Cleaning Supplies

Nickel Electro™ Lid for Stainless Steel Bucket

High quality stainless steel construction. Nickel Electro™ Lid for Stainless Steel Bucket is compatible with 8L Bucket. Bucket lid stainless steel for8L bucket (Fisher

Micronova™ MegaSwat™ Cleaning Tool: MegaSwat Adapters

Perfect for cleaning around heavy process equipment or calibrated apparatus Mop adapter controlled environment, HDPE, 203mm

Steris Corporation™ Vaprox Labware Detergent

Use the high-purity, specially formulated liquid sterilant Steris Corporation™ Vaprox Labware Detergent specially for healthcare environmental contamination control applications.. X6 PB006 VaproxSegregation: Shaded from radiant heat. Separated f

Bochem™ Graduated Measuring Jug with Spout

An excellent option for storage in the laboratory. SS MEASURING GRAD. BUCKET 15L15 l

Bel-Art™ SP Scienceware™ OdoClave™ Deodorant Autoclave Pads

Neutralize autoclave odors with a pleasant fragrance X100 AUTOCLAVE DEODORANT PADS ODO CLAVE,CHERRY(PACK OF 100)

Schneider Gerd™ Transport Jug

Transportkanne mit Henkel und Deckel 3 Lit.

Dosen Zentrale™ Plastic Bucket with Lid

Kunstoffeimer mit Deckel 3.0 Ltr.

Bochem™ Aluminum Laboratory Pot With Lid


Brady™ BMP71 Label Printer Accessory: Cleaning Kit

Cleaning Kit for use with the BMP Label Printer. CLEANING KIT FOR BMP71

Micronova™ Squeegee Controlled Environment

Squeegee controlled environment, ACME threaded

Superfos™ SuperLift™ Polypropylene Standard Lid

Lid peel-off PP 326mm diameter for SuperLift 16.5/ 20.7L bucket

Superfos™ UniPak™ Polypropylene Bucket

Provides flexible packaging. Superfos™ UniPak™ Polypropylene Buckets match each lid diameter so only one versatile type of lid is needed for a range of sizes. Tamper resistant. Pot 870mL White UniPak, 118mm diameter, tamper evident, without lid

Superfos™ Hobbock Polypropylene Bucket

Designed with strength in mind. Superfos™ Hobbock Polypropylene Bucket is sturdy, safe and strong, and perfect for containing building materials or chemical products. Wide and deep grips make it convenient to carry and easy to open and close. Heavy Duty bucket Hobbock 32.2L, 378mm diameter, body grip handles, without lid

Micronova™ Squeegee Controlled Environment

Squeegee controlled environment, ACME threaded

Superfos™ Hobbock Round Container

Heavy Duty bucket Hobbock 33L, 391mm diameter, body grip handles, without lid

Borer Chemie™ deconex™ 53 PLUS Disinfectant

For the pre-cleaning and disinfection of medical instruments, including rigid and flexible endoscopes. Borer Chemie™ deconex™ 53 PLUS Disinfectant is suited for mild treatment and serves as a measure of staff protection.
Deconex 53 plus, 1 Liter Flasche

BD Cleaning Stylus

Cleaning Stylus

Micronova™ Squeegee Controlled Environment

Squeegee controlled environment, ACME threaded

ITW Chemische Produkte™ Mop cover replacement for mop system 2 inner packs of 50 covers AlphaMop

X100 MOP COVER ALPHAMOP REPLACEMENT FOR MOP SYSTEM2 inner packs of 50 covers (pack of 100)

Micronova™ Touch-Free Dispenser and Soaps

Combines touch-free dispensing with no-hassle installation and easy change out of bottles 500 ML Cleanser, Hy-G-Clenz anti-bacterial lotionsoap, blend of .3% Triclosan and natural emollient

Cole-Parmer™ Micro-Ninety™ Cleaning Solution

Use this concentrated cleaning solution for critical applications. Cole-Parmer™ Micro-Ninety™ Cleaning Solution cleans glass, most metals, plastic, rubber, fabric and is safe for all ultrasonic cleaners. MICRO-90 CLEANING SOLUTION 1 LITER

Buerkle™ All-Purpose Buckets

Use these buckets for a variety of storage, transporting, decanting and mixing applications. Buerkle™ All-Purpose Buckets feature a wide spout for safe emptying and a sturdy handle. PE-Eimer 17 L schwarz

Micronova™ FlexBrush™ NovaPoly™ Brush Covers

Slip cover NovaPoly 305mm for FB-12 (Fisher No.

Buerkle™ Round Top Tub


Azlon™ Square Shaped HDPE Bucket

Square shaped buckets suitable for food contact applications in accordance with EU regulations Bucket square with moulded graduations polyethylene handle grip for easy lifting white 14L

Micronova™ NovaClean™ Floor Cleaner

Economical, all-purpose detergent X4 Detergent, floor cleaner, NovaClean controlled

Superfos™ SuperLift™ Polypropylene Standard with Centering Lid

Manufactured from polypropylene. Superfos™ SuperLift™ Polypropylene Standard with Centering Lid includes tamper evidence while the protective collar safeguards the lid to prevent container ovalisation. Lid peel-off PP 267mm diameter for SuperLift 8.7 / 10.8 / 11.2L bucket

SPEX CertiPrep™ OdorEroder

Effectively neutralizes a wide range of chemical odors in the lab ODORERODER - 100G

Superfos™ SuperFlex™ Polypropylene Standard Lid

Manufactured from polypropylene. Superfos™ SuperFlex™ Polypropylene Standard Lid is tamper-evident, yet easy to open and close. Deckel PP für Eimer 7,5 Ltr VE=1

Semadeni™ Polypropylene Packaging Buckets

Verpackungseimer, PP, 3,8 Liter, VE=10 Stück