Ebro Electronic™ Silicon Extension Cable


Fisherbrand™ Replacement Probe for Traceable™ Digital Thermometer

For use with Traceable Digital Thermometer. REPLACEMENT PROBE FOR 4000 MODEL

Oakton™ Accessories for the 20250-40 Digi-Sense Temperature Humidity Touch-screen Recorder

Accessories to support your 20250-40 Digi-Sense Temperature Humidty Touch-screen Recorder Digi-Sense Replacement bracket for Temp/RH Touch Screen Recorder c/w NIST Traceable Calibration

Ebro Electronic™ Electronic Probe

Fühler TPX 330 Pt100, 200mm glasummantelt, 4poligGröße 1

Cole-Parmer™ Digi-Sense™ Traceable™ General-Purpose Digital Thermometer with Calibration

Monitor minimum and maximum temperatures at a single glance THERMOMETER-50/70°C EXTERNAL PROBE

Amarell™ AD20TH Digital Thermometer Probe

Use with AD20TH precision thermometer. These Pt 100 class A probe is made of stainless steel and includes a PVC cable. IMMERSION SENSOR PT100

Testo™ NTC Food Penetration Probe with T-Handle

A robust food penetration probe used primarily for measuring the core temperature of food. PICK PROBE PICK TYPE K

Amarell™ Pt 100 Class A Air Probe

For the measurement of temperatures in gases. AIR SENSOR PT100

Fisherbrand™ Type-K Digital Thermometer Probes, Type-K Beaded Probe

For use with all Fisherbrand Type-K Digital Thermometers including 15-077-10, -11, -14, -26 and 15-078-2, -3A, -3B and -39. PROBE TYPE-K SURFACE WITH HANDLE,stainlesssteel 127mm probe length, cable length 1m

Lenz Laborglasinstrumente™ Glass Distillation Thermometer

Destillierthermometer m. Kern NS 14/23 Messb.0+150, Einbaul. 70mm, blau, eichf.

Stock Thermometer


Fisherbrand™ Traceable™ 5mL Vaccine Bottle Probe

Accessory for Radio-Signal Remote Thermometer PROBE WITH 5ML VACCINE BOTTLE, FORuse with radio signal remote thermometer 108mm x

Dostmann Electronic™ Immersion Temperature Probe

Dostmann Electronic™ Immersion Temperature Probe is useful for temperature measurements in liquids and powdered materials. THERMOELEMENT K 130MM

Ebro Electronic™ Rod Probe

Stabmessfühler TPN 140-30, d=3,0 mm, NL 300 mm

Oakton™ Probes for Dual-Input J, K, T, E† Thermocouple Thermometer

Digi-Sense™ Surface Probes are designed to measure the temperature at the surface without penetrating the material Digi-Sense Type-J, Straight Surface Probe, 254mm L, Mini Conn, Exp, 1.5m Coil Cord

Cole-Parmer™ Digi-Sense™ RTD Wire

Extend the measuring distance of your probes PT100 CABLE 30M

Fisherbrand™ Stainless-Steel Thermometer Probe for Traceable™ Radio-Signal Remote Hygrometer/Thermometer

For testing liquids, air/gases and semisolids PROBE FOR RADIO SIGNAL REMOTE THERMOMEter triple purpose, 108mm x 114mm x 16mm probe

Fisherbrand™ Thermometer Probe in Bottle for Traceable™ Radio-Signal Remote Thermometer

For use in refrigerators, freezers, ovens and incubators PROBE FOR USE WITH RADIO SIGNAL REMOTEthermometer sealed in glycol solution for tempera

Oakton™ Temperature Controllers

Provide excellent control, accuracy, and power capabilities. PROG. DIGI-SENSE CONTROLLER 3450W

Hanna Instruments™ Calibration Check Key

Designed to check the accuracy of thermistor thermometers that use HI 765 series probes. The Hanna Instruments™ Calibration Check Key offers a fast and simple way of checking the accuracy of your instrument to within ±0.4°C. KEY 0°C

Grant Instruments™ External Probe

TX external probes (optional) for monitoring and controlling temperature of remote loads. External probe plastic TXPEP Grant with 3m cable

Amarell™ Mercury Filled Straight Stem Precision Thermometers

Providing precise temperature measurements by exactly defined immersion lengths. Amarell™ Mercury Filled Straight Stem Thermometers are permitted for government verification or calibration. Labor-Stockthermom. -20 -+250 C/1 G C HSkalenwert 1 C, G-Füllung Länge 475mm

Fisherbrand™ DAS-3 Data Acquisition System for Traceable™ Products with Computer Output

Powerful and easy to use computer data capture program works with Traceable Instruments with computer output—designed to work with Windows™ 98/Me/NT/2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7. Connects up to eight instruments all running simultaneously on one computer. DATA SOFTWARE INCLUDES CD, 1.8M CABLEfor use with expanded range conductivity meter

Ebro Electronic™ Probe

PROBE PT100 FOR TFX430 PT100 130MMGröße 1

Frio Temp™ Refrigerator thermometer black spirit filled

Refrigerator thermometer Frio-Temp black spirit

Lauda™ Platinum Resistance Thermometers

Made from Platinum. Lauda™ Platinum Resistance Thermometers are for use with stainless steel version Pt100 to EN 60751, with Lemo connection. Platin-Widerstandsthermometer Pt 100-70 -200...300 °C, Edelst., ohne Verbindungsk.

Rotronic™ Penetration Probe


Frio Temp™ Incubator thermometer black spirit filled

Incubator thermometer Frio-Temp black spirit