Cleaning Supplies

Vitlab™ HDPE Buckets

Manufactured with HDPE for strength and durability. VITLab™ HDPE Buckets are ideal for storing and transporting large volumes of liquid. Bucket HDPE white without lid graduated 10 l

Buerkle™ Packaging Buckets

Manufactured from polypropylene for strength and durability. Buerkle™ Packaging Buckets are ideal for transport, packaging and storing of a wide range of materials. BUCKET PACKAGING PP 10L

Decon™ Contrad™ 70 Liquid Detergent

Cleans glass, plastic, ceramic, and ferrous metals by soaking, scrubbing, or ultrasonic cleaning 5L Contrad 70 Liquid Detergent

Borer Chemie™ deconex™ 16 NT Liquid Cleaning Concentrate

For pre-cleaning and precision cleaning of medical instruments. Borer Chemie™ deconex™ 16 NT Liquid Cleaning Concentrate removes organic and inorganic contaminants from sensitive, metallic substrates. deconex Reinigungskonzentrat 16 NT 1 kg

Kautex™ LDPE Graduated Bucket with Spout

Designed for stability and long-working life, Kautex™ LDPE Graduated Bucket with Spout provides a sturdy receptacle for dispensing, sending samples, mixing, transferring and transport. Bucket LDPE with spout white 15 l with handle

Steris Corporation™ Vaprox Labware Detergent

Use the high-purity, specially formulated liquid sterilant Steris Corporation™ Vaprox Labware Detergent specially for healthcare environmental contamination control applications.. X6 PB006 VaproxSegregation: Shaded from radiant heat. Separated f

Bel-Art™ SP Scienceware™ Blow-Hard™ O.S. Extra™ Dust Removing Spray

Fast and easy cleaning for hard-to-reach areas BLOW-HARD,O.S.EXTRA,DUST REMOVER

Cole-Parmer™ Micro-Ninety™ Cleaning Solution

Use this concentrated cleaning solution for critical applications. Cole-Parmer™ Micro-Ninety™ Cleaning Solution cleans glass, most metals, plastic, rubber, fabric and is safe for all ultrasonic cleaners. MICRO-90 CLEANING SOLUTION 1 LITER

Borer Chemie™ deconex™ 11 UNIVERSAL Liquid

For the manual and automatic cleaning of laboratory glassware, instruments and utensils. Borer Chemie™ deconex™ 11 UNIVERSAL Liquid provides residue-free removal of stubborn organic and inorganic soil. deconex 11 UNIVERSAL liquid 1 kgSegregation: Separated from acids.

Bandelin Electronic™ Tickopur™ R 33 Ultrasonic Cleaning Fluid

A universal cleaner for the laboratory, service and industry. Bandelin Electronic™ Tickopur™ R 33 Ultrasonic Cleaning Fluid provides excellent protection against corrosion. Ultrasonic cleansing agent TICKOPUR R33 5 l

Borer Chemie™ deconex™ 26 PLUS

For use in laboratories as an acidic neutralizer after mildly alkaline or alkaline cleaning steps. Borer Chemie™ deconex™ 26 PLUS can also be used to remove acid soluble deposits. deconex 26 PLUS liquid 7 kg

Buerkle™ All-Purpose Buckets

Use these buckets for a variety of storage, transporting, decanting and mixing applications. Buerkle™ All-Purpose Buckets feature a wide spout for safe emptying and a sturdy handle. INDUSTRIAL BUCKET 17L

Borer Chemie™ deconex™ 53 PLUS Disinfectant

For the pre-cleaning and disinfection of medical instruments, including rigid and flexible endoscopes. Borer Chemie™ deconex™ 53 PLUS Disinfectant is suited for mild treatment and serves as a measure of staff protection.
Deconex 53 plus, 1 Liter Flasche

Bandelin Electronic™ Stammopur™ 24 Ultrasonic Cleaning Fluid

Provides for intensive instrument cleaning and disinfection that is VAH-certified. Bandelin Electronic™ Stammopur™ 24 Ultrasonic Cleaning Fluid is free of aldehydes, chlorine and phenols.
Ultrasonic cleansing agent STAMMOPUR 24 2 l

Vitlab™ LDPE Lids

Manufactured with LDPE for tight fit and transparency. VITLab™ LDPE Lids are for use with VITlab™ HDPE buckets. Lid LDPE for bucket 10 l art. no. 96393

Borer Chemie™ deconex™ 25 ORGANACID Liquid

For the neutralization of acids after the automated cleaning steps. Borer Chemie™ Liquid 25 ORGANACID deconex™ can also be used to remove acid soluble deposits. deconex 25 ORGANIACID liquid 5 kg

Superfos™ UniPak™ Polypropylene Bucket

Provides flexible packaging. Superfos™ UniPak™ Polypropylene Buckets match each lid diameter so only one versatile type of lid is needed for a range of sizes. Tamper resistant. Pot 520mL White UniPak, 95mm diameter, tamper evident, without lid

Borer Chemie™ deconex™ 22 PF Powder

deconex 22 PF powder 10 kgSegregation: Separated from acids.

Borer Chemie™ deconex™ 21 LAB CLF Liquid

Specifically developed for use in laboratory washers. Borer Chemie™ deconex™ 21 LAB CLF Liquid is used for the removal of organic and inorganic residues and contamination from laboratory glass and reusable laboratory material.
deconex 21 CLF liquid 32 kg

Borer Chemie™ deconex™ 21 SOLID Powder

deconex 21 SOLID powder 10 kgSegregation: Separated from acids.

Gilac™ LDPE Industrial Buckets

10 l red bucket with stainless steel handle

Usbeck Laborgeraete™ Buckets

Eimer aus Edelstahl 18/8, konisch, gradu- iert,ohne Deckel, D=330mm,H=310mm,15Liter

Superfos™ SuperLift™ Polypropylene Standard Lid

Lid peel-off PP 326mm diameter for SuperLift 16.5/ 20.7L bucket

Superfos™ RingLock Round Conical Container

Stackable Pot 373mL Transparent, 92mm diameter

Superfos™ SuperLift™ Round Polypropylene Bucket

Bucket SuperLift PP 10.8 Ltr with plastic handle,267mm diameter, tamper evident, without lid

Bochem™ Graduated Measuring Jug with Spout

An excellent option for storage in the laboratory. SS MEASURING GRAD. BUCKET 15L15 l

Micronova™ NovaClean™ Floor Cleaner

Economical, all-purpose detergent Detergent, floor cleaner, NovaClean controlledenvironment, filtered, lo-ions, concentrate, free


Eimer mit Ausguss, PE, 10,5 Liter

Semadeni™ Polypropylene Packaging Buckets

4621 Verpackungseimer 7.5 Liter, 100 Stück

Azlon™ Square Shaped HDPE Bucket

Square shaped buckets suitable for food contact applications in accordance with EU regulations Bucket square with moulded graduations polyethylene handle grip for easy lifting white 14L