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Thermo Scientific™ Restore™ Western Blot Stripping-Puffer

Safely and effectively remove primary and secondary antibodies from nitrocellulose and PVDF membranes to allow chemiluminescent Western blots to be reprobed.

45.12 € - 656.00 €


Bezeichnung Wiederherstellung von Western Blot-Stripping-Puffer
Rezeptur Proprietäre, klare, farblose, saure Lösung
Inhalt des Kits Einzelkomponente
Speicherplatzbedarf Zimmertemperatur oder 4 °C
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Produktcode Marke Menge. Preis Menge & Verfügbarkeit  
Produktcode Marke Menge. Preis Menge & Verfügbarkeit  
10485315 Thermo Scientific™
30 ml 45.12 €
30 Milliliter
Auf Lager: 5
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10057103 Thermo Scientific™
500 ml 180.00 €
500 Milliliter
Auf Lager: 338
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11874524 Thermo Scientific™
5 l 656.00 €
5 Liter
Auf Lager: 12
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Performing gel electrophoresis and duplicate immunoblot assays to test new primary antibodies or antibody concentrations is time-consuming and expensive. Restore Western Blot Stripping Buffer eliminates this waste when detecting immunoblots with chemiluminescent Western blotting substrates. The reagent allows clean and efficient removal of primary and secondary antibodies from immunoblots without removing or damaging the immobilized antigen. This allows blots to be stripped and reprobed with confidence.


  • Saves time – no need to re-run gels and blots

  • Saves costly sample – re-probe the membrane using the same target sample

  • Effective – formulation is more efficient at stripping antibodies than homemade buffers

  • Gentle – does not damage the target antigen during stripping allowing efficient reprobing

  • Odor-free – no mercaptans means no acrid odors

  • Economical – less expensive than other commercial stripping buffers

Reuse a nitrocellulose or PVDF blot to detect a different target with a different primary antibody; Reprobe a blot to correct or optimize antibody concentrations that were ineffective the first time.



Wiederherstellung von Western Blot-Stripping-Puffer
Proprietäre, klare, farblose, saure Lösung
Zimmertemperatur oder 4 °C