Refrigerators, Freezers and Cryogenics

Thermo Scientific™ CO2 and LN2 Backup Systems for Ultra-Low Temperature Freezers

Ensure optimal security for critical samples by using Thermo Scientific™ CO2 and LN2 Backup Systems for Ultra-Low Temperature Freezers. CO2 Backup System, Field Installed

Thermo Scientific™ Five Inner-Door Option for Ultra-Low Temperature Freezers

Chose these inner-door options for Thermo Scientific™ Forma™ 88000 Series and TSU Series ultra-low temperature freezers. 5 INNER DOOR OPTION FORMA 88300

Thermo Scientific™ Forma™ High-Performance Auto Defrost Lab Freezers

Protect sensitive medical and scientific storage with the advanced features of this high-performance lab freezer, designed for storage of common laboratory materials. LAB FREEZER -30°C 326L

Liebherr™ L Series Refrigerator

Pharmac. refrigerator cabinet LUKS 1800 w/TC01controller w/standard door

New Brunswick Scientific™ U410 High-Efficiency Ultra-Low Temperature Freezer

Use this ultra-low temperature freezer for storage and preservation of all types of biological material. New Brunswick Scientific™ U410 High-Efficiency Ultra-Low Temperature Freezers minimize operating costs while providing superior protection for your critical samples. New Brunswick HEF U410 410Lt ULT Upright FreezerNew Brunswick HEF U410 410Lt ULT Upright Freezer

Statebourne Cryogenics™ Canister Cryolab™ Liquid Nitrogen Storage

Single Large Basket for Biotrek 10Single Large Basket for Biotrek 10

Thermo Scientific™ TSX Series High-Performance -20°C Manual Defrost Freezers

Thermo Scientific™ TSX Series high-performance -20°C manual defrost freezers offer a sustainable choice for clinical and laboratory storage Freezer TSX series High-Performance 650L, -20°C, solid door, manual defrost

Thermo Scientific™ TSX Series High-Performance Lab Refrigerators

Innovative refrigeration solutions for healthcare and research needs TSX refrigerator SOLID 1447L 230v/50hz

Liebherr™ Lab -45°C Chest Freezer

For secure, accurate and long-lasting freezer storage of temperature-sensitive products, the Liebherr™ Lab -45°C Chest Freezer is fully-equipped for lab applications with Liebherr build-quality you can rely on. EN 60068 temperature mapping and SmartMonitoring options. Freezer 459L capacity LGT4725 LiebherrTemperature: -10 to -45 ° C.

Thermo Scientific™ CryoPlus™ Canisters, Frames and Dividers

Maximize capacity and protect sample integrity with Thermo Scientific™ CryoPlus™ Canisters, Frames and Dividers, for use with CryoPlus™ LN2 cryopreservation storage systems. Cassettes, cap. 700mL, Gambro DF-700 swing arm canister

Fisherbrand™ Isotemp™ -86°C Ultra-Low Temperature Chest Freezers, 3 cu. ft.

Improved compressor technology and user-friendly control panels CHEST ULT -86°C ISOTEMP 90L

Thermo Scientific™ Locator™ Cryogenic Rack and Box Systems

Retrieve cell samples quickly and easily using Thermo Scientific™ Locator™ Cryogenic Rack and Box Systems. Cryogenic dewar, Locator 4 with monitor

Thermo Scientific™ HERAFreeze™ HFU B Series -86°C Upright Ultra-Low Temperature Freezers

Protect samples for −50° to −86°C applications out compromise using Thermo Scientific™ HERAfreeze™ HFU B Series −86°C Upright Ultra-Low Temperature Freezers. Ultrafreezer HERAfreeze 320, 490l, 230V/50capacyty: 490l

Advantage Lab Freezer, Upright, Ultra Low Temperature

High performance freezing, low energy consumption, high temperature uniformity, attention to details, and friendly features. Freezer Upright, ultra low -40 / -86°C, 55L

Thermo Scientific™ CryoMed™ Sensors

Improve the functionality of Thermo Scientific™ Cryomed™ controlled-rate freezers with these CryoMed Sensors. 4ML SAMPLE T-COUPLE SENSOR

Thermo Scientific™ Air Filter Replacement Kits for Ultra Low Temperature Freezers

Easily replace the air filters on your ultra-low temperature freezer with these replacement parts. Replacement Air Filter Kit, Field Installed

Thermo Scientific™ Forma™ 8600 Series -86°C Ultra-Low Temperature Chest Freezers

Store samples confidently in the Forma 8600 Series -86°C chest freezer. Available in four sizes to accommodate a variety of needs. CHESTFREEZER -86°C 482L SERIE 8600

Eppendorf CryoCube F740hi ULT Freezer, 5 Compartments, CO2 Backup

Innovative, highest quality, minus 86 °C ultra-low temperature freezer featuring green cooling, reduced power consumption, and a variety of configurable options. CryoCube F740hi ULT Freezer, 5 inner compartments, right handle, air-cooled, CO2 Back-up, EU plug

Taylor Wharton™ Shipping Enclosures


Thermo Scientific™ TSU™ Series -86°C Upright Ultra-Low Temperature Freezers

Ensure ultimate protection and optimum capacity for your most critical samples with TSU™ Series −86°C Upright Ultra-Low Temperature Freezers. Freezer, 700ULT 230V/50

Bibby Scientific™ Stuart™ Spare Bucket Techne Noice


Wessington Cryogenics™ Sampling Hose


Thermo Scientific™ HERAfreeze™ HFU B Series -40°C Upright Ultra-Low Temperature Freezers

Protect samples for −10° to −40°C applications without compromise using Thermo Scientific™ HERAfreeze™ HFU B Series −40°C Upright Ultra-Low Temperature Freezers ULT Freezer, HERA 240, 368L, 230V

Statebourne Cryogenics™ Cryolab Dewars Neck Plugs

Aids in the storage and handling of liquid nitrogen. Statebourne Cryogenics™ Cryolab Dewars Neck Plugs have all aluminum construction. CRYOLAB NECK PLUG FOR 3 TO 20 LITRE DEWARS

Statebourne Cryogenics™ CryoStor™ Cryogenic Cylinders

Helps facilitate the transfer of cryogenic liquid from the CryoStor™ supply vessels. Statebourne Cryogenics™ CryoStor Cryogenic Cylinders are suitable for the supply of liquid or gaseous nitrogen and argon.

Corning™ XT Cooling Core for CoolBox™ XT Workstation

Allows for continuous uninterupted cooling. Corning™ XT Cooling Core for CoolBox™ XT Workstation provides cooling source workstation when thermo-conductive CoolRack or CoolSink tube and plate module is placed on top. XT Cooling Core for CoolBox XT Workstations, for 0.5

Statebourne Cryogenics™ BioRack™ Series Cryogenic Storage System Dewars

Providing high capacity with exceptionally low evaporation rates. Statebourne Cryogenics™ BioRack™ Series Cryogenic Storage System Dewars have a user-friendly racked inventory control system.
STORAGE SYSTEM BIORACK 3000 RACKED SUPPLIED COMPLEte with racks & plastic boxes 738mm x 646mm x