Cleaning Supplies

Texwipe™ BetaMop™ II


Cole Parmer™ HDPE Stackable Pail


Gosselin™ Polypropylene Buckets with Handle

Excellent option for general storage in the laboratory. Gosselin™ Polypropylene Buckets with Handle are manufactured from white-colored polypropylene plastic. X80 Bucket single use with lid and

Brand™ Polypropylene Buckets

Bucket, PP, without lid, with spout12 l h. 300mm reinforced rim and handle

Brand™ HDPE Bucket

Manufactured from High-density Polyethylene.BRAND™ HDPE Buckets include a handle, and graduation marks. Without spout. Push-on lid available for separate purchase. Bucket, PE-HD, without lid and spout5 l h. 240mm w. graduation and handle

Azlon™ Bucket for General Use

Bucket square with moulded graduations polyethylene handle grip for easy lifting white 14L

Azlon™ Lid for Square Bucket



PE-Eimer, 7,6 Liter, Luftdicht schließend, mitnylonbeschichtetem Drahtbügel

Carl Roth™ Stainless Steel Bucket

Bucket SS Remanit 4301 6 l, H 210 mm, Ø 265

Carl Roth™ Powerslide Window Wiper

Powerslide Window Wiper

Kautex™ LDPE Buckets

Designed with thick-walls for stability and long working life. Kautex™ LDPE Buckets provide a sturdy receptacle and strong support handle for a variety of uses. Industry and lab bucket PE-LD Serie 615 graduated10 l w/o spout

Bochem™ Stainless Steel Graduated Buckets with Base Ring and Lid

Eimer 18/8 Stahl, mit Bodenring, 15 Liter,graduiert

Micronova™ CurtainCleaner™ Slipcovers

Ideal for medical device and pharmaceutical applications X12 Curtain cleaner slipcover, NovaPoly controlled

Nickel Electro™ Stainless Steel Buckets without Graduations

Quick to clean and having an attractive shiny appearance, this Nickel Electro™ Stainless Steel Bucket without Graduation, provides good chemical resistance and can handle hot liquids. Bucket lid stainless steel for8L bucket (Fisher

Micronova™ T-Mop™ Adapters

Mop adapter controlled environment, square, Delrin

Micronova™ Slim T™ Double-Bucket Cart and Wringer

Suitable for use with SlimLine™ and T-Mop™ Series and a variety of other mop heads Wringer controlled environment, to wring out

Dosen Zentrale™ Plastic Bucket with Lid

Kunstoffeimer mit Deckel 3.0 Ltr.

Vitlab™ HDPE Buckets

Manufactured with HDPE for strength and durability. VITLab™ HDPE Buckets are ideal for storing and transporting large volumes of liquid. Bucket HDPE white without lid graduated 10 l

Buerkle™ Packaging Buckets

Manufactured from polypropylene for strength and durability. Buerkle™ Packaging Buckets are ideal for transport, packaging and storing of a wide range of materials. X5 PP-Eimer, 2 Liter, mit luftdicht schliessendDeckel

Gilac™ LDPE Industrial Buckets

BUCKET red 10L LDPE D280XH265

Micronova™ Mop Looped Herringbone Weave

X24 Mop looped herringbone weave, bulk bag, contro

Micronova™ NovaSqueegee™


Micronova™ FlexBrush™ NovaPoly™ Brush Covers

Slip cover NovaPoly 305mm for FB-12 (Fisher No.

Bode Chemie™ Disinfecting Baths

Desinfektionswanne, 3 Liter

Buerkle™ Polypropylene Bowls

Manufactured with polypropylene for strength and stability. Buerkle™ Polypropylene Bowls are designed with a wide holding edge to minimize dropped bowls. basin PP 10 L

Micronova™ Cleanroom Mops Special Tools and Accessories

Slip cover controlled environment NovaPoly/MegaTex

Micronova™ Megatex™ T-Mop™ Cover

Mop cover controlled environment, MegaTex cover,

Micronova™ Yellow Plastic Buckets and Wringers

Bucket with 76mm casters, controlled environment,