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Natriumhexametaphosphat, technischer Gütegrad, Thermo Scientific Chemicals

Catalog Number 11327018
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1 kg
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Sodium metaphosphate
Sodium metaphosphate

Sodium hexametaphosphate is a food additive used in dairy product, canned milk, packaged egg whites, ice cream, seafood and meat processing. It is also used as a sequestrant and water softening agent and detergents. It is an active ingredient in toothpastes as an anti-staining agent. It prevents the steel corrosion. Further, it is used in building, water treatment and in photographic developing. In addition, it is used as a retarder in dental alginate impression materials and as a thinner for petroleum drilling fluids.

This Thermo Scientific Chemicals brand product was originally part of the Alfa Aesar product portfolio. Some documentation and label information may refer to the legacy brand. The original Alfa Aesar product / item code or SKU reference has not changed as a part of the brand transition to Thermo Scientific Chemicals.

Siedepunkt 1500°C
Chemischer Name oder Material Sodium hexametaphosphate
Schmelzpunkt 628°C
Farbe Weiß
Physikalische Form Granulate
Menge 1 kg
Löslichkeitsinformationen Soluble in water. Insoluble in organic solvents
Formelmasse 611.77
Güte Eigenschaften
Geruch Geruchsneutral
Brechungsindex 1.482
Aussehen White granules
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RUO – Research Use Only

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