First Aid and Medical

Masterflex™ Syringe pump lock tip glass 230V 50Hz 1mL graduations 20mL Masterflex

Syringe pump lock tip glass 230V 50Hz 1mLgraduations 20mL Masterflex, 1/Cs, MA: TBD

Fisherbrand™ Swabs in Polypropylene Tubes

Use these swabs for taking samples. Fisherbrand™ Swabs in Polypropylene Tubes have a round, compact and shred resistant head. X500 STERILE IN TUBE SWABS POLYSTYRENEshaft & viscose tip ethylene oxide sterilised

Thermo Scientific™ Replacement Needles for GC Syringes

Thermo Scientific™ Replacement Needles for Syringes are available for syringes with removable needles. X5 REPLACEMENT NEEDLE FOR 365D1171

3M™ Clean-Trace Surface ATP

X100 Surface ATP 100 tests GH-6205-2282-7

Fisherbrand™ Swabs in Peel Packs

Use these swabs for taking samples. Fisherbrand™ Swabs in Peel Packs have a round, compact and shred resistant head. PROVTAGN-PINNE PS/BOMULL STERIL FP=1000

Thermo Scientific™ Repair Kits for Thermo Scientific™ Plunger-in-Needle Syringes

Extend the life and performance, and reduce the cost per use of your syringes with the Thermo Scientific™ Repair Kit for Thermo Scientific Plunger-in-Needle Syringes. Repair Kit for 365B0511

Thermo Scientific™ Reacti-Vap™ Evaporator PTFE-Coated Needles

Use these needles to deliver gas and evaporate samples on the Thermo Scientific™ Reacti-Vap™ Evaporator.

X9 Needle Thermo Scientific React-Vap blunt end

Thermo Scientific™ Mass Spectrometry Replacement ESI Probe Needles

Thermo Scientific™ Mass Spectrometry Replacement ESI Probe Needles are available for syringes with removable needles. ESI PROBE NDL FOR LCQ XSQ

Fisherbrand™ Blood Collection Tray

Designed with phlebotomists in mind. Fisherbrand™ Blood Collection Tray was developed after extensive research in clinics and hospitals. This lightweight solution for organizing and transporting tubes and smaller items includes a sturdy plastic tray, 36-well tube rack and disposable inserts. INSERT FOR DROPLET TRAY TUBE 16MM

Thermo Scientific™ Replacement Needles for LC Syringes

Thermo Scientific™ Replacement Needles for LC Syringes are available for syringes with removable needles. X5 Needle Thermo Scientific LC replacement needles

Fisherbrand™ Lid for Blood Collection Tray

Protect tray contents with a sturdy polystyrene cover. Fisherbrand™ Lid for Blood Collection Tray is custom designed for a snug fit and provides access to the handle in its vertical position. Fisherbrand Droplet Lid

Kimble™ Kontes™ Polyethylene Micro Syringes


Central Surgical Company™ Stainless Steel Needle


Thermo Scientific™ National Target All-Plastic Disposable Syringes

Use these all-plastic disposable syringes to dispense small volumes of liquids, or to pressure filter through our syringe filters. Einmalspritze, 1ml, Luer-Anschluß VE=100 Stück

Chroma Gesellschaft™ ABS Industrial First Aid

Industrial First Aid 1-20 Prns VE=1 Stück

Cole Parmer™ ThermoSafe™ Phase Change Soft Cold Packs

Use these cold packs for products requiring an accurate, consistent temperature. Cole-Parmer™ ThermoSafe™ Phase Soft Cold Packs are manufactured with laminated, metallized film exterior to resist punctures and provide a radiant heat barrier. Last fifteen percent longer than standard gel packs. Refrigerant pack Phase change gel, re-useable,non-toxic superior protection phase change at

Masterflex™ Syringe pump lock tip glass 230V 50Hz 1/10mL graduations 2mL Masterflex

Syringe pump lock tip glass 230V 50Hz 1/10mLgraduations 2mL Masterflex, 1/Cs, MA: TBD

Thermo Scientific™ Needles for Luer-LOK Priming Syringes

Thermo Scientific™ Needles for Luer-LOK Priming Syringes are available for syringes with removable needles. X2 REPLACEMENT NEEDLE FOR LUER-LOK priming syringe 22 gauge 2 inch (pack of 2)

3M™ Vetbond™ Tissue Adhesive

X12 Vetbond (TM) Veterinary Tissue Adhesive, V

Copan Diagnostics Nylon Flocked Dry Swabs in Peel Pouches

X100 flocked swab flexible nasopharyngeal minitipnylon paper peel individual wrap

Fisherbrand™ Sterile Rayon Tip Transport Swabs

X100 Transport swab Fisherbrand amies with charcoal sterile rayon tip, plastic shaft shelflife 30

Fisherbrand™ Capillary tubes

Accessory for TV100 standard cooled twin-plate mini-gel electrophoresis unit. X10 CAPILLARY TUBES

BD Microtainer™ MAP Microtube for Automated Process with K2EDTA and BD Microgard™ Closure

Designed for the collection, transport and automated processing of skin puncture samples from infants, children, geriatric, oncology and critical care patients X200 Microtainer tube BD Microtainer MAP tube forautomated process K2EDTA additive, pink closure

BD Polypropylene Syringe

X60 HYPODERMIC SYRINGE PLASTIPAK CONCENTRIC LUERlok sterile / single use pack of 60 amber 50mL

EMD Millipore EcoStand™ Tube Holder

Features a user-friendly design for both 15 and 50mL (0.51 and 1.69 oz.) tube formats ECOSTAND TUBE HOLDER 50ML

BD™ Microlance™ Stainless Steel Needles

Color coded for easy recognition of the needle’s guage. BD™ Microlance™ Stainless Steel Needles feature thin walls for optimal flow and fit Luer slip syringes. These sterile, individually wrapped needles ensure more comfortable insertion with less risk for punching. X100 Needle disposable sterile for use with SZR-15

BD Discardit™ Eccentric Luer-Slip Two-Piece Syringe

Use for sterile applications. BD Biosciences™ Discardit™ Eccentric Luer-Slip Two-Piece Syringe are disposible after single use.  X80 SYRINGE,DISCARDIT DISPOSABLE 2 PIECE,20ML

Brand™ Urine Beakers with Screw Caps

Manufactured from polypropylene with polyethylene cap. BRAND™ Urine Beakers with Scew Caps are made specifically for hygienic urine collection and containment. Sterile or non-sterile versions available. CE-marked according to IVD-Directive 98/79 CE. X1000 Urine beaker, PP, screw cap, IVD grad. to 100ml, non-sterile, green cap

BD Syringes

Plastipak-Spritzen, 5ml, LuerLock, 3-teilig(VE=500 Stück)