyde, weak acids and all bases X100 BEAKER HDPE 240ML D95X57MM

Copan Italia™ Stuart Agar Gel Swab

Single plastic swab suitable for throat, vaginal, wound, and skin swabs. Copan Italia™ Stuart Agar Gel Swab is coated with a non-nutrient soft agar gel, and designed for specimen transportation. X50 SWAB STUART W/O CHARCOAL

Gosselin™ Polypropylene Pots

Provides safe and secure general storage in the laboratory. Gosselin™ Polypropylene Pots are manufactured from white-colored polypropylene plastic.
X160 Pot 500ML, PP white H72 Ø101with white screwcap, seal natural

Gosselin™ Straight Containers with Hinged Cap

Provides safe and secure storage, with optimized volume for milk sampling. Gosselin™ Straight Containers with Hinged Cap are manufactured from either clear or blue polystyrene. X650 Straight container 50ML, PP natural, graduated, H78 Ø31, with natural colour hinged cap

Hecht Karl™ Hecht Karl Slide Folder with Lid

Präparatenmappen mit Deckel, für 20 Objektträger

Buerkle™ LDPE Rectangular Container

Container for various applications. Produced seamlessly and stress-relieved with the LaboPlast™ sintering method. The wall thickness increases downwardly. This guarantees optimum ratio of wall thickness to filling load. The containers are also colored black for UV-protection and are available in other wall thicknesses.Custom-made, exchange excluded. Rechteckbehälter, 48 Liter, ohne Deckel

Thermo Scientific™ Samco™ Clicktainer™ Vials and Specimen Containers

Thermo Scientific™ Samco™ Clicktainer Vials and Specimen Containers provide excellent sample protection and user safety by ensuring correct cap application the every time.
x300 Clicktainer Vial 90mL/53mm Temperature StripLabel White Cap NonSterile Assembled