Lab Coats, Aprons and Apparel

DuPont™ Tyvek™ Reusable Sleeves

Specially designed for use with Tyvek™ apparel. Dupont™ Tyvek™ Reusable Sleeves can offer enhanced protection for body parts that are more exposed to hazardous substances. X200 Sleeves DuPont PS32LA narrowsleeves, with

B Braun™ Visma™ Ear-Loop Surgical Mask

Made of 3-ply, skin friendly, soft and comfortable nonwoven polypropylene. Visma™ Ear-Loop Surgical Mask includes an integrated metal bracket and rubber band for excellent fit. Face-mask Visma ear-loop with elastic bandPU=50 pcs

Bel-Art™ SP Scienceware™ Vikem™ Vinyl Aprons

Provides protection to personnel in hospitals, schools, laboratories and industrial plants. Apron VIKEM VINYL standard transparent 910x690 mm

Fisherbrand™ Basic Protection Polypropylene Disposable Lab Coats with Elastic Cuffs

Latex-free spunbond polypropylene construction lab ware X25 Basic PP Lab Coat White size 3XL

3M™ 4520 Series Disposable Protective Coveralls

Protect against certain light liquid splashes and hazardous dust X20 White Hooded Coverall 4520 Size XXXXL

Fisherbrand™ Basic Protection Disposable Beard Cover

Polypropylene facial hair cover for basic protection X500 SPP Beard cover, white, 18 x 42 cm

Fisherbrand™ Protective Polyethylene Sleeve Covers

Disposable general purpose sleeves X200 PE sleeve, blue, Length 46 cm

Fisherbrand™ Maximum Protection Disposable Shoe Covers

Spunbound polypropolyene shoe covers protect against dirt, grime and certain dry particulates X300 SPP shoe cover, with thread, blue, XL

Fisherbrand™ Unisex 65% Polyester/35% Cotton Laboratory Coats

Manufactured using a quality pre-shrunk polycotton fabric. Fisherbrand™ Unisex 65% Polyester/35% Cotton Laboratory Coats are suitable for industrial laundering at temperatures up 85°C. Fisherbrand Lab Coat Unisex, White, Size S

Logistik™ Unisex Cotton Laboratory Coats

Combine professionalism and function with Logistik™ Unisex Cotton Laboratory Coats. Available in sizes small through 2XL, the coats are all cotton, unisex.and feature a back vent for a comfortable fit. Coat Faithful 222-C1WH unisex 105cm long coat two

3M™ White Disposable Coveralls, 4500 Series

Use for non-hazardous applications. The White Disposable Coveralls, 4500 Series offers Category I protection from polypropylene fabric. X20 Coverall polypropylene fabric 3M white large

3M™ Standard Earloop Mask

Use for general patient care applications. The 3M Standard Earloop Mask is lightweight, comfortable, and easy to breath through. X500 OP-Masks Ear Loop VE (10 Boxes of 50 Masks)

DuPont™ Tyvek™ PL309 Collared Laboratory Coat

Offers enhanced protection for body parts that are more exposed to hazardous substances. DuPont™ Tyvek™ PL309 Collared Laboratory Coats are composed of flash spun high density polyethylene, providing an idea balance of protection, durability and comfort. X50 TYVEK LAB COAT SZ XL

Cole-Parmer™ Polypropylene Bouffants/Hair Cover


Fisherbrand™ Maximum Protection Disposable Anti-Static Shoe Covers

Conductive carbon strip helps eliminate static buildup X300 PE+PP shoe cover with conductive strip, blue, universal

Kimberly-Clark™ Professional KleenGuard™ A40 Liquid and Particle Protection Apron and Sleeves

Breathable, microporous laminate protects against nonhazardous liquids X100 APRON KLEENGUARD A40 WHITE

Carl Roth™ Sekuroka™ SMS-Fleece Protective Sleeve

Sleeve saver made by SMS freece, white, 45 cm longpu=100 pcs

Ansell Edmont™ PVC/Neoprene

PVC Apron, 45 inch -White

3M™ Laminate Over Boot

100 Pair Overshoe, universal size, withAnti - slip sole

Kimberly-Clark™ KIMTECH SCIENCE™ A7 White Laboratory Coats

Ideal for laboratory environments with low risk of exposure to chemicals and a basic need for contamination control. Kimberly-Clark™ KIMTECH SCIENCE™ A7 White Laboratory Coats are manufactured from non-woven SMS fabric. KLEENGUARD T7 lab-coat XL

DuPont™ Tyvek™ Classic Plus CHA5a Green Hooded Coverall

Providing an ideal balance of protection, durability and comfort. DuPont™ Tyvek™ Classic Plus CHA5a Hooded Coveralls are composed of flash spun high density polyethylene. X100 COVERALL TYVEK CLASSI+ GREE

Carl Roth™ Sekuroka™ Lab Coat for Women

Sekuroka-Labormantel Damengrösse 42 *Sonderpreis/Aktion Roth *

ABEBA™ White Leather ESD Light Loafer Safety Shoes

Suitable for heel and foot lift. Abeba™ Black Leather ESD Light Loafer Safety Shoes feature a steel toe and are non-slip. 1PR SHOES ESD 31032 S2 SRA T37

ZVG Zellstoff Vertrieb™ Overall Z2

Overall Z 2, SECUTEX PRO A, weiß, Gr. 5, VE=50Stück

Buerkle™ HotGrip™ Hand Protectors

Manufactured from silicone rubber for extreme thermal resistance. Buerkle™ HotGrip™ Hand Protectors protect fingers and hands from burns and freezing. HOT-GRIP 3 FÜR DAUMEN UND 2-3 FINGER NR. 9768-3

PAL International™ Polypropylene Mob Caps

  • Latex-free
  • Available in white, blue, green, red and yellow
  • Ideally suited to be hygienically dispensed using the Pal Ecopak dispenser

Fisherbrand™ Basic Protection Disposable Polypropylene White Lab Coats

Single-use lab coats provide economical, lightweight and breathable protection X30 White PP lab coat 3 pockets size 3XL

3M™ Blue Disposable Protective Coveralls, 4515 Series

Provides PPE Directive Category III, Type 5/6 protection. The Protective Coverall 4515 Series protect from hazardous dusts such as asbestos fibers. X20 Coverall 3M(TM) elasticated waist, ankles &

Fisherbrand™ Basic Protection Disposable Pleated Bouffant Caps

Bouffant's elastic headband is encapsulated in soft poly thread for great comfort and basic protection X1000 PP Bouffant Cap pleated blue L