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ACROBiosystems Human Integrin alpha E beta 7 (ITGAE&ITGB7) Heterodimer Protein, His Tag&Tag Free

Marke:  ACROBiosystems IT7-H52W7-50UG

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Integrin alpha E beta 7 consist of two major subunits: Integrin alpha E (ITGAE) also known as CD103 (cluster of differentiation 103) and Integrin beta-7 is an integrin protein that in humans is encoded by the ITGB7 gene. Integrin alpha E beta 7 (CD103) is expressed mainly by cells of the T lymphocyte lineage within mucosal tissues. This is a strikingly narrow pattern of expression compared with that of other integrins. Lymphocytes expressing alpha E beta 7 are abundant in the gut and comprise a major part of the total T cell complement of the body. The effectiveness of lung transplantation is marred by the relatively high incidence of rejection. The lung normally contains a large population of lymphocytes in contact with the airway epithelium, a proportion of which expresses the mucosal integrin, alpha(E)(CD103)beta(7). This integrin is not a homing receptor, but is thought to retain lymphocytes at the epithelial surface.

Human ITGAE&ITGB7 Heterodimer Protein, His Tag&Tag Free, produced by co-expression of ITGAE and ITGB7, has a calculated MW of 128.6 kDa (ITGAE) and 81.8 kDa (ITGB7). Subunit ITGAE is fused with an acidic tail at the C-terminus and followed by a polyhistid


NP_002199.3 (ITGAE) and NP_000880.1 (ITGB7)
128.6 kDa (ITGAE) and 81.8 kDa (ITGB7)
50 µg
Phe 19 - Ser 1124 (ITGAE) and Glu 20 - His 723 (ITGB7)
Integrin alpha E beta 7,ITGAEandITGB7
50 mM Tris, 150 mM NaCl, pH7.5
>90% as determined by reduced SDS-PAGE
Human ITGAE&ITGB7; Heterodimer Protein, His Tag&Tag; Free (IT7-H52W7) is expressed from human 293 cells (HEK293). It contains AA Phe 19 - Ser 1124 (ITGAE) and Glu 20 - His 723 (ITGB7) (Accession # P38570-1 (ITGAE) and P26010-1 (ITGB7)).
Integrin alpha E beta 7
His Tag
Less than 1.0 EU / µg by the LAL method.
Bio-Markers and CD Antigens
Sicherheitsdatenblatt (SDS)