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Thermo Scientific™ Remel™ Streptex™ Latex-Gruppe G

Remel Streptex und Latex Gruppe G ist ein schneller Latex-Agglutinationstest, der für Lancefield Gruppe G. verwendet wird

Marke:  Thermo Scientific™ R30951201

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RemelStreptex und Latex Gruppe G ist ein schneller Latex-Agglutinationstest, der für Lancefield Gruppe G verwendet wird.

Streptococci can be generally classified as alpha, beta, or gamma based on their hemolytic reactions indicated by appearance of zones around colonies growing on Blood Agar. Beta-hemolytic streptococci are further characterized by Lancefield groups.

Most Streptococci possess group-specific antigens which are usually carbohydrate structural components of the cell wall. Lancefield showed that these antigens can be extracted in soluble form and identified by precipitation reactions with homologous antisera1. Polystyrene latex particles coated with group-specific antibodies agglutinate strongly in the presence of homologous antigen and remain in smooth suspension in the absence of homologous antigen.


  • Ready to use: Latex suspension is supplied as a ready to use reagent
  • Economical solution: Maximize spending efficiency with the option of purchasing separate kit components
  • Color-coded reagent: Yellow cap


Streptex Latex Group G reagent contains latex specific for Group G, sufficient for upto 50 tests, supplied in single plastic dropper bottles. The polystyrene latex particles coated with purified rabbit antibody to the group G antigen are suspended at a concentration of 0.5% in phosphate buffer (pH 7.4) containing 0.1% sodium azide as preservative.

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Gruppe G
Lancefield Gruppe G
Lancefield G
50 Tests/Kit
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