Pipette Tips and Racks

Thermo Scientific™ Sterile Pipette Tips for Beckman™ Liquid Handling Systems

Increase performance through the superior tip straightness and low %CV with Thermo Scientific™ Sterile Pipette Tips for  Beckman™ Liquid Handling Systems. X960 biomek fx span-8,20ul

Eppendorf™ epTIPS™ Low-retention Pipettor Tip Reloads

Increase reproducibility and reduce the loss of expensive reagents in sensitive PCR and real-time PCR applications with these pipettor tips. Eppendorf™ epTIPS™ Low-retention Pipettor Tip Reloads are ideal for cell culture (media) applications and applications with samples that contain detergents. X480 epTIPS Reload 500-2500ul Biopur racked/48

Thermo Scientific™ Finntip™ Filtered Pipette Tips

Protect pipettes and the samples from contamination with Thermo Scientific™ Finntip™ Filtered Pipette Tips. X960 Finntip 100 Filter, Sterile, racked/96

Thermo Scientific™ ART™ Non-Filtered Multichannel Pipette Tips

A variety of tip styles and configurations x3200 HLT 1000E Ppettenspitzen 1000 µl, extrasteril, 100 St./R., VE=4x 800 St.

Thermo Scientific™ Matrix™ TallTip™ Extended Length Pipette Tips

Maximize reach with Thermo Scientific™ Matrix™ TallTip™ Pipette Tips, which allow access to the bottom of test tubes, bottles and flasks. Pipettenspitzen 250l unsteril, im Beutel, (VE=500PCE)

Thermo Scientific™ ART™ Non-Filtered Low Retention Pipette Tips

Specifically designed for eliminating sample retention within the pipette tip HLT Yellow Pipettenspitzen 200 µl,

Corning™ Universal Fit Pipet Tips: Racked, Sterile

Designed to assure a reliable fit with major brand pipetters X1000 tip 100-1000µL, Universal Fit, Blue, Sterile, 100/rack

Thermo Scientific™ PocketTips™ Pipette Tips

Eliminate time-consuming steps, reduce lab ware usage and accelerate assays with PocketTips™ Pipette Tips. X19200 Pipettor tips Thermo Scientific PocketTipsMolecular Devices FLIPR Liberty B 384-channel

Thermo Scientific™ ART™ Barrier Hinged Rack, Extended Length Pipette Tips

Perform pipetting accurately and consistently with Thermo Scientific™ ART™ Barrier Hinged Rack Pipette Tips, which seal when exposed to potential contaminants. X768 ART 1250 XL BARRIER REACH TIP LOWR RACK STER

Fisherbrand™ SureOne Micropoint Nano Nonfiltered, Standard Pipette Tips,

For use with micro volume pipetters X960 Fisherbrand SureOne Nano Tip 0.1-5µl, clear,non sterile, racked/96 in hinged rack w/lid

Eppendorf™ ep Dualfilter T.I.P.S.™ SealMax Filter Pipet Tips

Tips with liquid blocking technology provide additional protection against over pipetting X960 EPTIPS DUALFILTER SEALMAX 50-1000UL STERILE

Fisherbrand™ SureOne Thin Wall Micropoint Pipette Tips, Universal Fit

Offers a full line of universal fit thin wall micropoint pipet tips X960 Fisherbrand SureOne Micropoint Tip 1-200µl, clear, sterile, racked/96 in hinged rack w/lid

Thermo Scientific™ ART™ Barrier Specialty Pipette Tips

Perform applications accurately and consistently with these specialty pipette tips, which seal when exposed to potential contaminants. X3200 TIP ART 1ML ERGOF STERIL

Thermo Scientific™ Nonsterile Pipette Tips for Beckman™ Liquid Handling Systems

Increase pipetting performance through the superior tip straightness and low %CV of these pipette tips for Beckman™ automated liquid handling systems. X960 biomek fx span-8,20ul liquid

Thermo Scientific™ SureOne™ Micropoint Pipette Tips, Specific Standard Fit

Designed for use when transferring large sample volume. Advanced moulding technology ensures tips are straight. Alternative option to serological pipettes X960 Fisherbrand SureOne Tip 100-1250µl reload stack, clear, non sterile, 96 tips/tray

Thermo Scientific™ D.A.R.T.«S™ (Disposable Automation Research Tips)

D.A.R.T.«S (Disposable Automation Research Tips) have been designed for the ultimate performance in automated pipetting X1920 300 µl DARTs, Filtered, 20 Magazines of 96 tips

Thermo Scientific™ Tips for Tecan™ and Axon™ Instruments PatchXpress Workstations

For use with Tecan™ Genesis™, Freedom Evo™, Cavro™, PatchXpress Workstations X960 Pipettor tip BioRobotix Molecular Devices

Fisherbrand™ Top-Line Pipette Filter Tips

Eliminate sample and pipette contamination. Fisherbrand™ Top-Line Pipette Filter Tips prevent impurities from passing through micropore filter. X960 Fisherbrand Filter Tip 0.1-10µl, clear, sterile, racked/96

Thermo Scientific™ ART™ Non-Filtered Standard Hinged Rack Pipette Tips

Access tips one-handed with this versatile hinged rack, which is designed for the way you work. X960 ART10 STANDARD TIP RACKED STERILE

Thermo Scientific™ ART™ Non-Filtered Pipet Tips with MicroPoint™ Tip Design

 MicroPoint design means the tip profile is nearly 50% smaller than standard blunt-end tips and significantly more narrow than beveled-end tips X768 Pipette tips MBP XLP for hard-to-reach places

Finntip™ Flex™ Pipette Specific Tips

Ensure a better seal with the pipetter module, for higher accuracy and precision. X960 TIP FINNTIP FLEX 300µL

Thermo Scientific™ ART™ Non-Filtered Reload System

Reduce waste and save bench top and storage space with the advanced Thermo Scientific™ ART™ Nonfiltered Reload System. X960 ART10 STANDARD TIP RELOAD

Fisherbrand™ SureOne Reload Empty Racks

For use with Fisherbrand SureOne universal pipet tips X10 Fisherbrand SureOne 10-20µl Empty Rack for 96tips

Thermo Scientific™ Finntip™ Biocon Pipette Tips

Perform PCR and other purity demanding applications with Thermo Scientific™ Finntip™ Biocon Pipette Tips, certified free from endotoxin, DNA, DNase and RNase. X100 PIPETTOR TIPS FINNTIP BIOCON BOX 250µL (PACKof 100)

Fisherbrand™ Top-Line Pipette Tips

Eliminate sample contamination and prevent sample loss. . Fisherbrand™ Top-Line Pipette Tips provide precision pipetting with conical tip and secure fit. X960 Fisherbrand Tip 100-1000µl, blue, non sterile, racked/96

Thermo Scientific™ Molecular BioProducts™ MBP™ and Pure™ Pipet Tips with SoftFit™ L Design

Compatible with Rainin™ LTS™ LiteTouch™ Pipetters X960 art nf 200l, softfit l 200ul clr

Thermo Scientific™ Finntip™ Pipette Specific Pipette Tips

Ensure accurate, precise pipetting. These tips are designed using our knowledge of liquid handling, with uniformly smooth, hydrophobic surfaces that prevent liquid retention. X960 PIPETTOR TIP FINNTIP 300 300µL 10 X RACKS OF

Thermo Scientific™ ART™ Barrier Specialty Pipette Tips

Perform applications accurately and consistently with these specialty pipette tips, which seal when exposed to potential contaminants. X500 PIPETTE TIPS BARRIER ART 1000G POLYPROPYLENE1000µL sterile (pack of 500)

Corning™ DeckWorks™ Reload Systems with Standard Tips

Packaged in transparent trays for easy tip identification. Corning™ Deckworks™ Reload Systems with Standard Tips provide convenient and economical reloading of durable hinged racks. X3840 DeckWorks tip, 1-300µL, PP, Graduated, Natural, Nonsterile, 96/reload deck

Thermo Scientific™ ClipTip™ Pipette Tip Racks

Utilize Thermo Scientific™ ClipTip™ Pipette Tip Racks, available in three sizes. X10 Empty Rack for 96 ClipTip 12,5-50µl